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Ho would an an 8 core atom be better?
Well crysis 3 is the last crysis game I will buy. nothing from EA is worth the money these days :'(
To bold... hence "learn to write proper code".This is game programming, not application programming.
Lol learn to write proper code and the cpu wont be a bottleneck. Must be mad cause they cant create games that use single cores on cpu anymore.
Why would they not keep the transparent background... How so?
Everyone knows Google did not create android.... Google bought android.
What a retarded argument... Only Apple. This would have been so good if it was priced better.... No way i am spending $400 on 8 atom cores
I didn't say it was not possible for some people to have no need for an extended feature set.No extended feature set was even quoted.The above quote only had standard features.I am not implying S3 users need to be upgraded either. I know I could never use a S3, was a terrible phone.I only got with samsung after the Note 2.
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