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If there is no option on the TV, plug the sound bar into the PC. Allot of newer sound cards and motherboards have optical audio. Longer cables can be bought for cheap on amazon if needed.
I have all updates on Win7 including the required ones for the update, but theres no notification for getting Win10. I have a Win10 install disk for a clean install, but it said I needed to do the win 7 to 10 upgrade for my cd key to work on the win 10 clean install. any known fixes? I tried forcing it by using this guide with no luck.
I recieved the email from MS insider program with the link to download the .iso and clean install Win 10. So I downloaded and installed it with no warning that I had to "upgrade" my Win 7 before doing a clean install of Win 10. Now I reinstalled Win 7 to do the upgrade thing, and it won't let me register windows 7 key automatically or through phone since it just gives an error. Thanks MS.
This is old. When google first announced they were going to bring fiber to KC, I read they would also offer 5mbit free to those who cannot afford it.
There was no crack when I took it out of my front pocket then after 5 minutes of watching YouTube videos, there was a hairline crack running from the home button up the left of the screen. The phone hasn't been dropped in weeks. I am wondering if anyone else has had this happen before? I don't use phone cases or screen protectors. Luckily I have insurance that will cover this, but it still sucks. This was my favorite phone.
Love the batman games. I'm in.
Wait... The other one isn't even two months old yet, and they announce another?I like the game and it has become my favorite racing game, but I'm not going to support this at all. The game is visually stunning and physics are decent, so I completely fail to see why they would even consider Pcars2 instead of just adding content to the current game.
That CPU goes for around $170-200 range new,. As a general rule, I don't buy Asrock or recommend their products to anybody interested in overclocking but that price was really good and I'd consider the board a bonus.
The surround / eyefinity is fine and not really any different than most other games with a bit of fish-eye on the very edges. It's not really an issue for anyone who angles their side monitors outward instead of having the side monitors straight in line with the center one. To me it all looks normal since I mainly focus on the center screen and peripheral vision on the sides. It's the people who like to turn their head and look directly at the side monitors who...
I blame AMD's drivers for this one weather or not they took any money from Nvidia. The problem I see with the performance is mainly due to the fact the GPU usage never goes over 70% on my friend's rig with a 7950. Average GPU usage was between 40-55% during a race with any graphic settings. AMD had plenty of time to update their drivers to fix this during the game development but they didn't. About a week ago, AMD posted on twitter they are working to get the drivers...
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