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damn I cant remember if I added you on steam last year or not. I will take a look and add if I didn't. Hope you and Family are doing okay in that crazy neck of the woods your near. @barkinos98 too, you both are my favorite bird riders, I always wish you both the best.
16gb on a 939 platform? what the heck board lets you run that many 1 gb sticks?
yah i used that M4 in my 1366 rig for years. great little guy but it wont give you fantastic Benches on a 939 board hehe POnly reason why mine benched well at all was due to the ICH10R board
just an fyi I accept pretty much any and all Steam Games ;p
Count me in for GRID or Terraria (id give this to my son) Ive been playing the HELL out of the Warhammer Online free server, Was a Pay 2 Play MMO of a few years back, designed around large scale Realm Vs Realm warfare. This is currently, the only good game in the world, with proper Player vs Player options. And since it used to be a premium, subscription game, there is no cash shop crap, no Pay 2 Win even possible.
oh god a Pittsburgh flea market, one of few where you can actually catch fleas lol
Simpsons game also had one. I dont have the resources to get these sort of things unfortunately.
pretty much, i have everything else I want in life tbh.
all I really want, is an extended cabinet with the Xmen Arcade side scroller so that I could have like 4 people playing at once ;p
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