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gotta have my Bass,
well thats one thing, but I have not even the slightest idea what or where a Hi-Fi store would be lol!an audio show sounds like the best possible way to really get some comparisons.How Serious am i? not at all.. I dont even want to incur any cost at all to be honest, but im getting to thge point where I muyst question what "good" soudns like.
I wish I could find a place to hear what fancy headphones sound liek with the amp and all that fun stuff Any Audiophiles in Central Jersey that dont mind lettin me get a listen in lol Good Idea about going to best buy btw, I might actually do exactly that. Microcenter has tonnes of headphones, but too far away that
that got Greek fast. oh well, il just file this under, not enough info, abort mission lol il probobly just buy another one of the oens ive used, i just reallyw ant something thats less head clampy
thats why im annoyed ot holy hell about thinking of replacing headphones -.- i may not even have the slightest idea of what Good sounds like lol i think my old Klipsch promedia 2.0 sounded good, but my old Honda's Polk DB 650/655 with 1 watt 4 channel amp sounded even better lol but I feel as though the headphones sound great, also i dont have any special hardware for headphones, just the Jack on the motherboard
spec wise is that HyperX comparable or better than teh Everglide?
i think they are a bit tight on my head, before the cushioning flattened out, I would get pretty common headaches with prolonged usage, now that they are flattened due ot usage, its not as tight, but far less comfortable.I love the long cordas previously mentioned, im using this Everglide S-500 Pro gaming
not a fan of the changes, kept making me think i was highlighting buttons or something by accident, thought my browser got borked to holy hell. I'm not exactly against change, but I hate when people attempt fix what aint broke, ya dig? overall, I dislike every change we can currently see, I dislike having to click to my profile in order to interact with my account in any way (the only quick access is to my messages) my avatar is known for being low quality, but this is...
there is none, because im probobly never going to actually buy somethingbut i know that these ones that i have now, are 60 bucks new from amazon
forgot i asked this question!always a budget haha theres a reason you see me in the freebiesi know nothing about differences of closed or open, think mine are closedgaming, music and movies , teh headphones would be the only an primary sound device (i dont have speakers) i play FPS games and such, lsiten to techno, hardcore, and everything really.Newegg, Microcenter (farrr) B&H, amazon etc.
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