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Count me in, always wanted to try a modern Civ game. I cant even remember the last one I've ever tried.
if this offer still up let me know lol
then the obvious answer for you, is to test it out yourself when you have it ;pim sure you wont be disappointed.
strictly actual Gaming Performance I would say its a good buy. 8gb of Memory is fine even at DDR2 speeds.I didnt notice Major differences from my wifes old q9300 (8gb) vs my i7 920 (6gb). but I certainly noticed from 920 to 4690k (16gb)In all honesty though, I think the factors that mattered was that I went from 6 GB ram to 16gb as well as a larger/full speed SSD.benchmarks will certainly show the difference, but depending ont eh GPU your running, I think it wont be a...
well the thing with that isn't so much an issue these days, but I have seen parts stop working afterwards, and its likely due to static electricity.
they did look pretty dismal
The cringe I get from that video... is about the same as when I see people transporting HDD's and Motherboards etc in every day plastic shopping bags.
tc I'm ashamed of you and this thread, either get yourself a no smoke/dust free area or start regularly spraying everything out with datavac/compressor/dustoff. Is it fairly Humid too where the PC is located? Just seems like an excessive amount if you cant simply dust it off. Dont be a baby about taking the sucker apart, you put her together and it will be a pain in the ass but it will be worth it TC I Promise you! Now turn this sucker off and get a workin!
Please throw in your ideas for the next Dream Machines mice products. Let's imagine there will be future DM gaming mice. You can offer ONE idea for a product name. Also let us know your thoughts as to what you feel makes a good gaming mouse. Starting with the Bottom. what makes a good gaming mouse? For me, preferably will have minimum of 2 side thumb buttons, DPI toggle somewhere easily accessible so that you can easily switch purposes / with different games. Such...
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