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now im waiting to find out if my wife used that site or not when we were house huntingall sorts of stuff seems to get hacked where my information seems to just be waiting to be misusedWas just last year or so that the major health insurance company had 600k records leaked...
so thanks tol the IRS screwing up, we get 5k check in the mail each right?
seems lower than my sig rig witht he crucialyou sure you optimized everything?
so the things about the EVOwasn't there some sort of problems with the EVO?
@Sean Webster recommend one for use with my soon tobe put together pc? the new i5 and gigabyte gaming 7 looking for long lasting, gaming as usual, but id like to be at or closer to 256 gb this time around. But I need to be inexpensive about it. Im not trying to break any records, but I dont want it to die quickly I dislike deleting a game just because i need to test out a different game (I beta/alpha test alot of things)
i do love these types, not as fun as maybe a Age of Empries style, but overall, world domination is great Count me in for one of the other or for both.
Finally Coming uyp to Jersey? ;pI know someone who wants the beenie babies lol, but i dont know how hte heck you gonna get it here lol
in, i never used 8 before, might use it for my new build
more you say?
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