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I checked the "force constant voltage" setting in Afterburner and have been OK since...temps have stayed under 50c so gonna let it ride like that
cool! I need some, cuz it just happened again! Hope this is a glitch in afterburner and not my card....
OK, that was weird. Got a driver failure while I was surfing, froze the client. Rebooted, restarted client....and as soon as load was put on main GPU, driver crash. After a couple more attempts, I check afterburner....and for some reason the volts had returned to stock even though the OC was still applied???? Does Raid make a Gremlin spray?
sorry guys, I may have just given the competition an opening. Got home from work and one of my gpus had been trying to upload for a while and couldn't....seems windows firewall had decided to block FAH Client.....I don't remember turning Windows Firewall on..... Lost about 11k points on it once I got it uploaded....
got her put together, testing OC and updating drivers....(oops, thought I had Ubuntu on all my hard drives...installing Ubuntu....)and she's folding.....not getting it to communicate with HFM yet, will troubleshoot later
squeaky wheel gets the oil....sorry for the squeaking, but thanks for the oil, anubis!
woohoo, thanks, anubis!looking good now Power Rangers!Do I need to dust off my old I7-960 Bloomfield to temp?
lol, so if you have a good month, stop folding and just keep your points for the next month!
same thing the beginning of each month, some people get zeroed out, others don't
Thanks Hertz! Now it's just plain gone (of course, it says "pending approval" in the edit public profile screen now, the wait is on....)
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