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I'd like this for PoE get some useful stuffs
I need av, count be in
I was just in time Best lan party I ever had was with local friends playing Team Fortess Classic (the old HL1 mod) having fun with various maps especially what is known as skill or conc jump maps/rocket jump maps. With mountain dew and various spirits we had nearly a full day odd fun and I wish I could have done it again! Unfortunately, that was the last one I have been involved with. Best part abOut it was the lack of latency issues and close proXimity with your...
Did you use any of these? I just notice you are running a 6950 instead of one of these cards, can you comment on usage, Clocks and temps?? I might be interested, btw im just 1 town over from you.
sorry your picture doesnt confirm and you make no mention to it in the thread....... I will keep my eyes on this thread, i might have a buyer, friend trying to get back into things, or possibly myself if a few things go well for me this month, BUMP EITHER WAY
gratz! we never ended up buying anything to make a taco with lol Shame on me cus I just buy em from Taco Bell
@startekee these do not come with HS?
@Evanlet thanks, in all honesty I wish I could have helped years sooner, bad enough I can't give him a real room and a real bed
I have, but I don't know what models are worth trying. I'm being sent a machine with an ati 3100 in it, we happen to have the same laptop to replace seen with, so hopefully this will work
anyone suggest older model APU Laptops that could run this mmo for him? something old and refurbished and used might work and be cheap =? Just dont know which APU's are worth anything
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