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Second X52 pro came in today, the mode switch again does not click and is tight, not as bad as first stick, but still pretty bad. Has a second problem with one of the HAT switches being all floppy, compared to the first stick which is consistent to the other HAT switches. I'm done with it, I'll go back to my Thrustmaster T16000M until I find something. I'll keep an eye on that link, thanks :-)
I'm right in the middle of trying to get a proper X52 pro and read about this. The first one I got from amazon has a defective mode switch, barely can turn it and doesn't click. I called Mad Catz and a person answered the phone almost immediately, asked him about it and he confirmed it was indeed not working properly. Amazon is sending out another one but not sure I want to keep it. There aren't very many HOTAS out, CH products don't have a twist stick, Thrustmaster...
Not sure if guy is trolling, but check the comments on the steam greenlight page, someone is accusing the author of stealing code to make the program. Not sure how difficult it is to write a program that just searches for certain files tho.
Hey guys, was thinking of buying another 4GBx4 set of RAM for my X99-A while I can still buy the same SKU, hoping its actually the same RAM chips. Is there any downside to fully populating the DIMMs? Price is less than 1/2 of what I paid a year ago so wanted to jump on it. Thanks
Yeah, thought about that after posting, I guess it will be something like the Nvidia 3D vision with support profiles and stuff that just wont work wont make the cut.
What about stuff that is locked at 30 or 60?
I've had my VG248QE since 11/23/2013 (just checked Newegg), I've never liked how its too bright, I've messed with ICC profiles. I've noticed a lot of eye strain since owning it as well. For comparison, I visited a friend who has the 120hz BenQ that is older than this monitor, his had nice blacks and much better IQ without going through hoops. I run Flux now to help with eye strain, but gave up on ICC/gamma adjustments because they KEEP changing when I reboot/run games,...
I hate Comcast, I feel dirty every time I have to talk to them on the phone. If there was any other choice, I would switch... But alas, nothing. I have a cable TV package forced on me because its cheaper to have 2 services rather than 1. I wonder if Comcast makes more money just on paper from advertisers even if the crap isn't being watched. Murica seriously needs better internet companies, I never disliked Verizon for the 10 years I used them. If/when I move...
I used to use the subscription button 99% of the time I came here, now because its under that profile icon I never seem to click it. Plenty of space over there, I think it deserves its own icon :-(
Does the Acer store charge sales tax? Newegg doesn't for me, but Amazon does is why I ask.
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