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Lol, I did the same thing.
Here it is, same panel as Omen and AOC:
I agree with most of this review. Pretty spot on.I spent a lot of time this weekend playing BF1 on this beast and it is pretty amazing. No trouble running it at a consistent 100 frames with my 1080 once I turned down the post processing and set lighting to high from ultra. I have had zero problems with this monitor in-game(probably 30 hours of gaming). It still flickers on almost every game menu screen I have tried, but that doesn't bother me at all. I am happy with my...
Nice! I agree the ICC profile is excellent. Enjoy.
I came from a 144hz Acer XB270HU and after playing all weekend(mostly BF4, BF1, DS3(frame locked), some Titanfall 2, and some Doom) the only game I felt like I perceived even a slight difference was in BF4. However the additional screen real estate more than makes up for it. I wont go back to 16:9 again.Witcher 3 look amazing in ultrawide. NBA2K16 also looks fantastic in uw. I have not tried a racing game yet. I do agree that games without UW support can be very very...
That does not happen for me.
Just played for 15 minutes and saw no flickering in loading screen or in-game. Nothing while zoomed in or fighting either.
LOL. Nailed it!
Sure, I will test it tonite.
Received my Omen yesterday, ordered direct from HP. Box looked like it went 2 rounds with Tyson but the monitor was in perfect shape. As others have said, it is very solidly built. Placed it between my Acer XB270HU and my Qnix QX2710. Compared to those 2(and especially the Qnix), the colors on the Omen looked washed out before I started adjusting. No dead pixels, did not look for BLB(will look tonite). I applied the ICC profile to the Omen but I didn't see any change...
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