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Wish AMD would follow this model and bring back app profiles so we don't have to wait 6 months to get a game compatibility profile.
I want in! This software looks fantastic. My hard drive decided to corrupt itself when I changed the partition letters one day and I regretted not having backup software.
Why put the buttons on the top so you have to use your thumb? The thumb is already used for the touchpad/analog stick. They need to put the buttons underneath so you use your free fingers. Then you can jump, reload, whatever without losing control of your character.
Judging from the scale, looks like it stops at 120fps. Such a shame, limiting at exactly 120fps without vsync is the worse thing you can do for screen tearing. I have been excited for the frame rate control because I want to see if it's more stable than any third party method and see if it helps frametimes/microstutter in any way.
Always running in background Process Lasso Breakaway Audio Enhancer Admuncher Browser Firefox - FT DeepDark theme Bluhell Firewall addon Gaming Steam Rivatuner Statistics Server (fps limiting) Open Broadcast Software (recording lossless x264 at 1080 60fps, no performance hit at all) Media Kawaii Codec Pack (MPC-HC, MadVR, Lav Filters, XySubFilter, Reclock) (videos) Foobar2000 (music) Editing Maxon Cinema 4D Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Sony Vegas...
My games stop responding after 20 minutes or so. Just black screen then I have to end task. Steam seems to crash at the same time because I have to relaunch it. Also Windows 10 folder icons are UGLY. edit: Seems to be a widespread problem, even in earlier builds. Steam crashes every 20-30 minutes, so any game that;s running also stops responding. Stay away from Windows 10.
Can anybody tell me why water temperature should be a concern? I have watercooling myself but I never did install a probe. Components are fine, around 37-40c idle and 50c load. To me that sounds good for three 7970s and the scorching hot 4770k.
You can not sync frames to the refresh rate with an FPS cap. If you limit at 140, it's true you are rendering 140 frames within each second but those frames are not rendered at an exact time interval apart that coincides with the refresh interval of the monitor. That's why vsync exists in the first place. With vsync, frames are held back and wait for the monitor. This is what causes the input lag. A FPS cap can be used alongside vsync as they both work independently and I...
The next installment is a new franchise by a new company. It just bears the Call of Duty name. Don't knock it til you play it. It's quite promising.
Wish AMD would release game ready drivers like Nvidia. Going weeks/months without driver updates for major titles is rather annoying. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is coming in less than a week and I doubt there will be a new driver for that. On a side note, Shadow of Mordor is crossfire enabled and working good with no flashing even though there is no profile and without ticking the box for apps with no profiles. The benchmark option shows zero scaling but in-game it...
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