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I was really hoping the game wasn't broken on release. I nearly purchased this then I remembered the publisher is Ubisoft and how they screwed me over on Stutter Dogs when I purchased it on PC. I really want to play this game (and WD), but because of this I won't be supporting this garbage. Hopefully Ubisoft goes under and the deserving developers can find work at a studio that knows what they are doing as well as weeding out the bad in the process.
On the fence about buying this game but I really want to play it. After I got ripped off by stutter dogs and seeing how bad AC is, I have lost all trust in Ubisoft. I'll be waiting for a unsponsored and unbiased review before buying.
The game requires 64 bit OS to play. Weather or not the game will utilize it is another thing. I quit buying the CoD games on PC in favor of X1 version since there's always less problems and it looks nearly the same.
Currently I'm running a single 7970 3GB and a MST hub to run my monitors and it works fine, but I'm looking to up the power and trying to decide if I stick with AMD or try Nvidia. After experiencing crossfire and how many games don't support plus it's frame pacing issues with games that do, I don't want to go down that path again so a single GPU is a must. I'v never owned a Nvidia GPU before so I have no clue what to expect for their "surround" setup compared to AMD's...
I'm more excited about the 6 inch 4k screen than the Note 5 itself. This means were one step closer to a 4k screen for oculus rift.
This reminded me of a screenshot I took in GTA IV a couple years back. Of all the signs, which one sticks out the most?
Yes, this is good temps. The stock cooler on this card would be in the 80°C range and modern graphic cards can run without issues into the 90's but it's not something I would want to do.
FYI I haven't played a fps in a long time and can care less about them at this point. I'm asking you what games that Nintendo makes that are worth playing and aren't copy-paste or their eigth remake of the same game I played >15 years ago.
Like what? I haven't seen anything worth playing on any of their systems. I had a DS and sold it off due to lack of good games besides re-released N64 games that I already own.I wanted to like their 3DS but there isn't a single game I want to play on it. Same with their Wii systems.
Seems the only thing that keeps Nintendo going is relying on all the games from their glory days. Too bad I already have all of the good games like this along with several functional N64 systems so I have no need for any of their newer systems.
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