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Thanks for your help. I'm strongly considering buying the 8320 and m5a99fx as it fits my budget. And I'm not sure what microcenter is. I live in the bay area california. I don't know if there are any microcenters around here.
Thanks for the responses. I forgot to add that I would like to keep my budget below $300 for both motherboard and CPU and I'll be using the computer mostly for gaming. I'm going to keep everything I had on my current computer (470, 8gb ram, etc) and still thinking about adding a SSD as well. And yea lol I did make two post. Sorry. I'm not trying to make this a flamewar. I just wanted a good answer from both sides (AMD and Intel) since I didn't see any place to post for...
I need to upgrade. I'm running into problems with my current computer that can not be fixed. I plan on just buying a new motherboard and CPU. I haven't kept up with computer news for years. I'm not sure what route to take? Intel or AMD? Last time I checked AMD bulldozer was a disappointment to a lot and Intel was KING. I need to buy a new CPU and motherboard within this month, so I'm not really planning on waiting for another new CPU to come out in the future.
I'm on a laptop and I am having troubles scrolling with the up and down arrows. For example, instead of normally pushing arrow key several times to scroll bit by bit, it scrolls through the whole page instead. How do I fix this?
Ok it works all the sudden. Some wierd thing I did got it to work. I tested my psu with the black green wire trick and it worked. Then I plugged the PSU connecter back into the mobo and tried starting the computer up again with the computer case power switch and it booted up. I dont even know what to say. Thanks to all who replied
amd apu 6600k MSI FM2-A75M Thanks for the replies. I read a lot of reviews on the mobo and a few people have been getting DOA. And I've checked the power switch several times. It seems to be in the right spots.
I need help. I can't figure out why my computer won't start up. Nothing works. No fans spin, no noise, no lights. I've tested my power connector to my computer case and mobo several times and they seem to be in the right place. I have a feeling it might be a dead motherboard. How can I run some test to see whether its the motherboard or not? I would also like to test my power supply. I've built two computers in the past and have never had this problem. Rosewill case...
Im building a computer for office work. It will do things such as quickbooks and watch movies. Both are on sale and I'm going to buy the mobo that the 6600k comes with. AMD A8 6600k or AMD A10 5800k
oops sorry I was going to get the 5400 but saw this great deal online thats $30 off the 5800. also I saw a combo deal here with the same mobo. Do you think this is the better buy?
I'm building a computer for my dads business. He doesn't really have a budget, but I'm trying to keep it under $500 because I still need to buy a new monitor, keyboard, and mouse. He wants a computer to do quickbooks and watch videos. Please review what I have so far. Rosewill case $50 Western Digital Hard drive $60...
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