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Moved my stuff into a Define R5. I seem to buy my stuff based on hype meters, but the R5 does seem like the end game case. Not sure what improvements could be made in this type of case.
Hey folks, installed a NH-D15 today :-) Wow that mounting system is awesome! Very close shave on the graphics:
Heck, with my fat hands the GPU makes it hard for me to plug them in with a H100i :-)
Ouch ! Didn't think about that clip, but maybe can use a long prod (plastic or wood) to push it. Also I read somewhere the fan headers on the motherboard get totally blocked so have to remove the cooler to change fans.
My RAM isn't that tall, just has a point that should work hopefully :-)I was just scared the fins would be be so close to the GPU I could scrape it on accident removing the card. I'm generally really careful with things tho.
Hey guys, I just bought a Noctua NH-D15 to go on a X99-A and the only picture I could find showed the cooler scary close to the back of the graphics card. Should I cancel this and get another cooler? edit: according to Noctua its supposed to be compatible, makes me feel better :-)
I just let it install again, same problem for me.. The 144hz monitor working fine, but the 60hz monitor is glitching, when you move windows around or animations you see what looks like tearing. If I set them at the same frequency the problem goes away.I love how when Windows Update finds a driver, its a big secret to the version number.edit: they are still 353.54, I believe the same driver version they pulled a few days back.Video of my issue:
I had a problem with World of Warcraft in fullscreen, just a black screen with the game cursor. Found a thread where people were talking about it. Windowed mode works, but might have to use something like Notepad or GeForce experience to switch it on a fresh install.
The orientation of the picture seems to give me that "I'm hanging upside down" feeling is all.
Why does that image make my tummy feel ill, and any proof 2 cables are required? I thought most of the voltages are tied together on the PSU side anyway? Does the current exceed the cable capacity?
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