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a world I know very little about ;p
Thanks TCO Glad to be in does not appear to be any rules for entry? One entry per person sort of thing?
bump for a homie
didnt know there was a "new" one? Always wanted to try to old one, never did =( heres a couple of Gif's that I cant help but laugh at everytime i see them.
give me a good one, i have the sam and max already ;p
My Wife took my Ducky, so count me in Please, for the full keyboard + 10key . I'm really not sure on the switches?? My Ducky was Browns, I liked it just fine but really needed to add some stoppers to prevent the bottom out.
you have ot have an iTunes account for this? GL everyone.
Sam & Max: Devil's Playhouse please =)
Im sure it is ;pyou guys run this show after my kids are in bed, and its time for me to play some Warhammer Online at that point ;p
eyyy Successfully dodged another one, man im good.
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