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this stuffs any good?
The Ship: Complete Pack My wife has been wanting to play the Titanic mod they had (shes a titanic Freeeeeak)
Thanks pook, u can count me in
You know, I wouldnt care at all if it wasnt for the fact that some of these "ads" are usually flash animated, and seem to slow the **** out of my computer when Im using other flash applets. Dunno if there is just something wrong with my PC and im overdue for a formatting, but whenever I stream my Anime, i have to first make sure the ads to not load, or else il get choppy playback.
Guess I will figure it out this weekend lol
back to my search for a 2nd Mushkin kit to match mine =( The usual question, are you 100% against a part out? Okay would help if I actually read things rather than taking it in via osmosis
i woudl vote for Battlefield Viaetnam
Just wondering if anyone here is playing with the new Module 5 release. I have a guild and am collecting top tier players to properly farm Tiamat instance. Let me know, I always like ot ocnnect with OCN members in any games im playing, yall tend to be of a higher quality gamer than the open world
Anyone have any game recommendations? anything particularly interesting lately? I was looking at StarForge, but seems buggy
Warlock: Master of the Arcane this looks fun =)
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