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You are a god. Worked for all 3 of my cards.
MPDN is a good alternative media player. Has most of the benefits of MadVR built in.
You are looking at Just Cause 2. Not 3.
Any chance you could do something like this for HD 7970s? I have 3 reference 7970s (HIS, MSI and ASUS). I know you already done quite a few per request during the mining craze, so if you already got a bios recommended for these cards, a link would be well appreciated. Thanks.
Waterfox + FT DeepDark theme + uBlock Origin works well for me. Can even get uBlock to work with websites that don't allow adblocking by playing with the toggles (strict blocking, cosmetic filtering, etc).
AMD APP has been removed in all recent drivers. Why??? Also the FRTC does not work for me. Tested Osu! and CS:GO and neither had their fps affected. edit: Nevermind, apparently FRTC only works on DirectX 10 +.
Flash uninstalled.
180sx? NICE. Go back to the awesome street racing cars and none of this 2014 luxury car bullshrimp.
This is awesome. Instantly thought of this:
1. Go to command prompt and type /ipconfig 2. Copy the default gateway ip address and use it as a URL in your web browser to access your router's web interface. Usually username and password = admin 3. Try either of the two options below * Go to firewall section and see if you can block MAC addresses and then enter in your mate's MAC address * Go to LAN section and change the duplex to an incorrect value for the LAN port that your mate's ethernet cable is plugged into,...
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