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Glad things worked out for you, I wouldn't worry about the box, just the receipt with purchase date. The mice I've RMA'ed with Logitech they just send you a new one if you have a legit claim. But they do ask for a copy of the invoice.
Updated fine for me, I didn't notice any of the bugs so I cannot confirm fixes. Why Update? Updates G502 firmware Enhances lighting control for the G logo Improves LED power management Fixes erratic-cursor issue Resolves inadvertent button-clicking issue Didn't scour forum to see if someone else posted this.
Good to know, thanks !
I use MPC-HC mainly for one feature, it can remember file location so you can resume watching without having to remember where you were. Last time I used VLC it couldn't do this, people asked on forums for such a feature tho.
I had no issues with them for a few months, but pulled the card during troubleshooting another issue and it just didn't make it back in. It works better with ASIO applications than using "ASIO4ALL" but not needed lately.
Verizon is in Philly, I had DSL and some areas have FIOS.Up in the Montco burbs I'm stuck with Comcast, too far from a central office.I would take the slow DSL and lower price to ditch Comcast if I had a choice.
Windows 8.1 update 1:
The glossy plastic on the front of mine seems to be a hair/dust magnet.
Long time ago I remember my Logitech feet glue breaking down if the mouse wasn't being used (ie, no pressure on the feet, just sitting in a box). Sure, it's going to suck having the feet fall off and have to wait for Logitech to fix/replace the mouse, but I'm sure they will do it (for 3 years if need be). After that, I'm sure there will be aftermarket feet, but by then there will be a new mouse with a 96,000 DPI sensor.
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