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oo!I would love to finally take my first step into the Water World ;pI would actually Love to use so that I may replace my Wife's Zalman with my Noctua, this water system would look awesome on my Case =)Can this system be used with the Desktop in any specific Orientation? such ass, if the Computer is on its side rather than standing straight up?Either way, Count me in, this would be awesome to use!
Oh, just in timne, id like to re do my OS and make an Image so I can just re image anytime it gets bogged down liek this =)
I voted for blade before it was cool
In, thanks for the opportunity
can i be the Off-Topic helpful guy
they are the true artists of the digital age
Everyone likes twerk party
In ;p Two fish are in a tank and one says to the other "do you know how to drive this thing?"
Welcome ;p Hey dont forget to go to the User CP and setup your PC build, it will show up on the bottom of your signature like mine =) Happy New Year to you as well! Add your Sig Rig!
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