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Awesome. Thanks for posting. I have been waiting for this monitor.
Played some Doom and Witcher 3 in 1440p and loving it so far. Going to mess with the overclocks tonite.
Received my MSI Gaming 1080 today. Getting more than double the FPS I was getting on my Titan OG. Looks like a bunch of cards are in stock now.
Newegg will be delivering my MSI Gaming X tomorrow. Now to call EVGA and cancel my FTW preorder.
I snagged one at 1:45 today and completed the purchase only get the out of stock email 5 minutes later: "We regret to inform you that your order has been voided due to insufficient stock."At 2:41 I got a NewEgg notification it was in stock. Added it to my cart and I completed purchase but It is still in order verification, i am expecting another out of stock email at any moment.
Wasn't expecting that from the FTW card, the letters are backwards with those specs. I'll probably keep my preorder unless something better pops up before then.
Just got my preorder in for the FTW card.
Ive managed to add the FTW to my cart and now I have the contruction zone again.
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