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This seems a little more reminiscent of the NFS games I used to enjoy like Underground and Most Wanted though something more like NFS II and III would be welcome too. I haven't liked any since Carbon and that one was already pretty meh. Hope it's as good as it looks in the trailer, but I won't hold my breath.
does anyone actually read wired? I honestly didn't know it actually existed, thought it was just a fake magazine Homer Simpson read one episode.
So, I've just ordered the H55 cooler after only ever having a Hyper 212, I know I know it's not worth it in terms of price/perf but I don't OC much anymore, I tend to just use the turbo mode and I wanted something cleaner looking without spending too much. Anyway, I'm really not sure how best to mount it. What configuration should I use like push, pull or push/pull? Would it be better to have the radiator mounted underneath the top mounts with a fan inside that enclosed...
Seconding this. Personally I'd never have gotten into serious sam if it weren't for the HD remake of TFE but after finishing the HD remakes of TFE and TSE I went and played through the originals.
I know it's just anecdotal but I've never had a seagate drive die. Granted I am using a couple of their 500gb drives from like 5-6 years ago which I assume fail less than the 1TB+ ones.
But that's just the thing isn't it. Removing those people's ability to pirate your game won't increase your sales among that demographic. They will as you say, find something else to do."Get more money" is a very simplistic attitude that ignores the reality of the socioeconomic and economic problems facing many countries around the world, and even to a smaller extent in some first world countries, but I'll avoid this topic now because it can quickly devolve into politics.
I don't believe that to be the case. I believe that a part of why they made as many sales as they did despite the game in general being somewhat less well received as W2 was because of their reputation as being PC gamer friendly due to avoiding DRM that many think harms legitimate buyers more than it effects piracy.Really I think piracy is a much more complicated issue than to say 'oh pirates just want free **** cause they're entitled' or on the other side to outright say...
Just wanna point out that even here in Australia, a first world country, the only options for most PC games are digital distribution or importation (brick and mortar stores only sell 5-6 different PC games these days) and we have seriously bad internet, meanwhile there are developing and 3rd world nations with large amounts of fiber internet. It is not unfeasible that a Nigerian kid with no money, but access to his fiber network and computer donated by bill gates would...
CDPR would agree with him, they also showed it in practice with 2 games in a row. Games with the highest rates of piracy also tend to have the highest rates of sales. Which to me really only indicates that the key is just to make good content. No amount of DRM will magically make a game better, so if it's bad expect poor sales, there's no one but the company to blame.
I'm only annoyed that I can't buy the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft for $10 here in Aus. I wanna play it, I just don't wanna pay nearly $30(us) ($40 aud)
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