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I have set the vcore to the cpu's specs. which is 1.25v for this 2600k. Also i have tested all the hardware speratly, after that i installed windows. i did the hardware test on the "unstable" instal of windows. and have not changed the Sata cables. the vcore was changed before i made the opening post.
I'm not sure what was wrong, i did a 2nd fresh instal of windows, and waited for the service pack to be installed, after that did all the drivers. now the machine runs fine. Bios eddited to vcore 1.25 manualy. tested mem, gpus cpus and hdd's and all were fine. I guess there was a software issue somewhere.
Im now doing a 2nd Fresh instal of windows, and will keep my other drives disconnected, then going to do the same procudere for installing the drivers etc, than instal my game, and see how it runs. Also im running with 1 stick of Ram, to rule that out too, because is read alot about ram BSOD too with the codes it showed up for my system
So you would advice me to instal windows onto a regular HDD, and see what happens ? Would this mean my ssd is "broken" or would the cable be not good anymore. Because its not just the kernel power error, its blue screens, its freezing up. all while doing simple things. for example it froze when i just clicked computer properties, not running anything in the background. its froze up while installing a driver etc etc.
So the last 2 months i've been having trouble with my pc. While gaming (world of warcraft) mostly, the pc freezes or just randomly restarts, Now i've checked the event viewer, and it says: Critical: Error Kernel-Power ID 41 Followed by Warning: e1qexpress ID27 They are "connected" somehow because i always see them togheter. Now for the Kernel power, i've changed PSU to a brand new one, and it still happens, so it cant realy be the psu, I've removed all my overclocks,...
This is probably not the right section, but like i said, my computer had random shut off's with the old power supply. I now bought a EVGA 850w G2, and when i fired up world of warcraft, after a few minutes the pc had a hard reset agian. no error's or blue screen. In the event viewer : Kernel-power ID: 41
Yeah always already looking at the Supernova G2 due to its 10 year waranty, guess ill take a bit lower wattage than. Thanks for the help
Recently i've been experiencing pc shutdowns and restarts, probably due to a dying silverstone strider 1500W. I had this psu because i ran 4gpu's in the past, but i downgraded to just 2. Now that is has been a while i was wondering what kind of wattage psu i should get for my build. Specs : intel 2600K (overclocked to 5ghz, 1,5-1,55v) 2x Radeon HD6970 (OC 1000/1400, core/mem) 2x 4gb ddr3 @ 1866mhz Asus Xonar essence stx 5x HDDs, 1x SSD 2x watercooling pump laing...
Wait out 2 months and have a 4.2k budget
6/10 cropped to tight
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