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Sorry, just looking for cash. I can't think of anything I'd trade for.
I'm selling a lightly used Intel i3-3240 Ivy Bridge 1155 CPU that's been lying around server no meaningful purpose. I have an extra stock cooler around, but if you don't need it, please let me know and I won't bother including it. Accepting PayPal and Google Wallet. Price is $75, including shipping, insurance, and fees. EDIT: Sale pending SOLD
I am the second owner of this card. More info here: Gigabyte 7970 GHz Edition Windforce Cooler 1100MHz (vs 925 reference) Great condition. No coil whine, fans are great, runs quiet and cool. Looking to sell via the OCN market. I haven't been paying attention to the markets recently and figured I should get an appraisal by the people more up to date on the GPU price/performance field.
Payment sent.
Hoooooly hell... absolutely stunning. The excellent photography makes it easy to tell how much attention to detail and thought went into the build. Final specs list?
That is, without a doubt, the most pimp file server I've ever seen.
I can't handle the quality of the photography. Gets me every time. Seriously -- this is the best of the best.
This is the definition of computer pr0n. Those shots are absolutely incredible.
Link to the Lenovo Page (doesn't have the model I'm having appraised) I'm trying to sell a ThinkPad Twist that I bought brand new, directly from Lenovo, for $1400 last July. Specs: Intel Core i7-3537U (3.1GHz) *** Windows 8 64-bit (I will include the key with purchase) 12.5" HD IPS 1366x768 Touch Display Intel HD Graphics 40009 8gb DDR3 RAM 128gb SSD *** Newer Lenovo models can only be bought with an i7-3517U (3.0GHz), it seems Thanks.
Yeah, he's a local buyer. I decided to just take the offer as I'd rather just get it out of my hair and not sweat the extra $25 I could be getting. Thanks for the input.
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