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How so? I'll admit they are definitely a horrible company that's done some terrible things but I hope you're not implying GMO's are an inherently bad thing.
ahaha, try living in australia where the majority can't even get 25. I'm currently stuck with 2.3mbps.
Eww, don't be stupid Capcom, DmC was mediocre trash. Bring back the real Devil May Cry please.
Goddammit. Please come to Australia, Google, undermine our crappy government that only wants fibre to the node and HFC, give us fibre to the home.this.
Being Australian, I'd kill for only having to pay $10 for an extra 50GB. Our choices on data caps are horrible, either let them slow it right down to dial up speeds and have no extra charges (not that our speeds are any good to begin with) or depending who you're with pay about $10 for an extra 10GB.
Obviously not gonna happen any time soon but if everyone had FttP connections we'd come fairly close.
I want to upgrade from a HD6950 but I haven't really kept up with GPUs, what would be the best card to upgrade to within a budget of $350-$450 AUD? and will I be bottlenecked by my 2500k? Are there going to be new cards soon enough that I'd be better off waiting? Thanks
But are the Ratchet & Clank games working? That's all I want ;_;
Except that assertion has been wrong for some time now. Don't bother giving me anecdotal evidence about your personal troubles with AMD, they'll get you nowhere.
Pretending? Nice assumptions, mate. You forget we tend to build our computers here, prebuild sites are irrelevant to us.I certainly hadn't heard of them til now, even if they had ads plastered all over the internet I still wouldn't have heard of them thanks to adblock.Nevermind that it's possible to hear about something and soon forget it ever existed.
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