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is that even an opinion? There is no data that suggest a 0% chance of life existing in some form outside of our Planet. In fact, the data suggest there is definitely higher than 0% chance that life could exist outside of Earth. 15 Confirmed Mesoplanet's within 2500 Lightyears of our planet, having been located in just he last 5 years , with our Galaxy being 100,000 Light years in diameter.. you do the math man... This is no longer a simple Opinion. How many Similar...
he says its just us, you mean humans? there are other species on this planet that can eventually vie for supremecy.If there are enough species on our planet to exist through mass extinctions one after another (which were each capable of stopping life all together) and Still Find a Way, they keep coming back and better and stronger than before over and over and over again.that.. it invalidates the possibility of a 0% chance of life never existing outside of our 1...
well that does it, guess il have to do that now lol
guess im being left with little to no choice here, il have to run the windows 10 upgrade on my machines to at least secure some licenses..... I think im just gonna try my luck at imagine my current systems to a partitioned 1 tb drive spare that i have, and then take it fromt here. But I dont think I wish to run win 10 for a bit, but im sure as hell not gonna pay tomorrow or whats free today someone suggest me a decent, FREE Imaging prog
In please - could realllllly use this
this went from Finding Alien Life forms, to human induced Ice Age really didn't see that one coming haha
amen, no life for real, before i stopped playing, I had 2 Classic Server on Albion, 1 server with 5 max level 2 of which were RR12 and the rest were various Twinks for battlegrounds - Second CLassic Server on Albion was all twinks.\Each one of my toons had 200 plat (pretty sure that was the maximum amount of cash) and about 100 plat worth of salvage/items on each non regularly played toon.
well Stunning isnt the word I would use for the game, haaaated it in the pre alpha stage, and then did some keep taking, but it was rather unplayable ^^ But, its a blast from the past, I have not been on board for a Pre/Alpha like htis in a looooong time (that is to saythat normally its a cut and paste of other games, and the alpha/beta testing are nearly meaningless as the game is going to be released in nearly identical state) My problem is the timing, I never have...
Why not make a write up yourself, then you could do something actually beneficial rather than throw insults at people who don't want to go through the extra hassles you are suggesting.
yah, too bad 100m just isnt that much in this day and age. Makes me wonder how much Loaded Cost per Hour that things such as the LHC actually Costs when running a test.
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