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Why do you even question him? It's not *totally* free. It has the silly freemium price model that you'd expect from a mobile game. Time is not free.Dota 2 is 100% free. You download the game, you have access to everything. You go into a game with the same set of tools as every body else. In LoL, a new player has access only to a very, very, VERY small percentage of champions. Any experienced player that has access to all champions can just pick champions that counter any...
COD Advanced Warfare campaign would freeze constantly (to the point where I had to watch the intro 10 times until I gain control of my character) and flicker upon death with the 14.12 drivers but today I played the whole campaign with these drivers and not a single problem what-so-ever.
The press release driver doesn't even have the driver-level FPS limiting feature.
Not yet. It's not coming today. AMDMatt said the following at Guru3D.Here's the 15.3 press release driver while you wait:!18QymYoT!DDinhPolyzFo7vJ30LIYqzaCeDjyHydVbrG9xTbbkno
Not every game works with AFR-friendly.
Wish AMD would follow this model and bring back app profiles so we don't have to wait 6 months to get a game compatibility profile.
I want in! This software looks fantastic. My hard drive decided to corrupt itself when I changed the partition letters one day and I regretted not having backup software.
Why put the buttons on the top so you have to use your thumb? The thumb is already used for the touchpad/analog stick. They need to put the buttons underneath so you use your free fingers. Then you can jump, reload, whatever without losing control of your character.
Judging from the scale, looks like it stops at 120fps. Such a shame, limiting at exactly 120fps without vsync is the worse thing you can do for screen tearing. I have been excited for the frame rate control because I want to see if it's more stable than any third party method and see if it helps frametimes/microstutter in any way.
Always running in background Process Lasso Breakaway Audio Enhancer Admuncher Browser Firefox - FT DeepDark theme Bluhell Firewall addon Gaming Steam Rivatuner Statistics Server (fps limiting) Open Broadcast Software (recording lossless x264 at 1080 60fps, no performance hit at all) Media Kawaii Codec Pack (MPC-HC, MadVR, Lav Filters, XySubFilter, Reclock) (videos) Foobar2000 (music) Editing Maxon Cinema 4D Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Sony Vegas...
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