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Im in the same situation. I think Ill go X99 because its just a bit more expensive for a ton more. Check this out:
dr russell barkley would disagree.
This and internet click bait. Im flicking my lighter.On topic: another reason to not get a tattoo. Its like choosing one desktop wallpaper for the rest of your life. Gets lame after 3 months.
I bought a second controller because the first one wore so fast. Any game will destroy the sticks fast.
Keep them coming.
Ill take 2 and throw one away. Thats how excited I am.
Wait. GTA 5 is coming out?
Are there ads on the internet? I remember the first time I logged on it did.
I love it when companies are sneaky. Its usually a good thing. Shut up consumer .
Bringo.Before I moved out of my parents house we had 20+ devices hooked to wifi. 40mbps connection can get laggy.
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