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send over something random, il give to my son ;p
in Number 3 thanks again for the opportunity
This has a chance if we can do it in VR
in #2
my poor everglide s-500's have been on the way out for a long time, I will gladly accept these. Thank you for the opportunity.
welcome back! my answer would be nOm it was a bit.................................. Forced
I dont think I could get into this game again, so different from the one i loved.
heyyy thats pretty goooood
I have not even seen the game in a long time. Been involved with the Warhammer Online FreeServer project for a while now.But I must log in and see what this game is like now. Think i stopped when I logged in and found all my member items vanished and lost about 60m =*(
Man, I dont even know this game anymore at all lol!
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