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Shut your mouth, lego batman was great. Better than any CoD after CoD4.On a sidenote, the only good CoD games were CoD: United Offensive, CoD2 and CoD4 MW was pretty decent.
Except there's only 1 isp and 1 cable provider that this benefits. Telstra the isp who owns part of Foxtel the cable provider, who has exclusive rights to our most pirated shows like Game of Thrones. I'm willing to pay for good TV but not if that means paying like $70/month for packages I don't want with a cable provider I never want to give money to.The only real solution to piracy is easily accessible and fairly priced content.Also, this will never pass. This was already...
"National Fraudband Network" more like.Just think, only a year and a half ago we were on track to having a world class fully fiber network rolled out to 97(93?)% of Australian households and 1Gbps would have been the standard within a couple years after completion now we're getting a 3rd rate patch network comprised of FTTC, the always awful HFC and the small amount of FTTH rolled out under the previous government.Barely, it's only $10/GB up to a certain amount, the amount...
That would be much less of a problem by rolling out FTTP instead of FTTC.Off topic: Screw the current aus government for stopping the country wide rollout of FTTP and instead choosing to use a mix of FTTC, HFC and the FTTP that was already rolled out by the previous government.
I just wish it had been released already since i had to buy a 280 the other day, so close to the new series release because my 6950 died and i couldn't live without my computer for a month or two. Would have liked a GTX970 but it was $200 over my budget.
Thanks guys, I thought so but between XFX's insane "requirement" and many posts on other forums saying to get 600w to be safe, I started to worry a bit.
Hi, my old HD6950 recently died so I've had to order a new card which I ended up going with the r9 280 XFX DD 1000mhz OC Black edition. XFX say the minimum requirement is 750W PSU which seemed ridiculous after looking up the cards TDP but I'm still worried that my 520W Antec HCG wont be enough to power it. Will it be okay until I can afford a higher wattage PSU in about 2 months? Should I underclock it? thanks .
How so? I'll admit they are definitely a horrible company that's done some terrible things but I hope you're not implying GMO's are an inherently bad thing.
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