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Guess they are getting slammed?I love the due to "we're sorry". error code.
I wonder if it would break the way windows sees the drive on the RAID controller but not in the array (like a JBOD) and need a reinstall. I'll give it a go with it on SATA 7 for now and maybe re-visit the ports before my next reinstall. Not sure I can handle patching Windows 8.1 again.
Thanks for the reply, the RAID0 is just going to be used for data (games, etc), I had already backed that data up. My issue was which SATA ports to use. My SSD is still a single drive just used for boot OS. I wasn't sure if there was a way to mix single drives on the controllers once you changed it from AHCI to RAID. Things seem to be fine the way I have it now, just seems odd to have the non-boot drives on the first SATA ports (mental issue of mine).This feels unnatural...
Using a X99-A: Hey guys, kinda confused about something. I currently have a SSD boot, and a 2TB drive, so I went out and bought a second 2TB drive and want to RAID0 them but still use the SSD as the boot drive. It's looking like I need to move the SSD to the second controller because controller 2 doesn't support RAID, but looks like doing so I need to reformat and install Windows or did I miss something in BIOS? It tries to load but blue screens and reboots. Not really...
Noticed something with the DTS UltraPC II, the bass enhancement causes crackling. Played a frequency sweep video ( from YT and right around 30hz to 50hz it just starts making a buzz. This is at any level, even low, so its not my headphone drivers. Turn off this one enhancement and the buzz goes away. I didn't check the entire sweep, but any song with bass you hear it.
Go to their site, you need to verify your employment with Intel, but that was pretty simple. Then start working on your lessons :-)
Work at one of the participating stores, do at least 50 of the lessons on the website to qualify for the discount, order before they run out or hit deadline.
Mine was delivered the 22nd but Santa re-delivered it on the 25th.
Mine has shipped, should be here Monday Fedex says. I ordered mine minutes after it went live. edit: Indirect signature required -- hows that work?
From: for RAM, I totally disagree with you. Plenty of recommended RAM have had issues until BIOS fixes.In any case, not sure why I'm arguing with you about these concerns. I wanted to see the current state of the board I'm buying, generally. I don't see much about the X99-A.
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