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I don't think anyone expects any 16 core processor to be anything else, guarantee the 16 core intel chip loses its clock advantage and therefore the gaming advantage. Not that Ryzen is inadequate for gaming though.
12pm.. Game of Thrones will be out by then... that's just poor timing.
Just out of curiosity did you do a fresh windows install after changing the motherboard?
I should hope not with the chip being like double the size of most coolers bases. Retrofitting smaller coolers would just be dumb.
I simultaneously do not and do need this monster chip.
That doesn't inspire confidence, Fury was a disappointing but they were still willing to stream it.. Vega must be realllyy bad.
Looks very nice, shame it doesn't have the performance to match.
Please do not use a single stick of ram on a dual channel platform, especially not with Ryzen.
Remember when we all used to make fun of the AMD MOAR COREZZ approach 6~ years ago for going up to 8 cores. And now here we are about to see 16 core vs 18 core in the enthusiast segment. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say now that AMD was driving the future of the market.
I think what some wanted was more choice in PCB colour, at least when we were mostly still getting blue, red and yellow boards.Black, white, and black/white motherboard PCBs already exist though, so I got all I need lmao.Personally I'm completely indifferent to RGB lights, if they work aesthetically, Ill use em, if not, I wont. NBD
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