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If a box is opened they shouldn't sell it as new regardless of what the customer says (in the US at least), I do believe its a consumer protection law.
No wonder no stock on any of these 27" 1440p IPS GSYNC monitors, you guys keep sending 5 back.
Too expensive, but love the idea of bio metrics for my guns. I would even be down with implanting an RFID chip in my hand to pair with a system that hopefully can look a bit more elegant than that thing. I'd prefer if it cut the finger off an unauthorized user (blade style).
This morning my kid's Windows 10 (tech preview, slow ring) got an update and when she ran Firefox it had a warning that Bing Bar wanted to run. Did Microsoft install that during an update, or did she somehow install it by accident?
So what about those drivers that only work well with certain games which requires you to play musical driver installation? I'm assuming GE will just pony up the latest and greatest. I don't use GE, it was cute and all when Shadowplay first came out, but I have no use for it, and prefer not to have it installed, however I do enjoy having current drivers. Those quarterly drivers better be rock solid.
Been long time since I got a new keyboard, last one was the red LED K70, happy to get some lights but lost the tenkeyless I had with the CM quickfire rapid (ruined, loaned to my kid who spilled milk in it). But a friend of mine gave me his K65 RGB (he went razer chroma tournament, he crazy). So far loving the K65, downloaded that massive pack of profiles from the forums. The software looks like pita, but I'll just use other peoples work :-) Carried it back from...
I just had to call Comcast and get a new package. I hate the company, the service is good, but dealing with them makes me want to punch a wall. If they go with hard caps, I'll just totally drop the TV package and put that $30 towards pure Internet. The only reason I have any TV package is because they force you to take it because it ends up being the same price as just internet usually (promos). This last negotiation took 5 phone calls, and I'm not very happy with the...
I would seriously wait, I'm reinstalling the RTM now.. both of the new tech previews are blue screening exiting games for me.To a lesser degree, 64bit Chrome is totally broken unless you go Canary.But every time I exit Diablo 3, crash. Other games seems more random.
Holy moly batman... I do NOT like this sort of thing, so installing 10525 because I wanted to actually have color on my window title bars, I came across something else installed on my system "ASUS Welcome App". So I google it, and open "" in Chrome. Then the Windows Store app opens for the App Asus Welcome without clicking anything on that page. What the hell?
Got tracking number for replacement tablet and will be here tomorrow, was shipped on the 7th. I sent my claim in as soon as the email went out. Not bad turnaround time.
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