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Hey guys. I have an MSI Z170A M3. A buddy bought it for a build and it was the wrong pinout but unfortunately didn't have returns. It has been opened, but it is in the box with all original bags, cables, manuals, and components. What do you think he would be able to get for it?
well damn... ty for the heads up... i was just about to trade 300m over to my mule so i could have more GE spaces
Igidy thingamabopit
Wait... I did this for year for ln2 and lhe... How did I not reqlize it was just let? ... And white would be awesome
I am so so tempted to plasidip (or whatever you used) my cards... It is simply stunning
I am going to call for a conflict of interest on the basis that damn helped his client to obtain 32 GTX295s. His client who was later charged with posession of a terrifying amount of hardware with intent to fold. As an attorney this is an egregious action and most certainly calls for your removal. I would also like to inform you that I will be prosecuting you for intent to enable an adict. Your move good sir
Now if you are feeling confused by any of this, feel free to contact dmanstasiu... He is dericks enabler and is probably the only one who has full grasp on the situation
Haha... Derick is the EK rep, you will just notice that a lot of people around here like to just answer questions for her
@sssnakeyim glad you have joined us for the long haul ... this is pepejovi... he is the OCN rep of EK's online forum rep @derickjc... you still pnanning on copper hard piping the entire build? or is it still too far off to know for sure?
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