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Welcome to New Australia. Our biggest ISPs all only offer up to 1TB. We don't get charged for excess usage though, instead our bandwidth is throttled to near dial up speeds or 8mbps on Fiber with the right ISP.
I'm living in South Australia.. just a week ago in spring a major storm and cyclonic like winds took out our entire states power. This is a typically very hot area during spring and summer as it's mostly desert and yet, so far i've not seen a day over 20 celsius, last summer was very similar, storms every week, rarely a day over 20 celsius. I also lived in Victoria for a number of years and saw the increase of natural bush fires. For me it is not a matter of whether or not...
If this is correct, between this and Zen.. perhaps my 2500k can finally take a well deserved rest.
I'm a fan of windows 10 but probably only because there isn't much that I do and what I do, 10 does just as well or better, mostly gaming and edge is great for netflix, also I just personally prefer the UI. So far the only issue I've had is that I get occasional desktop flickering with dual monitors, likely an AMD driver issue, but nothing too annoying.. only happens on log in for a few seconds.
I'm trans and transparent is bad. Just awful. I mean, it might be good to all the millions of people who don't actually understand trans people, for some reason they eat crap like that up. i.e jared leto in a dress somehow being an award winning portrayal of a trans person.
So essentially, taking the same data from all apps, extrapolating/making assumptions on what you're doing with them together, instead of taking from them all separately. How is this any different or 'worse' than it is right now.. for the end user anyway?
B-but there is no malware on OS X!
I mean, it'd still be easier to lug around than my desktop.
Im getting this, but with 60hz, and only when I plug a 2nd monitor in.
How do I always do this. Hit quote instead of edit again.
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