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All games look worse in 3D in my eyes. Can't stand it after 30 minutes.
It does? There is no safe voltage and depends entirely on the CPU and how it's used. I would personally run mine at 1.425v and not worry at all about degradation. I might feel a little uneasy if the cpu was permanently stressed at 100% usage with benchmarks and folding but I don't do any of that. If I did I'd drop it to 1.3-1.4v.
Black Ops 2 has crazy microstutter when going up or down stairs with this driver.
The game probably has to be decompressed during the installation. It will likely only take 30GB once finished. Black Ops 2 is 22GB.
124fps is better on Call of Duty. Weapon RPM's are 20% faster for most guns. They say they removed the magic numbers 125, 250, 333, etc but RPM is still based on FPS.
Black Ops 2 uses 22GB. This will use like 30GB. It will need 50GB for the installation as it needs to uncompress after downloading from Steam.
We got something much worse in the multiplayer FPS community. Kids on crappy laptops. Playing over WiFi with all ports closed. Lagging in-game so their hitboxes are all messed up.
Computer on top defeats the whole purpose.
Hyperthreading is still good to take the load off the actual cores. Use Process Lasso to turn off Hyperthreading for all your games and make background programs use the hyperthreaded cores.
I only saw his post about a 7950 but didn't see him mention a 7970.
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