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Thank you for your comments.Origin was the simple design, so I enjoyed casemod.
Thank you for your comments. I'm glad.
Hello,guys. I make the upload after a long time. This time, I MODed "Fractal Design CORE1500". I'm not still good at English. If it isn't transmitted successfully, I'm sorry. The part of the front parts is cut. Parts are made by an acrylic board. A USB connector is installed in this case in the upper part originally. I moved these to the front as a measure of dusty avoidance. 3D Fan grill and Turbin Master make a good combination. Paint of a side panel. 5.25...
You're welcome. I expect that you will complete a wonderful machine.  
Thank you!! I am sorry that I did not reply to you sooner. (; ̄ー ̄A
In Japan, the acrylic board is sold by DIY store. Although it is regular size, I am cutting and using them. Moreover, there is also a place cut and sold on a network etc. Most stores currently sold are not related to PC shop. If If there is nothing to nearby DIY store, it will purchase by an online shop.
Since there was a question about the fixed method of a side panel, it writes here. Side Panel is fixing and manufacturing the acrylic board on the hinge to the flat bar of aluminum. Furthermore, the upper and lower sides are fixed with a screw. The rear side screws a part like a photograph in accordance with the tapped hole of a side panel. This will be obtained in a Home Improvement Store etc. The front side is using the magnet...
Thank you for your comments. I am sorry that I did not reply to you sooner. Power supply hiding is made by an acrylic board. It is made combining the acrylics of a smoked color. An acrylic board is fixed to L character angle by double-stick tape or screw clamp. Sticking "Black Carbon Fibre Sticker" etc. on the manufactured cover, a part cuts. Milky acrylics is applied to the back side of the cut portion. If it illuminates by LED, light will be emitted finely. Or a...
Some photographs are added. Thank you.
The internal part was also incorporated. It is "RAVEN" who fly towards the world from japan. There are many pictures here. Thank you:thumb:
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