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Anyone notice the cable starting to fray coming out of the mouse? Because of the slack on my desk it seems to have a pretty sharp right bend and the braid looks like its getting loose. Not the biggest deal now but in a year I bet it looks like a hot mess.
Thank you! Just realized this is the middle chip so even at $194 its great deal.
it... has.. a.. price.. range.. 159...194... I was wondering what made the price difference? rank at company or something else.. thanks for your periods tho.
My wife is a manager at office max, without reading all these pages what price could she get the 5930k?
So this thread renewed my interest in trying the H100i software. Most recent version from last month STILL doesn't work properly in Windows 8.1, you have to modify 3 registry keys. There are videos from 2013 showing how to "fix" the software and its still broke in 2014.
I bought the H100i because I thought the monitoring software would have been neat, but it kinda sucked and had all sorts of issues making it work with Windows 8.x (in Feb 2014).
I've had one for almost 2 years now, its been fine for me. It's my understanding that they are basically the Hitachi drives of the time when they sold it to Toshiba.
Not as concerned with bezel size, I guess I was asking if the .2" panel size is very noticeable when they are side by side. The VG248QE also seems to have a much more flexible base, so I should be able to align them pretty well. ASUS has a bunch of confusing model numbers as well :-) Anyway, thanks for the idea.
I have the VG248QE (specs say 24" panel) and am looking for pair it with a IPS variant for the non gaming stuff. Am looking at the VN248H-P, but seems to be a 23.8" panel and narrow bezel, will these look stupid together? I'd like a nice transition between them. Figured sticking to ASUS for similar aesthetics. Thanks folks.
What about the normal 840's? Went around recommending this drive now feeling bad about it.
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