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I think the point of skipping over 1440p is that it isn't worth skimping on pixel count on something like this. If they could save $300 by going 1440p over 4k, it still isn't worth it. No one wants a $1700 1440p screen so you may as well go for the next monitor resolution that will be standard within a couple years.Just like when we started seeing 1440p emerge when all we had was GTX 680 / AMD 7970's that could barely drive them but 2 years later it wasn't an issue....
I don't think the 1080ti is overkill for 1440p 144Hz. The most demanding games will sit around 100FPS on Ultra. The less demanding will be locked 144FPS. A 1080 would pull around 80 in the same demanding games which isn't bad by any means, but with the budget he had there's no point in skimping on GPU. Gaining another 20 to 50FPS over the 1080 is going to be quite nice with that monitor.
Could be useful I guess. I thought it was a office privacy thing which confused me for a gaming monitor.Off topic: I like your new sig rig monitor. Already committed, I see.
Hopefully we can get it without the eye tracking and hood. Those are two things I'v never needed / wanted on a monitor.What exactly is the point of using a hood on the monitor?
We need an OP update for the "Predator-XB272" Acer Predator x27 27 inch 4K 144Hz HDR10 IPS DCI-P3 color space GSYNC FALD 4ms response time Nvidia's ULMB Tobii eye-tracking
Yes, it's the same panel and specs as the Asus.Need to update first post for Acer's new official product name because it's no longer the Predator-XB272
It does not. I'm not sure what the eye tracking is about. Maybe similar to the head tracking some racing and flight sim enthusiasts use to turn view? I could go without that feature myself.One thing is certain though, it looks allot nicer than the Asus' gaudy gamer look so if these are decent quality panels, I might pick one up.EDIT: I found out that the eye tracking is from Tobii, and the stand-alone unit retails for €109 (roughly $118) LINK
Acer x27 finally makes it's premire today for that godly 4K 144Hz FALD with confirmed 4ms response time. I think we can confirm the Asus version will likely have 4ms response as well.Pics and more info at LINK
The only problem with going for an HDR monitor right now is there's no decent ones. The only 1440p 144hz HDR panel isn't at all interesting because it will be a TN panel with curved screen. Unless you step up to the PG27UQ, you are stuck with one or two of the following: 1080p / 60Hz / TN curved and that's a no-go for allot of people wanting a premium gaming monitor.OP already ordered a 1440p 165Hz IPS which is the best you can buy this year without spending $2000.
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