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My brother and I had a good laugh over this phone.
Not really in a rush. looking to purchase soon tho. Also the budget just skyrocketed to $1800. Yeah. I cant believe it either.
oh that 1080p. so 2005.
bump x2. im only gonna do 3 h8rs.
Thanks for the reply. Will keep this in mind.
Im looking for a gaming laptop max 1600$. Was looking at the Fangbook: Would this be a good choice? or is there something better. Thanks.
Will be buying XB1 just for this, and future COD's. Im one of the few that doesn't mind cod. Except ghosts, that was a huge mistake.
Did not see this coming. New video cards? I thought 780 was the last one they were going to make.
I wish I had the time to even think about suing people over pointless things.
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