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that, and star fox announcement, got me.
Get me like 15 of those, put them in a bowl, add milk. Ill have them for breakfast.
Thanks for your help, ill fwd this info to my brother.
My computer can only connect to my modem for the internet when my wireless USB adapter is plugged in. When i remove the USB adapter it cant find the modem or connect to the internet via cat5. The light on the back of the modem for each port doesn't light up when my computer is connected but will light up when i directly connect other computers to it. Any advice?
The best COD to ever come out. Still the best looking today. This is the one ive been waiting for!!
do want, will get
plz gooby
Drop the food. Problem solved.
How do you not have money for a 7$ game? you people.
I love my x-star. 27" 1440p, 120hz overclocked of course. S-IPS color. 299$. Planning on surround cuz #YOLO
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