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Some products are made to fulfill orders and needs for other companies. That doesn't mean the manufacturer of the fan has any interest in selling those exact fans themselves, so they may not list them for sale to consumers even if they make them.
Turn Detailed Grass off then you could push textures up a bit. The grass is a real FPS killer on anything lower than a GTX 1080. I would rather run Ultra car details because you see those allot closer than grass.Under visual effects there is allot of things that look weird in VR. Rain drops and screen dirt will be like you have rain and dirt on your eye balls.Turn off lens and sun flairs because the rift already has that built into it's lenses
Not at all. I know someone who has a 290 in a small apartment bedroom, and it hits 85°F in there when gaming with the window open. Normally its 75°F in there at most. When we installed it into his computer, I was laughing how much heat they put out compared to my GTX 970 that had the same heatsink. We now refer to his rig as the space heater.
FuryX will be over 300W. The GTX 670 will pull about 170W. Power efficiency on AMD has been pretty bad on recent AMD GPUs, so if this is a concern you would want to go with something from Nvidia or a RX 480. Personally, I won't buy any of AMDs power hog GPUs since I'v already experienced how hot your house gets from a single 290.
Codemasters' games are usually CPU bound more than GPU. Dirt Rally uses their older game engine (not the new Formula 1 game engine) so it should run decent if you have a good CPU. I was running the game at high settings on 5760x1080 on a 970 with some adjusted AA settings, so I would start there.
I was just testing out Adrift for the first time and this game is giving me a weird feeling. I'v played several VR games now and never felt weird, but this game makes me feel so disconnected while you bob around and bounce off all the surfaces. Only 15 minutes in, and I'm not so sure I'll be playing this one again.
I just received my replacement Rift after having red tint issues on my first one. This one has no red tint at all and looks good. The dark screens don't have a ruby red glow anymore, and look quite dark now. The first Rift got so bad that on dark screens, the red pixels would make you go cross eyed trying to focus on them. If I had to really nitpick, there is some tiny deviation between brightness of individual pixels. I'm not sure how normal this is, but I assume any...
Your 570 SLI setup would bottleneck a single 1080p monitor in the majority of newer games. Going to a 21:9 1440P monitor will guarantee a vram bottleneck.If you want to move to a new ultrawide 1440p, you would be best off getting something like the RX 480 8GB / used 970 to go with it. If you want to stick with surround, I would go with a GTX 1070 / 1080.
It also says my 3770k isn't good enough, but it works just fine. In fact, it's faster than their recommended specs because of the overclock.Lets be real here, that guy in the video was just looking for an excuse to buy new computer parts.
I'v been using surround / eyefinity for years now, but I haven't played FFXIV. I watched this in surround on my three screens through youtube and it appears like it would be fine. LINK I used single GTX 970 in surround for nearly two years and most things ran on high with MSAA lowered / off. Things barely used over 3GB of Vram so it wasn't really an issue, it was just GPU performance bound. Now I have a single GTX 1080 and can run games on Ultra with MSAA. Still never...
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