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Price has been lowered to $2.99 instead of $3.29.
Google Cardboard $3.29 $2.99 now Shipped from TinyDeal Unassembled DIY Google Cardboard Cellphone Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for iPhone Samsung HTC Cellphones Package contains: 1 x Cardboard 1 x Rubber band 2 x Magnets 2 x Lens 2 x Pairs of Velcro Stripes
Replace the Asus P8H61-I with a Z68 or Z77 mobo, overclock the 2500k to 4.5ghz+ and wait for next gen cards?
That was a defect in that Round4 set which you could have bought the replacements in Round5 to fix that issue.
Can you try another video card? it sound like the GPU is the culprit here.
The Razer BW Chroma uses Kalih switches not Cherry switches and I don't know if they have clear top and bottom housing like the new Cherry switches.
If you play video games and render and are thinking of upgrading. I would go with a 5820k + a X99 motherboard from Microcenter ( there are two in your state ), get the cpu for $299 and $50 off motherboard. Pick up some 16gb of DDR4 and you should be set for a while.
What about DT?
Did you look into doing a floss mod?
I am very calm and lets be an adult about this, admit to being wrong; there is no need for name calling. IBM Model M 122 key also looks like that. I just wanted to make sure if anyone ever referred back to your comment they wouldn't be misinformed.What if someone new to mechanical keyboards read your comment seen that unit on ebay and bought it thinking it was a model F?
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