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well there is that Moon that we found recently, though I don't know why they were trying to say it was a second moon of earth, as it appears to be a satellite orbiting the sun in a really weird pattern. Maybe that is the real Nibiru
considering you can Yell at a stack of HDD's in a server room and cause enough vibration to slow the drives down , saw a video of a guy doing just that, stgraight up yelling at HDD's and you could visibly see dip in performance.
next gen fire trucks
i had similar ideas including this as well as a device that would force the eyeball to induce hallucinations. 17~18 hz baby too bad im only an idea man, very rarely am i the create it and make it work guy
not a fan, but good job making it, i think it reminds me too much of steam this way
let me know when one will actually hit us, or the moon, or be of enough size/mass to effect us gravitationally
Family is always First, dont worry about us poor slobs lol
In SLeeping dogs more my style, always wanted to try it
oops I typed out what I wanted to enter with, and never pressed submit haha gratz winner!
thats because its no longer in the freebie threadsJeez people
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