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I played 30 minutes of BF4 multiplayer on the Zotac 1080 AMP and the average temp was 72°C with an average 2060 core clock with my quick unrefined overclock. I know for sure the card goes over 2100, but I haven't tested the overclocking potential in depth. Changing the TIM would probably lower temps some, but they are good enough where I don't feel the need to. LINK to a 3DMark run I made. With vsync enabled in games, I have to take my side panel off my case and hold my...
Bethesda confirmed Fallout 4 and DOOM will natively support VR in 2017. If you only want it for a VR experience, then I'd wait to purchase it.
I haven't adjusted any voltages or fan curves, I just bumped up TDP and +150 core, 490 memory and called it done. I'm about to play some BF4 and I'll leave GPU-Z running in background to record temps and clock speeds during a full multiplayer round.
I ended up snagging a Zotac 1080 AMP for $640 and just installed it today. Much better load noise levels and temps than a FE while being cheaper, so just hold in there for anything besides FE to come in stock. OC to 2100 / 11000 no problem and near silent gaming.I'm also coming off a single GTX 970 for surround displays, and the 1080 is running BF4 Ultra 4xmsaa at 60fps all day long. One of my favorite graphics cards to come out since the AMD 7970.
What a garbage website to buy a game from. When the web host offers to sell you an optional insurance just in case you get scammed, I closed their site. That should have raised enough red flags and alarms to warn you this website is crap. You can already go into websites like the official EA Origin store from a VPN to get foreign prices for half off games (origin has no region locks), so there is no point to this.
I'm going to be replacing my Rift CV1 because of red tint issue that some people have had. I tested the spudtoggle tool, and it only helped one eye while botching the other so they gave me the go-ahead to send it in. Hopefully they don't take months for a replacement or send me another messed up Rift. Anyone have suggestions for which Rift games to buy during the sales? I only have Project Cars, Edge of Nowhere, EVE, and Lucky's tale for VR games. I'm looking to build...
I just received my GTX 1080 today, and I'm wondering how I enable simultaneous multi-projection? I don't see any settings for it in the nvidia control panel, so I assumed it was automatic. I ran some BF4 in surround, and it wasn't any different than before with my GTX 970. I also have a Rift VR headset which could take use of it, so I'm trying to figure this out.
Looking to sell my Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 gaming graphics card. Used for roughly a year and a half and is in good working condition. Comes in original box with accessories shown in picture. Asking $225 shipped US 48 only, no exceptions. Paypal payment If you have anymore questions, feel free to PM.
Use the Z77 mobo. PCI-e 3.0, higher memory multipliers, and various other small things like SATA 3.0 optimizations. Throw in some 2400Mhz memory and you should see some improvements.The bottom x16 slot is most likely at 2.0 speeds, so it won't be any different than your current board. I would check the motherboard manual for more details.You can probably make your GPU slot into the top in a Asus board, but the heatsink fins will be against the GPU backplate. Don't try it...
There is tons of DDR3 2400 with low profile heatsinks.
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