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The 2 middle mouse feet are kind of loose on my unit (they move when cleaning the edges) and the edges of all the mouse feet get so much dust and fibers it's not funny. It's a good mouse but I wish it also had a pink rest. Got to really claw it otherwise when my hand starts to relax I find the tip of your pinky scraping the mouse pad. Maybe it's just a thin mouse. Mouse cables kind of stiff too and I haven't been able to get the massive kink out of it from when it was...
The chipset just identifies your hardware. It doesn't install an ahci driver. Whenever I install a proper intel ahci driver, I can put it in MSI mode. With the chipset "driver" you can't.
For the SATA device to use MSI, you need to install Intel RST. No, it doesn't affect your mouse movement LOL. Just be sure to restore the Last Known Good Configuration option and classic F8 menu if you are on WIndows 8.1 just in case the OS can't boot. It's recommended to not put audio devices in MSI mode. Probably doesn't matter for GPU HDMI audio but I just left them in line-based because they are disabled on my system. Here's what I got on MSI mode (negative numbers).
The only useful thing with the killer e2200 is the software but you can just get alternatives that work with any NIC and less buggy. It would be better to just use QoS at router level though. So if you have both a killer e2200 and an intel NIC on your motherboard then I recommend to use the intel and disable the killer. Killer e2200 is only 100mbit unless set to auto negotiation but even then it doesn't seem to be working at 1gbps. Anyway we all know input lag exists but...
The intel ahci driver supports MSI mode whereas the standard ahci driver does not. So if you got an IRQ conflict it will be better to use the intel one so you can switch from line-based to msi. My mouse and dpc latency is the same with the standard microsoft drivers and the intel drivers for ahci and usb, as well as usb 3.0 turned on. The usb 3 thing probably affects cheaper motherboards. The ram speed vs timings thing seems bogus. A lot of the other things may have the...
Just need to click update driver, let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, then install the standard one.
I thought the chipset just gave proper names for your hardware and they weren't actual drivers. It's just an inf. Anyway, scrolling webpages is smoother. Less slowdowns / hiccups. Was doing it every 3rd rapid scroll, now it does it after I have scrolled up and down the entire page like 4 times.
Hmmm, scrolling webpages (3 scrolls fast) does look pretty horrid on my screen. I'll test this. Just wondering, did you have your USB set to MSI? Also Windows 8 isn't that bad. Here's my dpc latency after 17 minutes playing Black Ops 2 multiplayer and I haven't done a lot of the controversial stuff (removing flash, java, .net, intel rst and mei, hpet is still on, c6/7 is on) :
What's your opinion on the windows process scheduler? Optimize for programs or background services? Background services would be better for keeping input devices responsive wouldn't it and would keep your system in general more responsive in case any program hangs. (kind of like process lasso). Also what about playing games in below normal priority? (I guess this is the same as choosing background services for the scheduler) This would keep your mouse more responsive.
With the F10 Bios my BCLK is stuck at 99.8mhz no matter what. If I try set to manual it just freezes instantly or freezes when I hit save. Sometimes it doesn't freeze but stays at 99.8 any way.
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