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lol, SSD is least important part of any build AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK unless you are entering and exiting different games every 30 mins, then go ahead
Thanks, I just run 3.8 to be conservative since I started getting BSOD around 4.1 and didn't want to fiddle any more
GPU has maximum OC on stock fans
I7 920 at 3.8ghz (oc'd)/water cooled ATI 6950 6 gigs RAM 1TB HD 1920x1200 display I want to play Wildstar at Max settings with no fps drops, can I just throw in an R9 290 or will that be bottlenecked by RAM/CPU? Thank you!
lol, then you are going to lose your mind in the middle of the game if you think that's hard on normal
BUY THIS GAME I bought it, and its way better than the demo would have you believe, annd the dfemo was fun! it really takes off when you get the hang of parries please support this game so we can get another one!
I was 2200+ Arena rated WoW player in WoTLK, I was also debating coming back Is the consensus that its retarded easy or stupid grind now? 15 bucks a month is alot of dough if its not fun and can I still gank noobs in the outlands with my arena gear on?
To be fair when it was first released, it was decent. The biggest issues crop up in endgame, and with a few things that would seem easily fixable had they actually given the game the creative attention to detail it deserved (or the IP deserved)
ya I'm real upset they messed up a wonderful IP and opportunity HOW DO YOU MESS UP STAR WARS?!?
just keep reskinning your character apparently...
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