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wow dude.. just.. wow
i was.. Drum Roll.... StormX2 SHOCKING!! i know...most of the olllld hands that were there for original RS might remember some of my PK account, Yer Beat Son, NotBeat and cant remember the other ones.
wow i dont even recognize anything in that picture lolsame here, but even less capable since I wont bother going members again for a long time..not a single lvl 99 either, and my character has existed since the first open test of RSsadly, ive never once done rune crafting
well then, gl everyone
g80 does not compete in benchmarking lol my game may have played just as well, maybe even a little better with higher Res and AA, but not in a benchmark lol thanks for the good laugh guys I dont mean to be annoying, but you really should have went based on g80 or g92, this is far from a fair competition thanks to that
i never owned a 8800 G92, but my wife has 2 x 9800 GT which is G92... my old 8800 GTS 640 MB is not G92
damn right!]that , and the pos game could run on literally any PC
classic classic?r2h 40 att 1 def ftw!
everytime i try to get back into this game, I realize how lonely it actually is. Everything ends up you being solo no matter what you are doing.. the only time I talk to someone is when your just farming fishing or something mindless
wow rs is going into a more mmo like world? that has some postential I could see combat evolving to something similar in neverwinter online, GW2 or even Vindictus style
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