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PS4 getting a bigger shaft than PC? interesting.
In some countries, services like you mentioned are either not available or gimped compared to the US versions. The perfect example in Australia is Game of Thrones we're we only have two legitimate but crappy options, and one iffy maybe not so legitimate option.a.) Subscribe to the one Cable TV service we have which has exclusive airing rights for GoT for around $70-$100/month on a 24 month contract with a couple hundred dollar set up feeb.) Wait for the season to finish...
So around the time zen releases. Even then I'm probably going to wait another generation or two of intel chips before upgrading.
What i'd really like to know is how much longer is the amazing 2500k going to be more than enough for gaming? To me it feels like I could squeeze another 4 years out of it.
Erm none of those are banned. SR4 and L4D2 got low violence versions, but L4D2 eventually got the uncensored one classified here and Mortal Kombat was banned but got through once we got an R18 rating. I'm not sure about the rest but I had no issues buying Witcher 2, GTA 3, GTA 4, Fallout 3 and F.E.A.R 2.Our classification board is stupid but it's really not as draconian as some would have you believe.
Is the 7950 minimum if you have gameworks on? If minimum is meant to be with gameworks off then the minimum AMD card shouldn't need to be that much more powerful then the nvidia minimum. Something's not right here. To clarify: I'm not blaming anything in particular. Regardless of whether it's poor optimization by the studio, poor drivers on AMD's part or GameWorks really is just that shady there is still something wrong here.
This didn't work in the UK and it won't work here. Expect 10 mirror sites every time one is blocked. I mean.. 1/3 Australians pirate Game of Thrones simply because of exclusivity deals, they're really dumb if they think this sort of nonsense will get any of those people to start paying $100/month on a 24 month contract for cable just to watch it 10 weeks a year.
As much as I cant stand Apple, these whiny "musicians" get no sympathy from me. "Waaaaah, we're getting less money and that's really bad even though we already make more in a year than the majority of people will earn in a lifetime" Eat a bag of (expletive).
Decided to install the preview just because of this but it's actually really neat. So much better than 8.1.
What are you smoking? they're rebrands, not rebranded-rebrands.. Hawaii was new with the 290/X. the 390/X is once rebranded. The 380 appears to be rebranded 285, which had the new Tonga chips. Once rebranded. And we still have no idea what the 370/360 chips are.
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