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This is awesome. Instantly thought of this:
1. Go to command prompt and type /ipconfig 2. Copy the default gateway ip address and use it as a URL in your web browser to access your router's web interface. Usually username and password = admin 3. Try either of the two options below * Go to firewall section and see if you can block MAC addresses and then enter in your mate's MAC address * Go to LAN section and change the duplex to an incorrect value for the LAN port that your mate's ethernet cable is plugged into,...
Yes same board. Just stating that I also have components that disappear all the time as well.
My Audio and Intel Management Engine Interface disappear all the time. It's rare that they work for me. Audio never worked anyway. Sounded like absolute garbage. Just static and interference out of the headphone jack and noises whenever scrolling the mouse wheel. Wouldn't be surprised if other crap disappears all the time as well. Motherboard is buggy as hell. I can't even change the BLCK which is just frozen at 99.8Mhz.
Why do you even question him? It's not *totally* free. It has the silly freemium price model that you'd expect from a mobile game. Time is not free.Dota 2 is 100% free. You download the game, you have access to everything. You go into a game with the same set of tools as every body else. In LoL, a new player has access only to a very, very, VERY small percentage of champions. Any experienced player that has access to all champions can just pick champions that counter any...
COD Advanced Warfare campaign would freeze constantly (to the point where I had to watch the intro 10 times until I gain control of my character) and flicker upon death with the 14.12 drivers but today I played the whole campaign with these drivers and not a single problem what-so-ever.
The press release driver doesn't even have the driver-level FPS limiting feature.
Not yet. It's not coming today. AMDMatt said the following at Guru3D.Here's the 15.3 press release driver while you wait:!18QymYoT!DDinhPolyzFo7vJ30LIYqzaCeDjyHydVbrG9xTbbkno
Not every game works with AFR-friendly.
Wish AMD would follow this model and bring back app profiles so we don't have to wait 6 months to get a game compatibility profile.
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