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Thanks for the chance brother!
I am in love with this Costume lol - and tghanks to the obove poster, I get to post it ;pJesus on a raptor - your Point is Invalid!
so when they started pre order for $50, which included the basegame, players complained and were reimbursed what they paid on the game if they bought I think it was within 6 months prior. for those who paid before then, were given some stuff in game, i forgot what. But now they go and step even further by making the game 100% free in the first place, which in my opinion is one hell of a move given the outrage that poured from the previous issue. I am hoping they plan on...
christ I cant believe i missed this! grats to the wiiner
3 bag slots is a harsh one to live with for long
i actually like GW2, and hated GW1
interesting, im pretty sure I have the Black Ops 2 , cant really recall though
Why bother quoting me, if I have nothing to do you with your rant?Dont label me along with anyone here please and thank you.. I dont recall Discrediting anyone or even speaking about any of what you are talking about.In fact, all I said, was that the Fossil Fuel companies win, as long as there is a need for Fossil Fuels.because you know how a product based company works right? You win, if you continue to Sell your Product... you Lose, if you can no longer Sell your...
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