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Grats to the winner! Looks like well deserved upgrade
This would be ideal rig to give to my son. Just turned 11 and starting 6th grade (which is a big jump in our school system). My sig rig is to be handed down to him but it has a memory issue where it drop from 6gb readable to only 3. I am not sure what the problem with it is, but I do not have compatible ram, time or money to really figure it out =/ FYI I am in for a similar reason with other freebies, if I win one or the other, I will of course alert the OP. If...
annnnnd thank you of course
well if noone wants it, I like steam games ;p
Grabbed Phantasy Star thanks!
You take the long way like I did. Hard to get Rep in Off Topic as soon as I hit 250 I pretty much abandoned the rest of the OCN Forum lol
I hate when people say "if you have nothing to hide" that's a terrible argument.
at least I can still keep my Win Updates off ~_~ Inc Mandatory SP release for win 7 / 8 anyone?
please do count me in, I need to get a PC over to my Son soon, hes starting 6th grade but I just don't have the money to build him anything decent. my Sig rig was actually retired due to weird memory issues which I wanted to pass to him but I don't think I can't afford the tme or money to figure out whats wrong with it =(
cant read the article, they talking about trying 5g?
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