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I have not even seen the game in a long time. Been involved with the Warhammer Online FreeServer project for a while now.But I must log in and see what this game is like now. Think i stopped when I logged in and found all my member items vanished and lost about 60m =*(
Man, I dont even know this game anymore at all lol!
Yah I played a game with someone in Cambodia before, Ping not so great but could be worse ;phit me up over a weekend, try to find a time that works
nice, Vermintide is freakin awesome, I will play that with you any time manI only know a few people from that Area, i actually know quit a number of people from Georgia though.
=( My thoughts are always with my few Turkish friends. Need to try to catch up and play some games sometime
hoping you and your fam are okay, saw some crazy stuff happening in Izmir =(
Count me in I have a GTX 680 handed down from another member (love you Tater!) and would lovingly add this upgrade. This would also mean an upgrade for my Son's PC whenever he decides to start using it (hes only recently getting into higher grade games, and his Laptop isn't exactly gaming grade)
nice case, definitely count me in =)
pls do count me in. my pair of Everglide 2-500's are seriously showing its age, fairly uncomfortable and the cord by the head has cracked and will eventually rip out =(
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