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First computer was Atari 400 (6502) First PC was Intel 386SX-16. edit: I need to learn to read.. My first AMD was a drop in replacement to the 386SX-16, I think a 386DX-40.
I'm sure they can data mine the $100 out of an installed OS. Thier cut of the price of the store apps and advertising in the apps.
Any reason a Deathadder 2013 wouldn't work in a USB 2.0 port on the X99-A? I thought I had used it before but now it doesn't recognize the mouse. Plugging it into a USB 3.0 works fine tho. The G502 works fine in the USB 2.0. I messed with BIOS setting it to Full Initialization to see if it made a difference, also tried uninstalling the unknown device and replugging it.
So can't afford a a DAC right now, but am trying to figure out the best out configuration to run into a headphone amp (Magni 2). The green port configuration for "Front Speaker Out" has Auto, looks like a 2 way speaker, then a 3-way image. I find Auto sounds different than either of them, or could be mental. Are they EQing the output to compensate for speaker type? No way to get a flat line out? Does anyone know if using Replay Gain to level your music collection...
I was doing something odd, on RAID controller one I had something like port 0: SSD, port 2:2TB, port 3:2TB, but all I saw after the new BIOS was port 0, 2 were non-RAID and 3 was a volume of the RAID. I think it was trying to go sequentially or something, I moved the SSD back to the secondary controller as AHCI.
The RAID0 is pure data, the important stuff is backed up via File History. All I really lost are my Steam/Origin games. This is just frustrating since its not a failure, its just a user error since I didn't remember to set the configuration after the flash. At least I assume that's what I did wrong.
Flashed new BIOS, booted without setting my RAID settings and bad morning started. It for some reason separated my SSD/ first RAID volume and left the second one as part of the set. I couldn't figure out a way to regroup the RAID volumes in the legacy or UEFI settings. Following some guide on how to remove the one drive from the broken raid and recreate it, then using Christophe Grenier's TestDisk to rebuild it all. I'm not totally broken up about losing the data, just...
I did have a fight plugging my CM V700 in as well, had to use way more pressure that I felt comfortable with but I did get it to lock.I wouldn't run it not fully down and end up with a burned connector.
WASD Please
I bought a second from Microcenter to setup a RAID0. First drive was from 2012 and new one from 2014, looked identical to me. Still running good with no SMART issues.
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