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MicroCenter doesn't carry the XB270HU(the one Linus reviews in the video) yet. I am guessing you used the XB270H, but it does/should operate at 144hz.
Received mine from MacMall today. Only had an hour or so to tinker with it. I don't see any dead pixels and IPS glow is very minimal, looks like I got a very good panel. Feeling lucky so far.. Played a bit of GTA V and loved it. Need to calibrate as I don't like the colors out of the box. I am so used to my glossy QNIX that the light AG coating on the Acer is a little disappointing but its very light and not a dealbreaker for me. Stand is decent IMO and easy to tilt...
My order from MacMall last week was delivered today. Going to be a while before I am home from work to check it out though.
+1 Thanks for the heads up. I ordered when I saw this yesterday. Just got shipping notification today.
That is sweet.
For $99 I am a buyer.Same here, they bumbed up my delivery from May and now I will receive it on Saturday. My girl thinks it looks stupid and will be annoying, so I am thinking about putting them all over the house if I like it.
I think I will be buying this card.
Trailer looked decent to me. I'll probably buy it.
Liked. Thx
This makes no sense whatsoever. Just a money grab.
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