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I follwed the link in your other thread to get here. Anyway, can you achieve thr same cpu oc by using only the multiplier? If so, see if you can set ram to rated Gskill specs. Apparently your ram is not in the qvl, so i think you are still fortunate to have run at 3000 speed.
Have you tried setting the all the timings in auto?
The CPU oc matters most when o’cing even if Ryzen relies on Ram speed. Just curious though on your Ram, have you tried DOCP and manually setting your Ram speed AND the voltage to manufacter’s spec? Just the ram speed and voltage. 1.4v is kinda high. Set the others in auto. I know you mentioned you dont like auto settings.From Bios dating back in Sept, 3200MHz should be easy to achieve. Not sure about Trident. Also, i have no experience with dual rank. I just read that dual...
With the G.Skill FlareX 3200 (2x8) all i had to do on an Asus B350 mobo was set DOCP, Ram speed (3200), and thats it. Timings were all set in auto - 14,14,14,34,1T. Ok, i added 0.01v just for the hell of it.
Oh yah. +rep. My 1600 did 3.8 with the stock cooler. Replaced the stock paste with a Cooler Master paste.
There exist an AM4 B350 motherboard with integrated HiFi by Biostar. Might want to check it out. Just make sure the ram is in thr QVL. I recommend getting a GSKILL FlareX Ram that fits your budget. It is guaranteed to work well with AM4.
Nice ram you have. If you have a fan up top you can prolly have it as intake if it isnt. I have my IO plate removed and it helps in getting rid of the trap air. If you have it i suggestvtaking it off. Pre- builts have them. Lol. My B350 gets really cooled using an Air 540 with three fans up front blowing throughtout the height of thr mobo. Really cool rams you have.I go by tctl/tdie temp to monitor vrm. Not sure how close it that.
The 740 should coz my 540 does. Thin 240 up top and thick 360 up front. Had to rig pump and res at the back of motherboard, though.Lol.
I dont think an itx board will look bad in this case . . . be useful to start a thread so there be more visibility.
My 3200 Cl 14 FlareX are running at rated speed. Not much money to upgrade from a Phenom system to Ryzen cause i just have to visit Egypt a second. Travel is my first love.
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