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Is there any worthwhile released or upcoming PS4 exclusives yet? The only game I have for it is Last Of Us remastered that I bought with the system and I finished shortly after buying it last winter. I had Bloodborne and sold it on ebay within the next couple days since it was trash IMO. I wanted to play TO:1866 but it had bad reviews saying it's a 6 hour game with no replay value. I was also planning to play FF:XV but after watching gameplay videos, it looks like crap...
I would try to return it. You could probably fix it yourself, but if that fails then you are not going to be able to return it and you would be stuck with a bad mouse.
He posted 144Mhz, not 144Hz. So 144,000,000Hz
Nope. Chrome now blocks the publisher's website. Not downloaded from third party at all.
I know it's easy to assume I just clicked through everything like allot of people do, but that was not the case. I always make sure not to install anything like chrome addons with programs but it will still install adware and viruses. This was a fresh install of windows that had nothing but drivers from the motherboard disk on it then coretemp and had 7 viruses and it was verified by both malwarebytes and avira antivirus.Now Chrome is warning and blocking their site...
Yes, coretemp is infected. It will install adware on your computer without ever asking during the install process and it was a pain to get rid of. There was also malware and trojans detected when I ran malwarebytes so I ended up wiping my drive and starting over.
If there is no option on the TV, plug the sound bar into the PC. Allot of newer sound cards and motherboards have optical audio. Longer cables can be bought for cheap on amazon if needed.
I have all updates on Win7 including the required ones for the update, but theres no notification for getting Win10. I have a Win10 install disk for a clean install, but it said I needed to do the win 7 to 10 upgrade for my cd key to work on the win 10 clean install. any known fixes? I tried forcing it by using this guide with no luck.
I recieved the email from MS insider program with the link to download the .iso and clean install Win 10. So I downloaded and installed it with no warning that I had to "upgrade" my Win 7 before doing a clean install of Win 10. Now I reinstalled Win 7 to do the upgrade thing, and it won't let me register windows 7 key automatically or through phone since it just gives an error. Thanks MS.
This is old. When google first announced they were going to bring fiber to KC, I read they would also offer 5mbit free to those who cannot afford it.
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