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Jump these two pads and see if that fixes the problem, you could have damaged a trace on that pad, follow it back to the controller to see if you see anything.
If you can, try both 55g and 45g, I prefer 55g but you may like 45g.
Hasu HHKB Pro2 controller.
Yes I will need the Kmac plate to use with GON's pcb.
Thanks, I was reading some comments but couldn't find a definite yes or no. The pcb they show in the picture on MD has led holes but no traces or pads for the leds, the one reviewed on youtube shows pads and traces for the leds, I'm confused. I will wait until they say yay or nay on the LED before I cancel my order.Edit: on a closer inspection it looks to have traces.
Wait, wait, is the Poker 3 on MD the one you cannot add leds to?
OTD 356L because it is the only one that uses USB in this series and if I am not mistaking the rarest of the series.
Well, dang my GH60's may or may not come this year so I went ahead and bought the white poker 3 and I will put some clear Gateron tops on it with a notched plate and sip sockets to get me by. Edit: I wish the case lines on the Ducky YOTH were more appealing to me, I would have picked it up instead.
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