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I've only had the white elite for about a week now, but I smoke indoors and it still looks just out of the box brand new. Can't see a speck of dust or fingerprints or anything on it.The paint on it doesn't seem to pick up fingerprints at all. I just rubbed my hands on the front to see, and nothing.
Q1: What do you think was the best shape for gaming mouse released in 2016? Anything with the old basic shape.. so the DM1 really. I don't like bulky protruding gaudy looking messes. Q2: How many mouse buttons do you use while playing your favorite game (please list your favorite game and mouse buttons you use along with their functions)? I only use 3 extra buttons aside from right/left/scroll, don't have a favourite game but in any FPS ill use a dps switch button, and...
I'd say it is. Plenty of room in there for your current specs, and has decent cooler/gpu clearance. Fits up to 11 3.5" drives. So, I guess It's really up to you if you think itll be enough for you.I believe the H440 is still a very highly recommended case.
If you're after lots of HDD mounting, maybe check the Fractal Design Define R5 or NZXT H440 out. I should have looked at how many HDDs you had in the sig first, all the ones I recommended before favour SSD mounting and minimalist interiors over HDD cages. The P400s actually has the option to add more HDD brackets, but you'd have to buy them.
In Win 303 NZXT S340 + Elite version Phanteks P400s These are all really nice looking mid towers with great cable management, plenty of dust filters, tempered glass options and stuff, and all very reasonably priced under $100 usd I believe. Personally love my S340 Elite a lot.
I feel I did the best I could with what I have. So much I wish I could afford to change though I know I'll make the needed improvements over time but im so impatient. periperals are; Ducky Zero DK2108 w/ brown switches and custom white PBT caps. SteelSeries Rival 100 Kingston HyperX Cloud II
Man, I haven't even moved onto 120+ yet. Tech is so far outpacing my bank account
Started the Titanfall 2 sp campaign today. I'm enjoying it a lot.
It's a H55, I hardly expect anything close to what you'd expect on a good water cooling loop/aio, i don't even expect it to compete with cheaper air coolers. I'm surprised it only reached 70 with the cpu at 4.5ghz in the first place. That was with the heat test on prime95, it stayed in the low 50s during the few games I tested. I meant 3mm+.The site I ordered everything from really doesn't have a whole lot of options either, there were maybe 2-3 120mm 7-8mm h2o fans which...
I had already chosen to get an EK Vardar for the radiator because it was the most reasonably priced high static pressure fan here. the 2200rpm pwm just happened to come in white. It was more about matching the intake fans to the radiator fan that I had already chosen.It doesn't really matter now, I already bought them.I turned them all down to 1600~RPM and they're pretty much inaudible but cpu and gpu temps idle around 30c and stress testing puts them between 60c-70c at...
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