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I would seriously wait, I'm reinstalling the RTM now.. both of the new tech previews are blue screening exiting games for me.To a lesser degree, 64bit Chrome is totally broken unless you go Canary.But every time I exit Diablo 3, crash. Other games seems more random.
Holy moly batman... I do NOT like this sort of thing, so installing 10525 because I wanted to actually have color on my window title bars, I came across something else installed on my system "ASUS Welcome App". So I google it, and open "" in Chrome. Then the Windows Store app opens for the App Asus Welcome without clicking anything on that page. What the hell?
Got tracking number for replacement tablet and will be here tomorrow, was shipped on the 7th. I sent my claim in as soon as the email went out. Not bad turnaround time.
This crap I really dislike: Watching a youtube video and some random notification (advertisement) telling me I can try office free for a month.
Hi, here are some screenshots of the difference I mean:
Am I missing something with the search, how do you search your Start menu items? The 'desktop' search doesn't seem to find things I installed like Chrome, MPC-HC, 7-Zip (just examples). It seems to find store apps tho, which I don't use.
I previously mentioned I didn't notice any overheating but was examining the tablet before bed and... Made me pretty paranoid since I generally fall asleep watching/listening to stuff.
Same, mine is part of the recall but never noticed any excessive heat. Glad they are just replacing it without collecting the old ones.
No, I was running Windows 10 tech preview, so I 'upgraded' back to 8.0 so I could 'upgrade' back to 10 so I could make use of my old key. So I suppose I should do the clean install now?
Hmm, seems I have 2x Recovery partitions and from what I've been reading Windows 10 doesn't need either of them now? Should I try and delete them?
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