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I play WoW and run twitch streams on second monitor and noticed this, if I run WoW fullscreen (not windowed-fullscreen) the problem seems to go away. Just tabbing out is a pain. I felt it had to do with how Windows are handled when video is active in one of them.
Ok, I must have been blind, I took the values from on page one and put them into my stock BIOS, now it seems to max out at 75c. Works for me, thanks for the input guys, also my max clock seems to stay at 1177, prior I think 1089. The PerfCap isn't saying Tmp as the limit, so just more fan is more performance :-)
I know, I've done this off and on. I was running precision but for some reason this last Windows 10 install, it doesn't want to behave itself. Just exploring the ability to set it and forget it. The Maxwell Editor had 3 values tho, kinda confusing.. has percentage/rpm/temp, trying to figure out how they work now (research mode engaged, lol).I've had issues with these monitoring programs in the past, overlay crashes some stuff, some of them I believe crash the driver.....
I looked at the screenshots for the editor and it has them listed as experimental, but seems to have temp/fan zones as something you can change.Thanks, I'll take a look :-)
I saw that, but it raises voltage and mentions nothing about fan curve.
I'm looking for a BIOS that just would give my ASUS Titan X an aggressive fan curve keeping it in the 70's, anyone seen a request like that in this massive thread? Would this be something easy to do with the tools myself? I don't OC it and don't want extra software running to just adjust fan curve. I would run a mild OC if it also increased the fan speed to keep temps lower and didn't mess with voltage, if such a thing exists. 83 just seems a bit much to run for hours,...
How safe is it to try preview builds lately? I stopped shortly after release because they broke gaming pretty bad with random crashing.
Glad, all steam machines would do is piss people off. Worse than buying a console, low spec graphics for the console price with mostly no upgrade path?
When they drop to $99 or less on sale I'd love to have one. It's lighter than the G502 and that is my only complaint with that mouse, I love the mouse clicks and tracking but its heavy like brick.
Not much, but we are already friends on steam I think.. LOL
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