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I think I will be buying this card.
Trailer looked decent to me. I'll probably buy it.
Liked. Thx
This makes no sense whatsoever. Just a money grab.
Looking like an expensive year. Haswell-E, new mobo, DDR4, Asus Gsync monitor, and possibly a couple of 880's depending on reviews. Love it.
^This^^^I know some people need the AG coating because of the window/lighting situation where their setup is but glossy monitors look sooo much better in my opinion.
Love the SpaceArm. I want one!
Dishonored, Diablo 3, Portal 2 are some them come to mind. Paid full price for Dishonored and Diablo 3 so I really really tried to play them but I just didn't enjoy them.
Just played the beta for a couple of hours. Ran flawlessy on max settings. Very fun game. Love the parkour action. The smart pistol is fun for killing grunts and spectres but I didn't have much look against pilots with that gun. Also, I Keep looking down the sights out of habit which takes away the auto-lock. lol
Those prices are higher than I expected. The Vizio P-Series will have 70" 4k tvs for $2,600. The Vizio P-series lineup inludes: •50-inch P502ui-B1, $1,000. •55-inch P552ui-B2, $1,400. •60-inch P602ui-B3, $1,800. •65-inch P652ui-B2, $2,200. •70-inch P702ui-B3, $2,600.
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