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Just like DRM doesn't stop piracy, it's simply a waste of money spent on research to create things that only hurt legitimate users.
What exactly is the point of these smartwatches? I remember seeing a Samsung display for smartwatches some time back at Best Buy and laughed. I like new tech but my android phone seems to do everything these have to offer, including telling time. But I guess if you are too lazy to take your phone out of your pocket...
You can make bump keys with a file that would last forever and probably work better. Or buy a full basic set for $20 online. have DDOS more than just Twitch and have been calling in bomb threats. I don't care if its "only an hour", the fact is they are causing problems for millions of people and committing acts of terrorism.How would you like it if someone breaks the law and prevents you from using things you pay for, but its okay because its only an hour. And you'r next...
I did some personal tests of initial launch W7 Pro before and after SP1, and SP1 scored slightly less performance in nearly every bench I ran but that was a couple years ago As for drivers issues, I'm not sure I'v had any because of the updates. They actually fixed driver issues for my Xbox One controller.
I love racing games and really wanted to try this. In for this.
This. I never understood what is enjoyable about WoW or most MMOs for that matter.My friend who is a long time player of the game finally convinced me to play it, and it was boring when the only thing I was doing is trying to level up and get gear. Wheres the fun? If you had max level and maxed gear, there's basically no other content that's worthwhile. Just constant grinding and doing daily tasks that are very repetitive and stale.I played ESO for roughly two weeks, and...
I was wanting to get one for Project CARS but a video I watched made it quite evident that it's not worth it with the 1920x1080 screen. There was barely any depth to see where your going and tons of pop-in making it impossible to race. Not sure if this is due to the game still being unfinished or the screen resolution. Anyone try it yet?
I am running 5760x1080 with a single 7970 (280x) and it plays all the latest games on high or ultra with stable 60FPS. The games a single 7970 can't max out at my resolution I can count on one hand and most are caused by lack of optimization (watch dogs, Arma 3, ect...) or Vram limitations that don't happen at 1080P. My question to you is do you even NEED an upgrade considering you have a 1920x1200 monitor? Personally, I think not.
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