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count me in! got a whining fan to replace and no monies lol ::Starts Rolling D20 to see if insta KO the competition::
im cool with a game that has no ending, if it gives me proper reasons to continue playing then why not?Morrowind lasted me and my brother for many many years thanks tot he mod community
Completely off topic, but i know the guy working that puppet in your avy lol
Cus, I don't havE any am2, so I pass if someone needs it
haah your gif reminded me of this, so in the spirit of daggering! feel free to add me ;p
Im in, i dont fold but i shoudl get an elderly discount lol Btw just need a fan ;p
i have now ater coolign at all, but it couldnt hurt to start colelcting i guess? Plus Kakashi is awesome
u never know with Freebies! remember i won a GTX 295 once =*( it just was never sent to me.I pray my post was sufficient for me to win ;p
In thanks
Count me in
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