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Wait. GTA 5 is coming out?
Are there ads on the internet? I remember the first time I logged on it did.
I love it when companies are sneaky. Its usually a good thing. Shut up consumer .
Bringo.Before I moved out of my parents house we had 20+ devices hooked to wifi. 40mbps connection can get laggy.
*shoots air out of nose forcefully.* That's unfortunate
In my area, Comcast is all that's available. Ive had them for 6 months no issue. They even bumped up my speed to from 50 to 150 for free. 38$ a month. I hear they are the devil, but have not seen it thus far.
COD sucks. Which is why millions of people are forced into buying it every year, and they hate it. The studios barley make any money.
Opinions and people change with new information
Would still prefer 12GB
Its more of a buy one get one free deal, or so im rumoring.
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