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I bought a PS4 just to play this. It was worth it 10 fold. The raids and PVP (Trials of Osiris) keep bringing me back. The lore is absolutely amazing because its such a mystery. I cant say enough good things about Destiny. Ill be playing on both PS and PC. Also, the community is the cherry on top, great group.
So excited for this. Put just over 4000h into D1 on PS4. Cant wait to fly on PC.
Bought the PS4 just to play Destiny. Its where Ive been spending all of my time. After The Taken King came out, Destiny became a much better game. Cant express how much this game rocks. Ill pick up D2 on PC and PS4.
Cant seem to find reviews without the reviewer getting it for free. Want to hear from someone thats used it in the real world.
Where I live its usually 80+ this time of year. Its been nothing but rain and 60. So there are record lows too.
This is what ive been waiting for.
super excited for a new DOOM game. WOOOOO
It aint broke. Why fix it?
Well thats sudden. R.I.P.
Treyarch has yet to let me down.
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