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The pre order bonus is very weak so I'll be waiting for sale. GTA san andreas doesn't run that well on modern systems and $1M is nothing. On XboxOne I have over $2.14B on each character which maxed my cash (I guess its 32-bit?). [[SPOILER]]
PostalTwinkie I can understand your frustration as an ISP who cannot meet these requirements because you could be out of the job, but if you can then why do you care. I'm in a region where my crappy mom and pop ISP has no competition other than 3.5mbit DSL. So they keep raising prices with zero upgrade to our speeds as well as threw a 250GB data caps on us without notice. If they themselves are not financially capable of upgrading their lines after raising prices and...
I don't know how wide spread this issue is but I have yet to see it. My brother, friend, and I all use Samsung 840 evos. Some are 500GB some 250GB and none have slow reads. I know my friend has never updated his firmware and it still runs fine for the last 2 years.
I understand for the average person it will never matter. But why do we waste millions of dollars on this to begin with? What good does this do for anyone? Would be nice to see who proposed and approved this program and what they were trying to accomplish other than wasting assets.
I think you do not understand. The only ISP in the USA who do not offer these new specifications have a monopoly in their area to begin with. There is no competition to be put out of business here. No one is being hurt besides the greedy pig who owns the ISP who insists on charging full prices while never upgrading their infrastructure to modern standards.
My local isp is the opposite of what you are trying to describe how a mom and pop isp is. They did nothing but slap us with data caps and increase prices at the same time for their very bad speeds.Andrews was 100% dead on. They have plenty of cash to upgrade their services which is evident by their mansion in the middle of a town where average income is under 40K. I hope they feel the burn and get pressed into fixing their crap.
I can't wait to see where they have taken the game since the last beta. But it seems a bit stupid they have been told they have to wait to express an opinion when there is well established information on what the game mode is about.
I have so many questions about this deal. Headphone market is notorious for making really high MSRP then always having them on "sale" for half off to make it seem like a good deal. I'm not familiar with AKG headphones but on Amazon the 701 and 702 headphones are already listed at $200 which is "on sale" like always. Whats the difference here? Also, how do they compare to the HD 558?
That's why I don't buy flagship parts anymore as they are most devalued. You lose less money just buying the card one step under flagship like the GTX 970. The performance when overclocked is usually within 5-10% anyway so in the case of the 980 you'r being ripped off by $200 each to begin with and it's going to be even worse when it comes to sell it and people only will pay $20 more for the 980 than the 970. Just compare going rate of older cards you will see this isn't...
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