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so the things about the EVOwasn't there some sort of problems with the EVO?
@Sean Webster recommend one for use with my soon tobe put together pc? the new i5 and gigabyte gaming 7 looking for long lasting, gaming as usual, but id like to be at or closer to 256 gb this time around. But I need to be inexpensive about it. Im not trying to break any records, but I dont want it to die quickly I dislike deleting a game just because i need to test out a different game (I beta/alpha test alot of things)
i do love these types, not as fun as maybe a Age of Empries style, but overall, world domination is great Count me in for one of the other or for both.
Finally Coming uyp to Jersey? ;pI know someone who wants the beenie babies lol, but i dont know how hte heck you gonna get it here lol
in, i never used 8 before, might use it for my new build
more you say?
this is 15 times faster than the OMPT amazing!!!
If you win, I do this to you, and run off with code
Actually no, ive not been extremely caught up with movies =/ Just finally got my wifge to watch 21 Jump Street, and we gonna watch the second one tonight most likely
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