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Not even that, just A LOT of patience.
Thanks, figured I would share since some members enjoy the pics.
sanded aluminum KMAC plate 400/500/800/1000/1200/1500/2000 then polished on a wheel clear switches with stock springs lubed with Krytox 205 + 103 gpl clear switch tops dark red stickers sip sockets on all led keys 2x3x4 blue diffused leds modded and lubed stabilizers
You would also need another 90 on the res.
Use a 45 degree adapter or fitting on the gpu so you won't have as big of a bend in the line.
I don't mind at all but I am going to bed right now so I will most likely answer it in the am.Edit: Replied, I hope that helps if not let me know.
Those are just some phone potato pics, I don't have a dslr nor the time to take photos of the work I do unless the customers wants a preview before I send the keyboard(s) back out. Usually I don't take photos that is why you don't see many pictures on there.
Have few corrections. You can solder in sip sockets in your switches so that you can open up your switches and or replace leds without any soldering ( you do have to solder the sockets initially )To my knowledge there aren't any "stock" " mass produced keyboards that have a notched plate to allow for switch top removal but you can get them on GH from few members for few popular keyboards, there are also members that can draw up a file so that a metal shop can cut the plate...
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