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I wonder how a PVC pipe setup would work in a similar configuration. 10' of 1/2 PVC cost around $1.25 a piece, so you could get a pretty long run going for really cheap.
For these uses, you could basically go with any lower end office grade system and just install a SSD and cheap GPU. If you don't already have the monitors, it's easiest to get ones with displayport inputs and a GPU with 3x displayport outputs so you don't have to mess with mixed inputs and adapters.
Good idea. Getting something at 3200Mhz to play well with mixed kits would probably be hard.Personally, I'd have looked for a 2x16GB set for less DIMMs to stress the IMC if on a z170 setup. Otherwise if on x99, quad channel would be something you could take advantage of. Not sure how much a comparable 4x8 kit is price wise, but these are $170.
This has to be the most underwhelming release yet. Even with 250Mhz higher overclock, it gained only 1FPS.
The speed of the memory can also be a factor. When going over 1600Mhz on DDR3, it can be allot less likely to work. My last rig worked perfectly fine on a 2x4GB set mixed with a 2x8GB set at 2400Mhz and matching timings, but two matching 2x4GB 2400Mhz sets wouldn't work together even though they are identical part numbers. I'v also had matching kits of 1866 memory not work with each other on one system, but work fine in another.In general, it's best to buy the memory you...
Tried out the Touch controllers and the intro demo was really cool. Way better than just the headset and game pad. For a few minutes after taking the Rift off, moving my hands to grab things in real life felt really weird. My only problem is when playing actual games in room scale I'm getting really hot and sweaty then my glasses fog up. I tried for about 15 minutes at a time, which seems to be all I can take before the heat gets too irritating to continue.
It's called X.M.P. which automatically loads the timings, speed, and voltage for the memory then applies it.
It might work fine. But the kits were not tested together when they were made, so there is a chance it won't work. I'v had some kits work together, but allot of them don't.
Even if they have the same Rev #, it doesn't mean they will run together at rated speeds. The sets are rated on their own and not checked in 4 DIMM setups when you buy 2 DIMM kits. If you think you will ever exceed 16GB memory usage during the lifetime of your PC, then go straight for 32GB. If not, then taking the chance on going 16GB is probably a good money saver.
I get that, but we have snow all winter. Why delay for it? My package still shows it's in Pennsylvania and nowhere near Minnesota yet. -Rant overAt least UPS will be delivering my Touch VR controllers today so I have something to play with as I wait.
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