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Not a thing the vendors have done can make them OC any better than the reference cards. So just buy whichever one you think looks nice and has decent cooling.I ended up with a Zotac Amp because they came in stock for about 5 mins when 1080's were still hard to come by, and it turned out to be a good cooler and the cheapest 1080 at the time.
A single 1080 is already 20% faster than a 1070 to begin with. Starting with 1070's is going to limit you in every game that doesn't support or work well with SLI.I would try out a single 1080 first, then decide weather to SLI. I think for the most part, it would do the job. I'm running BF1 Ultra on 3K resolutions with only one setting (SSAO) lowered from Ultra.Either that, or just go for gold with the Titan XP that is a good 25% faster than the 1080, or 55-60% better than...
If you're already willing to spend that kind of money on SLI and high end monitors, then there's no reason to settle for X70 tier GPUs. You obviously want top end stuff, so anything lesser would be a compromise.
I'm not sure what your real question is here considering you ask AMD or Intel in the title and don't list any AMD builds. Are you asking if you should replace the AMD system in your sig rig with an Intel build? Or build a completely new rig and buy another AMD CPU? If your wondering if you should upgrade your current rig for a new GTX 1070, I think this video can clear things up. The current AMD CPUs are bottlenecking top end GPUs by up to 40%, so I would personally do it.
I used to love Nintendo, but the last 10 years have been one disappointment after another. This thing has some serious identity problems. It trys to be a mobile system, but has nowhere near the versatility or usefulness of something like a shield tablet. Nor will it be a better home console than any of the existing ones already out. I really don't get this thing at all.
I just removed the old 8gb set to test the new set on its own, and my system won't even post. I'm probably just going to send it back to newegg and get a 2x8GB set instead.
I added another 2x4GB set of memory to my rig, and now I get BSODs. Both memory kits are the same part numbers. LINK I lowered my CPU overclock to stock just to make sure it was the memory, and it was still crashing. I'm running the standard XMP profile for 2400Mhz 1.65V
I don't get any error messages. The CPU hits 100% then the game closes, simple as that. Not really sure what is going on, so I'll just be ignoring this game until either Dice or Nvidia release a fix.
5760x1080 (3K). Considering allot of people can play 4k just fine, I think there is other issues at hand.
I don't believe this is a GPU issue. The only reason DX12 is more stable is because it lowers CPU usage and that's my problem. The game will eventually hit 100% CPU usage and crash.I'v been meaning to do a clean install anyway, so I went ahead and did it. Hopefully once I got everything up to date, it all plays well like the BF1 Beta did.
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