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Mine has shipped, should be here Monday Fedex says. I ordered mine minutes after it went live. edit: Indirect signature required -- hows that work?
From: for RAM, I totally disagree with you. Plenty of recommended RAM have had issues until BIOS fixes.In any case, not sure why I'm arguing with you about these concerns. I wanted to see the current state of the board I'm buying, generally. I don't see much about the X99-A.
Well, system startup issues, RAM problems, drivers, mosfets exploding (bios fix?), etc. Don't need to overclock to have issues. I had one of those 1GHZ thunderbird AMD's back in the day and it was constant issues for awhile before they fixed it.It's hard to gauge how big the issue is, not many people buy haswell-e, I've been googling to do my research ahead of time.
Working towards a system based on the ASUS X99-A and a 5930K at pretty much at stock speeds. This massive thread is scary, is the platform that buggy or have most of the quirks been worked out?
Sorry, I don't consider having to use regedit to fix software proper. They've had multiple versions since 8.1 came out, whats the issue with them?
Software stinks, I run mine totally without it. Seems to run on the "middle" fan setting but think its dynamic. It doesn't install properly on Windows 8/8.1 and its pretty ugly.
More of a scare tactic like when ISP's were going to do the 3 strike piracy thing, the buzz about the subject will make a certain amount of people stop. Can anyone name some sites that closed due to adblock? I don't know about, but I'm pretty sure the vendors support (or should support) this site because of the thousands (probably millions) of product recommendations that happen here. I wonder how many mechanical keyboards were purchased because someone...
I didn't say anything about the weight, I just don't think the shape suits me. My hand would ache after a few hours of using it, same thing happened when using the G600. I wouldn't have bought it or kept it all these months if I thought it was a bad product, I love returning crap I don't care for.
Forced myself to use the my G502 for months since paying so much for it. Plugged my DA 2013 in yesterday and already feels so much better to me. I gotta stop getting hyped into products :-) I had been using the DA design since 2011, thought the grass was greener!
Caps do go bad sitting, at least the 'wet' ones do. There are electronics that are 30+ years old that still will work when plugged in, but there is the odd chance the shock can cause them to fail. The other thing that is a consideration is heat, the other thing that kills the PSU and the motherboard are the active cooling fans. I'd look for a board with VRM heatsinks for sure and don't skimp on fan quality. PSU fan in one with a 5yr warranty will probably last at least...
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