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Now that I'm home from work, I'll try to help with the build. I'v built several x99 rigs now and will try to explain some. First, I highly suggest going with a 6800k since it's the same as a 6850k with a few less pci lanes and costs nearly $200 less. Theres no way you will be using 40 pci lanes with the use you have posted and its just throwing away $200 for nothing. Even if you went for SLI, you wont be bottlenecked by available pci lanes on a 6800k. Achieveing...
I'v read streaming on a 6 core system is way smother than i7 quad cores, so I would go with a 6800k or even a 5820k. The 6850k is just a ripoff for what it is.
I would just go for a 6800k and save the extra money. The only difference is pci lanes. If you truly needed 40 pci lanes, you also need to be on a xeon platform with more than 6 cores.
This video shows the same thing mine did. I can confirm it was the CPU and mobo and not the PSU.Now I'm waiting on Asus and Intel to send replacements.
I got RMAs sent out to Intel and Asus yesterday. Hopefully Asus doesnt try to pull anything to deny my RMA like some people have posted on OCN before.
I tested with a new PSU and it did the exact same thing.I was looking on newegg for warranty info and found a review that had exact same thing happen to him and his CPU was killed with the mobo.LinkIm thinking the best thing would be to RMA both the CPU and mobo tomorrow.
I cycled different RAM modules in, and now the system doesnt shut down by itself. But I dont get and video output from my GPU and my backlit keyboard doesnt light up either. The Q-code LED on the mobo just stays at 00.
I was playing a game, then the system just shut off. I tried to start up again but the system fans and LEDs only turned on for a fraction of a second before dying. Then it kept trying to start on its own every 3 seconds and immediately dying over and over until I pulled the plug. I took out my GPU, sound card, all SATA devices, and unplugged all USB to see if any of those were an issue but it still wont start. Resetting the bios switch didnt help either. The motherboard...
Some mice come with software to do this. I use a Razer Naga 2014 and there is options to make a DPI profile which you can bind to any of the buttons on the mouse or keyboard. I play with 1800 dpi and have a toggle button down to 200 dpi for single pixel movement sensitivity (you can set whatever dpi you want). This drastically improved long range accuracy on large games like Squad and Arma. I don't really use the dpi toggle on BF1 since the ADS mouse movement is already...
I'v been having issues with Hulu as well. Sometimes after the ad breaks are over, it will error so you click retry and it forces more ads on the screen. It also happens when first selecting a show and failing to start. One time it completely froze my TV and I had to pull the plug.Once my free trial of Hulu runs out, I'll be going with the ad free option to see if the problem goes away. If it continues, I'll try the PS4 / Xbox One Hulu app instead of the TV app.
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