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Jeez, nothing was skipped, its just a name..
Final Fantasy 8 + 9 Secret of Evermore Stalker series and to some lesser extent: Metro series
1152 cores? I can see why they dropped the Ti naming. This is not going to exceed the 660 Ti.
Of course it can. Higher clocks need more voltage, more voltage = more power draw. The increase is not linear, but exponential. Going from 4 GHz to 5+ can easily double the power draw on the FX CPUs. It was the same thing with the Phenom X6 series. Going from the stock ~3 GHz to a good 4,2+ GHz overclock literally doubled the power consumption of the CPU due to the voltage needed.
Lol at 220W TDP if true. I hope a full loop water cooling is included when buying one of these.
Gamers didn't have the right to make revenue off playing someone elses games in the first place, Nintendo is just enforcing their rights and doing what they should've done long time ago.In the early days of youtube when partnership was introduced you had to prove that you have the rights of the content you are showing in your videos and since those guys are playing games not made by themselves, they don't hold any rights. It seems like youtube has gotten lazy.Partially...
fail. How would 500€ vs 500$ be cheaper in europe to buy? Considering 500€ are 640 usd it would be cheaper to buy in the us which is whats gonna happen. Dunno if you guys been living under a rock but EU and US hardware prices are ALWAYS copied 1:1 with no conversion. Everythings more exepensive in europe.
uhh not really? The 570 cooler was way superior to the 480 one since it was a vapor chamber design coupled with a much bigger radial fan. The 55mm fan on the 480 was a joke.570 ran way cooler and quieter.
Wow, seems like memory does make quite a difference.I'm at 1228 / 3400 (+150 / 400 in eVGA precision) and my best was 68.5 fps.Can't get my memory nor GPU clock any higher though or the drivers start crashing..... which to me is kinda surprising as literally every 660 Ti I've seen was able to get 3600 on the memory..
Well theres a clear difference.In this case its "moar powerful cores" as opposed to "moar but ****ty IPC-crippled cores" :}
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