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Looking for appraisal for Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD and AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB reference card manufactured by Visiontek. SSD has box and everything included like new condition with about 2 years use and 100% life left according to the Samsung Magician utility. GPU had AC heatsink on it for roughly 6 months but reference cooler has been installed again. Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 7970/ R9 280x heatsink with all required parts except thermal...
I was thinking of a 970/980 as well, but I decided its not worth it at all. It's basically the same performance as AMD's 290x that came out over a year ago (albeit better power consumption and temps). I'd rather just wait a little longer for the 390(x) and have the better GPU for what I would guess is very similar pricing to Nvidia's current lineup or possibly cheaper.
I was really hoping the game wasn't broken on release. I nearly purchased this then I remembered the publisher is Ubisoft and how they screwed me over on Stutter Dogs when I purchased it on PC. I really want to play this game (and WD), but because of this I won't be supporting this garbage. Hopefully Ubisoft goes under and the deserving developers can find work at a studio that knows what they are doing as well as weeding out the bad in the process.
On the fence about buying this game but I really want to play it. After I got ripped off by stutter dogs and seeing how bad AC is, I have lost all trust in Ubisoft. I'll be waiting for a unsponsored and unbiased review before buying.
The game requires 64 bit OS to play. Weather or not the game will utilize it is another thing. I quit buying the CoD games on PC in favor of X1 version since there's always less problems and it looks nearly the same.
Currently I'm running a single 7970 3GB and a MST hub to run my monitors and it works fine, but I'm looking to up the power and trying to decide if I stick with AMD or try Nvidia. After experiencing crossfire and how many games don't support plus it's frame pacing issues with games that do, I don't want to go down that path again so a single GPU is a must. I'v never owned a Nvidia GPU before so I have no clue what to expect for their "surround" setup compared to AMD's...
I'm more excited about the 6 inch 4k screen than the Note 5 itself. This means were one step closer to a 4k screen for oculus rift.
This reminded me of a screenshot I took in GTA IV a couple years back. Of all the signs, which one sticks out the most?
Yes, this is good temps. The stock cooler on this card would be in the 80°C range and modern graphic cards can run without issues into the 90's but it's not something I would want to do.
FYI I haven't played a fps in a long time and can care less about them at this point. I'm asking you what games that Nintendo makes that are worth playing and aren't copy-paste or their eigth remake of the same game I played >15 years ago.
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