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If you dont mind Splitting the WInnings here, then Ii too would rock that motherboard, and i dont have a license for Win 10 so sure count me in Thanks
Hey Brad, what exactly is the giveaway for?
im a little jealous lol I too need to pick up a Keyboard and Mouse
awesome, sorry man my old one is only the SLI-DR.
when is the live cast?
i like to retro as much as anybody, but I think most people will agree with me that its quite acceptable to ditch the CD player =)
Oh the poor games! .ISO them man, no one wants a disc no more
ha I remember this - wonder what ever happened to him after that.TD was one of the WORST companies to work for in the Business to Business sales.
call the RMA dept and tell them that you processor looks good, but the motherboard looks like it has messed up pins. Don't tell them you installed it incorrectly obviously, just say that you put them together, which you did, and attempted to runt he machine and it appeared to be the motherboard not reading the processor. which is all true.
i mean.. i just built an 1150, ther is NO FORCE REQUIRED to put the "latch on" that simply falls into place ontop of the cpu and around it.. the only "force" required is to pull the lever down to lock it in. You will absolutely 100% know if you have done this wrong before you can even attempt to pull the Lever down into locked position.
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