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TYVM. Will do this weekend when I get back into town.
I think there is a variable height down to 1mm, but it's not linear and a ***** to find. Other than that, 1.2 is the limit AFAIK.
What exactly do you mean when you say "fastest activation". Do you mean liest latency? Highest activation point? What?
Whoops. Totaly quoted the wrong post. But yah, it looks pretty damn cool. Im excited for it. yah, ive been keepeing an eye on meckmarket. I found a guy to sell me 65 individual switches for about $1 ea, which isnt too bad IMO, so I think ima do that for a start. I am going ot have to keep tooking for topre though. for the controllers, I have a lot of looking to do. I know they make basicaly an extended tinsy that would allow me to hook up the RGBs, but I have to look into...
Not a clue if I have liquid movement. I'm guessing not from my results. Unfortunately it's the first gen h60i, so I doubt it's under warranty
I had good TIM spread and was not contacting anything. It has been working well for over a year (in this rig and 3 in another) before my temps skyrocketed a week ago. I tried removing, cleaning, and reinstalling to no avail (no backplate b/c 2011 btw). When I plug the pump into a molex power converter I can feel it running and I ensured the fan was running while installed as well.
Ty for the info. So basicaly what I gather 2gb simply wont be enough pretty soon, but 3gb should be good for a while, and more than that pretty well indeterminately? out of curiosity I set up claymore miner on my main rig, and im averaging around 12 MHs a card (for a 7970) on win 7. Does that seem reasonable? I know people were getting 20 or so. Is the dag what affecting me now? Or is there something else I should try changing?EDIT: I do have an old version of it, but...
so I got the h60 swapped out and got around to testing it, and the pump runs as well as the fan, but my temps were 90C idle, nothing open. Any other ideas what it could have been? With the hyper 212 i average 26C idle, so i know its not the sensors being off.
Thought I may as well ask here. Does anyone know where to get any of the following:Lets Split kit5x15 plank metal backplateTopre switches (or even a topre tester)Tester for every switch imaginable or where to buy one of every switch +capsIm also curious if anyone know if you can back light topre switches, and im wondering about using an alternate teensy (so I can run an RGB WS2812 controller off of it as well) for the keyboard controler. Anyone have some guides they can...
YOu need more than 3gb for ether mining? do you buy chance have a link to something where I can learn more about the reqs for it? Because that was certainly not one I expectedKinda on the side then. Where I am, these are the brackets:100: 7970/50, 280/x150: RX 470, 290/x, 380/x, 390/x200: RX 480What would you go with purely for mining (and electricity is cheap as crap here btw)
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