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oh so kind of like unreal tournament "single player"
sli not generally implemented in alphas, also someone previously mentioned SLI not working.people in this forum seem to forget what an Alpha test is
soooo this is a Closed Alpha Test, and what exactly are people complaining about? I watched the first video in that link (the youtube one is down) and looks like a very shiny game for just an Alpha what exactly were people expecting? This game appears to be leagues ahead of the average Alpha of a game. My only complaint? might be the worst impression of General Akbar ive heard in a while.
yah putting points into "Conjuring" for elementalaist doesn't increase my conjuring abilities, just give me more conjuring abilities. I don't remember what the final Conjuring item is though, but it lumps all the conjured weapons in, fire sword, hammer ice bow etc. It makes more sense than the way it was honestly, it was a bit TOO free in my opinion.. Before this update, I was pretty much able to run the cantrips and sigils that I required from a very early point in my...
Good Morning Always wanted to play the Assassin Creed Games, but just dont have those extra monies for my own things lol Currently Playing: Guild Wars 2, Friend of mine picked up a couple copies when it was super cheap and have been really enjoying it. Have not really been playing anything else however.
oh yah that venom share build is nasty, my guildie was basically able to make his thief into a phalanx warrior as well lol Always do prefer to fight with 25 stacks of might I wonder if Anet is even hosting they own servers, most games like these are hosted int he big data centers like Savvis or AWS
so ive noticed this but I dont have the answer - does Condi damage get reduced by Toughness at all? or is it pure HP damage Ive just noticed that I cant seem to reduce the incomming condi damage without increasing my HP
MMO Gamer, No design work currently, I do however change the games on my main drive often as I run beta tests of games very oftenbut this is still only a change of about 30 GB every month or so, nothing hardcore just want Low Price and good product, nothing lesser than what I currently have
I forgot the motherboard I have has an M2 think I should just grab a normal SSD or is the M2 any realistic benefit?Drawback is that none of my other systems will be able to use it if it ever get the trickle down effect.
this, doesnt look cool in the least bit
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