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B-but there is no malware on OS X!
I mean, it'd still be easier to lug around than my desktop.
Im getting this, but with 60hz, and only when I plug a 2nd monitor in.
How do I always do this. Hit quote instead of edit again.
There's a lot of towns with sparsely populated streets here though, so even if they do get FTTN, the one cabinet on the street corner is going to have the same line distance issues as ADSL for a lot of people, and for anyone else they're still likely to have the same congestion problems. That's without getting into how worse for wear the copper lines are in so many areas.I'm just glad I'm one of the lucky few with FTTP
Still waiting for a working Marshmallow rom on my Oppo F1, don't think i'm getting this any time soon.
I don't know about FTTN in Canada, but here in Australia we're using the old DSL copper lines to connect the node to homes.
Certainly not on satellite. NBNco is rolling out a mix of tech, 100/40 or 100/100 service is available on FTTP, FTTN, HFC and Fixed Wireless.The satellite plans are abysmal, max bandwidth of 25/5 costing up to like $200 for 100GB~ data cap.
If you move to Mildura, there's uncongested TransACT HFC, when I was there I paid $80/mth for 100/20 + 1TB cap, thing is, actual speeds were almost 300/100.
I think some people misunderstood, the service itself is not seventeen times higher, the bandwidth cost to servers etc can be up to 17x higher. I pay $99 for 100/40 fiber.. but I only get a 600GB/mth cap, that's quite a lot of money from a bandwidth standpoint, if we go into the mobile sector it gets a hell of a lot worse but I'm not getting into that for my own sanity. Fact is, Telstra has been both the wholesaler of the majority of our infrastructure as well as leading...
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