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Not recently but way back at the dawn of time when eyefinity was young you used to get this with DP and hdmi allot, Cant remember the fix but basically you had to force it so it doesnt put the screens into standby when they are not in use cant remember how. no idea if that is still relevent or usefull. Edit: thinking about it I think the fix i went for was crude, namely swapping over to DVI and Active adapters, not exactly an Ideal solution.
This, when i was smurfing on my borthers account which was low bronze at the time I was winning close to 100% of my games but it still took me about 50 games to get my first promotion after that I went right into Diamond.Need to make me some time to get back into SC2 sooooo out of practice my mechanics are terribad, think right now i'd be lucky to place in bronze XD
Rose tinted spec much mate? I played DAOC to death but great as it was it had so many issues. Like it or loath is Wow is the Beatles of the MMO world you may not like the music but you have to respect the band.It pretty solidly FTP, the limitations on WZ and FP are kind of brutal.Other than that only thing I'd complain about is the 2 quick bar limit, which is actually doable but kind of annoying.
I dont think you mean extenuated, and if you do then your not talking about the Q701, the sound stage on the Q701 could be described as many things, expansive, large, huge, massive, incredible, I could continue but i think you get the idea, the sound stage on the q701s is anything if not extenuated.
I think my problem is thinking bottom rung when im doing alk runs on mp1 in 15mins or less and key farming on mp7, maybe middle rung might be more accurate long way from the half million dps monsters but there we go.
Like the idea of more Z strength in the mid game I've always felt midgame zerg was a very wierd transition, especially if you want to explore other options than muta.
Thats not true for an open can the q701s have pretty decent bass, not denon bass but its tight crisp and accurate just not particularly over exposed.
Makes sense, just can be very frustrating for those of us on that "bottom" rung, and its a huge huge gap, I feel kind of like I imagine others felt about me in D2 I didnt play enough at the start so now I will "never" be able to get to the top. Obviously its not anywhere near d2 level yet I we havn't hit the equivelent of needing an entire inventory full of 3/20/20s just to even hit my barb.that said im key farming and doing ubers on mp7 after just 2-3 weeks back on the...
I used to use them in Z v T too, as a tech switch when they overcommited to countering BL, and in Z v P for the no moar forcefields. Hard to get to sure but still usable if you make it that deep into a game.Then again i've not played for 6 months + longer than that if you mean seriously and I was mid diamond random so what do i know? Pre ordering now gets me beta access? mmm nom nom does it have to be on amazon or can i just get the digital version from blizz? i dont even...
Dayum that is some sick gear. I'm struggling to get past the 100k ub dps mark upgrades are getting seriously expensive.
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