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Cant seem to find reviews without the reviewer getting it for free. Want to hear from someone thats used it in the real world.
Where I live its usually 80+ this time of year. Its been nothing but rain and 60. So there are record lows too.
This is what ive been waiting for.
super excited for a new DOOM game. WOOOOO
It aint broke. Why fix it?
Well thats sudden. R.I.P.
Treyarch has yet to let me down.
PC Gamer I think they reveal too much. And I wish they would make this a stand alone series. Looks like solid fun, still.
ITT: A bunch of haters that have their own gaming companies, and could do it better. Man, it must be stressful to be so picky.
Is it light? Like, could I hold it with just one hand?
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