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Thanks Glen 12 is pretty good though i'd normally get something like a Lagavulin 16YO but I was pretty broke that day.
nothing special but i like it
So I ended up just getting the one in the OP, and considering it was only $200 holy crap its an improvement. Looks a million times better than my old TN.
this isnt looking great for my 280, guess I won't be playing on ultra ;_;
Okay, so I'm currently looking for an IPS monitor with a budget of up to $300, but preferably lower and this is what I was looking at I couldn't find much info on it, but it seems like it might be 6 bit + FRC. Will it still be a decent upgrade over my cheap TFT panel? Any better recommendations? Thankyou
I am, but can only get it on the 27inch monitors on the australian dell site. I'd prefer 24".edit: actually there's the P2416D but I want an UltraSharp model.
Relevant to my interests, I'm also looking for a good IPS as well, except willing to spend around $500 Aud. Currently considering the Dell U2415H.
That's kind of his job as CEO, to care about the well being of his company. It's not selfish.. it's keeping hundreds of people in jobs.On topic: I don't like the idea of paid mods but I'm also really poor so.. yeah.
I agree they're stupid but like, wasn't the iPhone also a revival of an idea that already failed once with those old pocket pc things microsoft had and the other really ****ty "smartphones" that were out since like 2000, well before the iphone?
Wth does the movies content have to do with anything, let alone the fact that there's a transgender character in it? pls stop.Oh, also if you're going to use a derogatory term, at least spell it correctly: it's "tranny".
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