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Yay, the H97 release date is what I have been waiting for. Might buy a lil' chip to last until Devil's Canyon comes out though because I'm keen to get my new system up and running.
It's encrypted. Adobe is a pretty software-savvy company, I'm sure they have used an incredibly secure hash.
I would personally only ever use Nvidia cards in a multi-GPU configuration. I'm not dedicated to Nvidia at all, but I will never use Crossfire again.
Thank you for the Gameboy Color. Rest in peace
Wasn't there talk of a Haswell refresh? Z68 and Z77 were the same socket, but they still released newer chipsets. It'd make sense for them to end the cycle at 9-series though, which seems quite meticulous of Intel.
That laser-etched faceplate is wicked!
As an NZer... Anon, whatever you have planned for our government, do it. Hopefully it has something to do with the defamation and destruction of John Key's regime.
Hey, would you do $250 shipped to New Zealand?
Thread necro! Anyone know where there's some easy-to-understand instructions for assembling this? My parts arrived today.
I have 8 Akasa Apaches running off 2 separate PWM splitters and it's a great setup. Get the Gelid fans though because these Apaches have a fair bit of motor noise.. I'm thinking of replacing my fans with Gelid Silents.
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