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I like Google, but they really know how to ruin video services like these. I don't see this as being a good thing for Twitch users. Youtube is nothing but a mess of copyright infringement notices. They choose who can and can't do it, such as people uploading full songs with download links as a video which is perfectly fine. Then another person has that same song playing in their video background and they can have it deleted or audio removed without notice. Also they...
This. I went out and bought a Samsung phone instead of waiting for this joke of a company any longer. No regrets.
So Valve charging for a community made game modification. $6.99 is just so ridiculous that it makes me laugh, the full game costed me less than that.
Not sure what to think about the "used card" assumption. I worked at packaging and shipping products and it's done by human hands so there is always going to be the appearance of it being handled (because it was). Maybe the anti static bad had wrinkles in it because you got a hastily packaged product done on a Friday night with 10 minutes until closing time. Just saying... As for Newegg, I have also gotten screwed on their "Gift" items when trying to make a return, which...
I'v never fired a gun in my house so it's not really a concern. The closest I'v ever come to that was me having to chase off some druggie in a Halloween mask that was kicking in my front door which I grabbed my shotgun for. IMO a rifle is a bad home defense gun because it can easily over penetrate and hurt others.
Pistols are meant for closer range and the sights are set for it.A rifle is going to hit several inches lower than point of aim at close ranges which is what I think Masked means, not higher.My ar15 hits about 6 inches lower than point of aim at pistol range. But at distances of over 25 yards, it will hit within 1-2 inches of where I was aiming out to 200 yards.
Corsair link is rather useless IMO. I tried it on various products and there is better free tools that will give you that info. Plus RAM temps shouldn't be an a concern for any normal uses.
I could have fun with something like this. Imagine covering part of a road and watching as people freak out thinking they were going to fall in giant hole.
This is what happens when every Crytek game ever made is crap. Whenever I see a game trailer the second I see Crytek was used I instantly judge it will be crap, and so far I'v been right. Ryse and Crysis series were their most popular games, all of which were so boring I couldn't recommend them to anyone. Their newest upcoming game using crytek is "Hunt" which is just another zombie game, as if we needed another one of those. I really can't care for the company as a...
AMD has a recommended list of adapters which can be found here. LINK
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