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Because the magician tool checks for updated firmware on start up. If there is an update, it insists you install it every single time you start the system. If you want RAPID, you must install magician. Therefor you get hounded on a daily basis to update firmware if you haven't done so yet.
Yeah I have been noticing this as well and it has been the same user. Plus if you look at the link he posted, it isn't link but a referral link for him to make money when someone buys.
This wont work when adblock plus is free and removes all the ads. Plus allot of the popular youtubers already make tons of cash from it and has become their career. Pewdiepie makes over $7 million a year to make his crappy videos. I'm not going to be giving them any of my money. If Google is losing money here, maybe they need to quit paying out the ass for these youtube channels.
No one want a Linux based steambox because of limited games, the controller is nothing I would ever want when Xbox controllers work fine on PC with support from most games, and a Valve VR headset would be standing in the shadows of the Rift.I know if I was in their position with as much money as them, I would probably come up with several fun projects regardless of commercial success just as a labor of love. That's all I can think of at this point, as nothing they have...
This was my main concern as well, and why I was hoping its something to do with an input device rather than a headset.I think if a game is made for VR, it would work on anything. Even my Samsung Galaxy S3 can play unity engine games in VR. Just hold the phone in front of your eyes an inch or two away and look "through" it like binoculars. Everything will turn into a 3d experience and the phones built in monition sensors make the head tracking work. LINK
If a game supports physx, the game automatically installs Nvidia physx drivers on AMD systems anyway. Soon as I installed Borderlands 2 on my system with a 3770k and 7970 crossfire it installed physx drivers without asking. Strangely enough the game defaulted the physx setting to "High" in the game options. I had all the visual effects of physx with over 100FPS even with tons of physx effects happening from co-op grenade spam on bosses. Physx can run perfectly fine on fast...
All 1100T are black edition.
So it costs $386,000 and they decide to throw in two pairs of RAZER headphones. Come on, make it HD800's or bust. Plus the zombie house costs $97,331.51 according to the manufacturers website. Then top it off with four copies for XBOX ONE and not even throw in four consoles to play it on. Sometimes these extravagantly expensive things like this can be fun to see and tell your friends about, but lets honest here this is the worst one to date. At least the saints row one...
I got 13 hours of play before being bored out of my mind. Worth $6? Maybe. It ran like poo on my 7970s with artifacts and stutter that was specific to this game. Had to run on minimal settings at 1080P just to be somewhat playable. So if you have 50GB of free space for the uncompressed audio files along with a Nvidia GPU then it may be worth a shot.
If you're going to be swapping back to titans in the future, you could just leave the drivers installed and not have problems. But if you plan on keeping the 290x's and not using the titans you may as well uninstall them after getting the 290x set up.
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