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Here you go
I thought using a proxy / VPN to activate region locked keys outside of the region is against their SSA and can have you'r account suspended.On EA's Origin they don't care and I buy Russian key from legit Russian sites and don't even need a VPN. It always gave me the option to install in English and I get games half price.
Why did they make the LED blue to begin with? Gigabyte seems to have a hard time letting go of their ugly blue color scheme they have on all their products. I have a 970 G1 coming Friday and I'll probably just unplug the led after seeing this.
1°C isn't going to hurt anything. Perhaps it's just the way you applied the thermal paste that is causing the difference, but I wouldn't worry about it.
This looks fun. It's too bad I cant play online with decent people. First time I load in I'm killed in a drive by within 2 minutes. Found another game, killed again within 5 minutes this time. No one wants to play the missions they just kill each other on Xbox One.
Every 4 pin header is going to be PWM. If they are only 3 pin, they are not PWM.
I'v managed to max out my vram at 5760x1080, I cant imagine with 3x 1440p monitors. Far Cry 4 will play like crap just because of Ubisoft and Nvidia partnership means AMD optimizations were left on the side lines. Plus it doesn't support crossfire because Ubisoft just didn't care enough. I couldn't even play it worth a crap at 1080P with my 7970 on lowest settings it just frame dips and stutters on AMD with or without crossfire. Plus on Ultra preset at 1920x1080 it will...
No one needs / wants a subscription based OS. Just imaging being denied use of your computer because you didn't pay the OS bill. There's no way this is real. Also, no OEM would put this in their systems if it was real. Soon as anyone found out there's a recurring fee to use their new computer their whole company will be looked at as garbage, not Microsoft.
I'm getting sick of hearing fans, I have my PC in my bedroom and cant even download content at night because my fans are too loud to sleep through. My GPU has aftermarket cooling and is taken care of, so I need the rest of my Corsair 600t outfitted with silent fans. I was thinking of getting two Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans for the H100i rad in pull for exhaust out of the top. I need a suggestion for the rear 120mm fan as I'm not sure if theNF-F12 is a good choice for just an...
Interesting, I get this with my 7970 crossfire also. Just because it's crossfire enabled all of a sudden I get low memory errors and it asks me to disable aero on the desktop to save on memory usage or it just kills my game and gives the same error you'r describing. Even monitoring vram usage it never maxes out. Both cards were tested individually and I maxed out the vram with 5760x1080 on ultra to see if it was caused by a dead memory chip on one of the cards, but both...
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