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The orientation of the picture seems to give me that "I'm hanging upside down" feeling is all.
Why does that image make my tummy feel ill, and any proof 2 cables are required? I thought most of the voltages are tied together on the PSU side anyway? Does the current exceed the cable capacity?
Same, just reverted to 10130 since 147 wouldn't switch to fast.
Can't seem to get 10147 to switch to fast, I guess because it wasn't official?
Sounds good, I'll create an account for the kid, really don't want my Onedrive being synced to her.
Before I go and install it on my wife and kids PC for freebie status, do you think this is going to be the same as the "pirates get it free" article? edit: Another question, when you have multiple windows 8.0+ licenses, do you need to attach them to separate windows Live accounts or can I just log them all into mine? Since one of the PC's is for a 9 year old.
Thanks, almost bought it earlier when it was $9.99 I think!
Not that I prefer water, but I've had a bunch of those after market cooler fans die, which can overheat the card and cause damage. Never had a NVIDIA blower style fail yet tho. edit: Where the hell is the DVI? I guess my 144hz gaming monitor ain't working on that thing.
Saved me so much time, wish I had found it earlier! I forgot Windows pitches a fit when your change modes without letting it know.. Wish I could +REP the guy!
Anyone running any of the latest on X99? I get crash errors during the first run, and ran windows things just breaking during usage. I can't seem to use it more than a day without giving up, I was using the 74->122 version. I install the X99 chipset driver from Intel, else I have like 20 unknown system devices. No OC, system rock solid on Windows 8.1.
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