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Remember when we all used to make fun of the AMD MOAR COREZZ approach 6~ years ago for going up to 8 cores. And now here we are about to see 16 core vs 18 core in the enthusiast segment. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say now that AMD was driving the future of the market.
I think what some wanted was more choice in PCB colour, at least when we were mostly still getting blue, red and yellow boards.Black, white, and black/white motherboard PCBs already exist though, so I got all I need lmao.Personally I'm completely indifferent to RGB lights, if they work aesthetically, Ill use em, if not, I wont. NBD
We like M5s, not mustangs. You're confused.
In terms of sheer longevity, im not sure there is a true successor. Ill be replacing mine with an R7 1700 for the best shot at it though.
Will also do ANY job for a 1080 ti
We're open to changing industries and new economies because we have safety nets. People are threatened by lost industries because it has a significant risk of leaving people homeless or impoverished to the point they can't viably seek re-training especially in rural areas where job opportunities are already few.If a company here goes under it doesn't carry the risk of leaving people to die on the street or leave their children without healthcare. There is a sense of...
In Australia we provide both options to the unemployed. Not everyone is cut out for college, but not everyone is cut out for trades either. I would argue that regardless of circumstances or reasons that someone is unemployed it's imperative everyone always has the ability to be re trained and has more opportunities for employment. That's the only logical way to curb unemployment when industries disappear and automation takes over in others.
For once, it's great to be an Australian.Not that it really affects me, gonna be a while before I can afford the upgrade
Wonderful. I was already completely set on the Taichi before launch so I guess I've made the right choice. Especially considering all the people apparently having problems with the CH6
"Captivating" Fantastic. I see. fair enough.
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