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Nvidia has only 1-2 more years in this business ,sell your stock.I am the one giving you clues mate.The Nvidia CEO is an idiot ,APU-s gain market ,Mantle and HSA showed up ,games will be optimized for the AMD architecture due to console porting .Wake up.
That s why i use a Intel network card and turn off this on-boards ,you never know what kills them.
Maybe some conflict with other driver.In a clean install i install the USB 3 driver as the first oneIf the USB 3.0 driver works don t update it ever.
AMD may release Steamroller for the AM3+ as some enthusiast product ,who knows. Or maybe we will see some 10/12 core CPU derived from some server stuff. FM2+ platform is a step forward nevertheless.
Who cares about performance as long as the game struggles to work Lets wait for DICE to finish it and then measure the performance. I feel pity for the guys who pre-ordered again a game from EA.
It doesn t matter if it works with Nvidia ,as they will slowly get out of the video card business ,the question if it works with my unlocked 6950 Nvidia will be history in 2 years as the mighty Direct X 3DFX died of lack of performance and competitivity and not due to the API they had. Nvidia had also great prices then thing they not do now ,they sell pricier cards than the competition in all segments. The Fat corporatist people will make Nvidia go out of GPU business...
OpenSUSE 13.1 Final is live as we speak. Enjoy the best Linux Distro !
This really scared most of you it seems. Just back up people and add some firewall with HIPS in your Windows ,otherwise use Linux stuff . Looks more like scareware to me.
First things i turn off are the power management stuff i never have them on ,but isn t one of the mighty W8 features the extraordinary power management ?! DPC latency is high and my G5 mouse also got in contact with it , you really cant play FPS in this crap. The DX 11.1 support that transforms the gaming is a bling bling ,we can all see BF4 looks the same in both OS-es And it performed great in W7 too ,after they patched their crap code in the game. Windows 8.1 will...
Huge boot times ,SATA performance issues ,CPU throttling ,strange issues with the USB 3 controllers intermitently dissapearing ,no AHCI driver support for XP LLC is one thing lack of BIOS update is another and this board in v1.0 needed updates believe me. Overall the feeling of using a BETA product. By default AM3+ CPU-s will not work properly on it in spite of the sticker on the box.
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