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How safe is it to try preview builds lately? I stopped shortly after release because they broke gaming pretty bad with random crashing.
Glad, all steam machines would do is piss people off. Worse than buying a console, low spec graphics for the console price with mostly no upgrade path?
When they drop to $99 or less on sale I'd love to have one. It's lighter than the G502 and that is my only complaint with that mouse, I love the mouse clicks and tracking but its heavy like brick.
Not much, but we are already friends on steam I think.. LOL
Welcome, I'm from Philly area too. Spent most of my life in the city tho.
LOLI stand corrected, thanks guys. So is it more overclocking the spec of the motherboard, or are these chips not really meant to run at 2400mhz but are binned like CPU's to get better results?
I think that all the Fractal Define cases have them this way, I like the clean front face, the fans/optical bays are hidden behind it. The memory is 2400mhz DDR4, I believe without using the profile it would default to 2133, so not really an OC I wouldn't think.
Thanks Praz, appreciate it.
Bad cat manages to step on power button long enough to shut system down, but I have the buttons defined as "Do nothing" using Power Management in Windows 10. Is this a hardware event, something I could possibly disable in BIOS? Reason I ask is, upon power up after being shut down this way, I get an Overclock Fail press F1 screen. I don't OC, I just XMP profile set, and it doesn't seem to reset any of that. I reproduced it by holding the button about 5-10...
Second X52 pro came in today, the mode switch again does not click and is tight, not as bad as first stick, but still pretty bad. Has a second problem with one of the HAT switches being all floppy, compared to the first stick which is consistent to the other HAT switches. I'm done with it, I'll go back to my Thrustmaster T16000M until I find something. I'll keep an eye on that link, thanks :-)
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