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err i thought laptop chips were always rebrands of previous gen or am i thinking of oem specific series
I'm Australian, what he said about the way aboriginals are still treated is not incorrect.
nah shell be right mate, we used it on them rabbits beforeTbh, I wish they'd do it to the cane toads too.
When you're Australian and see Americans complain about their internet. Actually I'm one of the lucky few who get fiber, but $100/mth for 100/40 and a 600gb cap is still not good. Thats without phone or tv services. But most of the country is still paying $100+/mth for slow DSL services with tiny caps that go offline if there's so much as a light drizzle.
Runescape had a demand for an older version of the game and so Jagex released an older version of it as a separate game and well that seems to be working well enough as far as I can tell, I wonder if maybe that's something Blizzard could viably do. I don't know if it makes any sense economically but it does seem like something you could do to please the sort of people who are playing on the illegitimate servers but then again those generally aren't paid subscription...
Off topic but pretty sure "fat cat" is redundant. They're all fat. :')
B-but they're the innovation gubmint :')
Weird, I got a refund no problem on fallout new vegas over a year ago. I meant to buy the pack with all dlc, and accidentally bought the vanilla game. Only issue I had was it took almost 2 weeks for the money to go back into my account.
This seems pretty sweet if I understand it correctly.(probably not)
I see it now, personally It's just not something i'd ever really notice while playing tbh. I turned off AO for ROTR and it had no impact on enjoy-ability, but that's just me.
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