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Not as concerned with bezel size, I guess I was asking if the .2" panel size is very noticeable when they are side by side. The VG248QE also seems to have a much more flexible base, so I should be able to align them pretty well. ASUS has a bunch of confusing model numbers as well :-) Anyway, thanks for the idea.
I have the VG248QE (specs say 24" panel) and am looking for pair it with a IPS variant for the non gaming stuff. Am looking at the VN248H-P, but seems to be a 23.8" panel and narrow bezel, will these look stupid together? I'd like a nice transition between them. Figured sticking to ASUS for similar aesthetics. Thanks folks.
What about the normal 840's? Went around recommending this drive now feeling bad about it.
Doubled me here in PA, no Google but there is Verizon even tho they are really limited areas. If Comcast eliminated the cap and was more friendly to 'cord cutters', I'd totally be happy. The service is about 99.9% reliable. Currently on some lame Blast! with HOBO TV promo for a year for $80/month. One day they will just sell me Blast for $60 or less.. Every time my promo ends I call and they put me on another promo, I really don't want cable TV.
My friends father was in a place he shouldn't have been, left some finger prints, and because he wasn't always the most legal person in his life the prints were used against him. He went to jail because they wanted him to 'rat' on his family and friends even tho he wasn't part of the crime and went to jail for several years as a result. Maybe he deserved to do some time for something, but finger prints don't tell the timeline. Basically, if you aren't a criminal your...
Why not just require a drivers license/non-drivers license for the inner city poor folks? They require it to go vote, they should all have one. I'm actually from inner city Philadelphia, lived in the slums near the airport for 32 years. Last 10 of it had to deal with open air pharmaceutical vendors all night and day. What I miss about Philly: 24/7 chinese food every 4 city blocks (or blunts if so required), 24/7 steak/pork sandwich, umm that's about it, and yes, I'm...
Glad things worked out for you, I wouldn't worry about the box, just the receipt with purchase date. The mice I've RMA'ed with Logitech they just send you a new one if you have a legit claim. But they do ask for a copy of the invoice.
Updated fine for me, I didn't notice any of the bugs so I cannot confirm fixes. Why Update? Updates G502 firmware Enhances lighting control for the G logo Improves LED power management Fixes erratic-cursor issue Resolves inadvertent button-clicking issue Didn't scour forum to see if someone else posted this.
Good to know, thanks !
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