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Your FFDShow hyperlink is formatted incorrectly:Quote:You can remove it by right clicking the tray icon:
Your FFDShow hyperlink in Step 1 should bring the reader to FFDShow Tryouts, not the old FFDShow. Here are the links:  Suggestions/Info for your guide:You can delete the LAV Filters folder from MPC-HC's installation directory to make it like the "lite" installer that no longer exists. However, you will still have to disable 5 internal source filters. Change this to:Manually disabling all...
Set Lagarith to RGB (Default) mode, Prevent Upsampling, and Use Multhreading.   RGB is lossless so you will need a fast and dedicated hard drive to save the footage on. However, you may be able to use your OS/game drive if its an SSD. If you notice dropped frames and lag in the recorded videos, then you probably need a dedicated and/or faster drive to record on. You can confirm by watching your Write File FPS in the DxTory Overlay.
You can avoid rendering an intermediate file by frame & audioserving the video with Debugmode FrameServer. Here's a guide:
Try the free open source VirtuaWin:
I can play a game while watching a video on my second monitor, but I sometimes need to alt+tab to make the video show at the same time instead of having a blank monitor. My video playback setup is MPC-HC with LAV Filters.   If that setup doesn't work for you, then right click on your game exe or shortcut, Properties, Compatability tab > Tick "Disable visual themes" and "Disable desktop composition". The visual themes and desktop composition turns back on when the...
Use the free My MP4Box GUI:
Extract the video, audio, and etc. with MKVcleaver or MKVToolnix's MKVExtractGUI2. Put the files into an mp4 container with My MP4Box GUI.   No encoding necessary.
MeGUI with the included x264 encoder will give you very good quality at low bitrates: See this comparison of codecs: The video preview only works if you use an AviSynth script for your video input, and I think MeGUI previews the script's output without the encoder. However, you can preview the video by using AviSynth's internal trim filter to encode a short clip.
I got that email, yet I can still get 99 at once. They should focus on fixing their site instead of revoking licenses.   How to get 990 keys in 2-5min: Go to this link and click Add to cart Click Checkout then Sign up Use YopMail or enter your email and fill in the requred fields with any info, then click Submit Paste the voucher code DCM2013 then click Confirm Voucher Click "Items in basket: 1" in the top bar next to your name Change the Qty to 99 and click...
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