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That sounds overly dramatic.
Yeah i realised what it was, and the extent of my silliness in that last post lmao. It's fixed now.
Thanks, I don't have much of any understanding on power delivery but that puts me at ease. I think I'm actually leaning towards the crosshair now, I want a clear cmos button on the back I/O and it's $100 aud cheaper than the titanium.I could be wrong, but I don't think the flashback+ button on the titanium I/O is the thing i'm after right?Edit: I misread the promo pic because I'm stupid. I read the 7 on features, instead of 7 under rear connectors. Titanium does have a...
Yeah, I mean I'm not looking to push it as far as possible. Just enough that I don't feel I've entirely wasted my money getting an x370 board. I do want that titanium for its looks but it seems I'm not even going to be able to give it the proper abusing it would deserve I guess. Hobbies are no fun on strict budgets, given mine I can't really call better overclocking a reasonable justification to spend $200 replacing a power supply I only just bought It's in the sig....
Im not sure that extra 4 pin is even normal for power supplies to have, even good enough ones for overclocking. I hope the CPU itself doesn't really need it for OCing. I'd be pretty upset if the power supply I only spent $140aud on last month wasn't good enough to let me OC on ryzen.
Im a 2500k owner who literally just did the opposite imo quad cores are approaching EOL for high settings gaming.I for one welcome our new AMD overlords. Though these days I do actually want my computer to do more than just play games.
As a 2500k owner I can confidently say it is reaching it's end.. even with my 1440p 60hz monitor.
Unless they're STILL hiding performance on us.. no that's crazy talk. Stopping short of demoing ST perf after one cinebench test with the 1800x against the 6900k then saying "ill let you guys try that yourselves" was interesting to me though it probably means nothing.
Yep, I got so bored there was a point where my PC went completely unchanged for 3 years. It was my first build, had one gpu upgrade and lasted 6 years.As someone who just enjoys parts and building as a hobby, not having the ability to actually justify the hobby for so long right after I started is sad.I finally started my first new build in 6 years a month ago, and I'm actually super excited about it. I just wish I could have done it all at once
Stagnation doesn't bode well with enthusiasts, no. I don't think anyone has implied Intel is garbage, they're all just glad to see high performance 8 cores in the mainstream market.Don't think my 2500k lasting 6 years was a bad thing, but i also would have liked something more enticing to come along sooner. Not sure why you're in such a tizzy over people being happy for what is potentially AMD's biggest success since the Athlon 64. Competition is good for everybody.
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