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even if there was any truth to this and i don't believe there is, i think you'd sooner see a rise in piracy than a mass switch to ms store.
Im mad, cause back in January I nearly invested $1000 but decided thats probably dumb, who would invest in amd, right? Kicking myself now.
That makes much more sense. That was bugging me, i didn't think there was any legitimate way to get out of paying a court ordered fine.
Can I get more info on that? I have a slight curiosity for law. The rest of it doesn't really bother me, businesses gonna business.
Very different situation is it not? Apple already had access to his information, in the other case the FBI essentially wanted Apple to create a masterkey for getting into all iPhones if I'm not mistaken, there was potential for dangerous precedents there, in this case it's absolutely nothing new and still falls within current due process and warrant laws. I could be wrong though, I'm not American and don't have much of a grasp on America's laws.
Fine with me, Edge isn't even that bad as a browser tbh but no real bother using something separate for Netflix. I was already using the app but it was pretty bad, constant bugs and crashes and doesn't bother to save where i was last at in shows half the time.
What does a 980ti cost there? I know they dropped from $1100-1200 to $600-700 here in Aus and should fit your needs more than well enough. Otherwise i'd probably just go with your idea of getting something cheaper for the next 7 mths or so and swapping it out for the new high end cards. Have you considered something like a 750ti or amd equivalent for now? super cheap and still good enough for 1080p med settings for a little while longer and you wont need a PSU upgrade for...
I'm not sure what direction to steer you in on GPU I might personally lean toward a 290X in your situation, but I think upgrading that power supply first would be a good idea whatever you do. Edit: re-read and saw overheating complaints. Maybe the 290x is not such a good idea but you would get a huge boost in performance for not a lot of money relatively speaking, if you lasted this long with a 5850, i'd say you'd get 4 years out of a 290x.
Yeah, must be a software bug I guess. For the fun of it I tried it again, turned LEDs back to colorshift like I had before.. problem started again, then changed to steady and it's working properly now.
That actually worked, thankyou that's annoying, liked having it on.
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