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$1500 is unlikely considering most 64GB sets are ~$1000.
Personally, I am using adaptive sync option in nvidia control panel instead of vsync. It seems to work allot better in most games including GTAV
Not sure why this was even needed. I'v never gotten any spam bot friend invites or messages.
That still seems high to me considering I had 82°C overclocked temps with reference cooler. But I think RMA would just get rejected if there is scratched GPU. May as well just let the AS5 cure and temps will go down another ~5°C over time.
From the temps you have, there must be a really bad paste job. My brother just re-pasted a new Gigabyte windforce R9 290 yesterday and it went from idle on desktop 51°C to 35°C so I'd say it's worth doing on any new card. The original paste job wasn't even bad either, no excess paste and wasn't slopped all over the place. I wouldn't worry about warranty issues unless you tear up the thermal pads or get them all dirty and make it noticeable that you took it apart carelessly.
Even my reference cooled 280x kept under 85°C at 1050 core so there is a problem other than the bios. Are the fans spinning and speeding up under load? Do you have proper exhaust fan above the card to get the hot air out? I just looked and that case seems like airflow could be a problem. Be sure to have plenty of airflow to get the heat out of the case and enough space for the gpu heatsink to get cool air. Would be nice to see some detail pictures of your setup.
Sig rig running 3770k 4.5Ghz, DDR3-2400Mhz, GTX 970 1575 gpu / 1700 memory.
This. All of Bethesda's TES and FO games have been a mess on launch. I had to download player made patches to even finish the main story on Skyrim six months after launch. I made a habit of letting Bethesda patch their games for minimum 6 months before purchasing them just to avoid the constant crashes and bugs, but Skyrim took even longer.OP, have you made sure this isnt just a problem with your game or system? This was a perfect launch for me so far. The only issue I had...
Ok thanks for the info.I kept my 4.5Ghz 1.22v and enabled XMP for 2400Mhz then cpu-z stopped responding 5 passes into a burn test. Added .005 volts and it's passes 30 stages of intel burn test, so I think this may work out. I'm not sure why I had stability issues since my original overclock was 4.5v 1.23v and it started blue screening after a year of use. Now it seems stable with 1.225v, but time will tell.
With 1333mhz 1.5v memory I have gotten 4.5Ghz 1.22v stable enough for a quick burn in test which seems decent. 1.21v and some of my startup programs stopped responding so I didn't bother testing it. Now I'll enable 2400Mhz and try it, but I bet it will fail now.So you think I should just stick with increasing vcore to compensate for high speed memory instead of increasing the memory controller voltage?
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