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Alatar must have his summoning ability turned off, i too had summoned him
Welcome to OCN, dont forget to set up your Signature with your Rig Spec's using the Rig Builder
the struggle is real, I might not receive the GPU for a while, but id still like to know what I need. OCN really cannot help me?
I dont care about removing the "hard" part of it. Im more interested int he costs associated. That was a good point about the setup and how to keep it fed however. Now Obviously I can see a number of occasions where this robot makes alot of sense, especially in the sense of reduced liability, but it still requires the human to be there so its a completely moot point. Think similar to a service company, that makes Pickups and Deliveries, to remove the "hard" part they...
hmm.. If you still require the mason to work with the Brick Laying robot, then I somehow dont think this will make much sense money wise.. sure its easier, maybe even quicker.. but whats the cost of the robot + Operational Costs + the loaded hourly costs of that Mason? that brick wall it made wasn't very flat/flush either, I think they need to put a little work into laser imaging so that the arm makes those little adjustments to make sure its perfect.
i do prefer Steam, but I love Tom Clancy - so please do cout me in
\what do you mean, Alatar still around.@Alatar You have been summoned!Im pretty sure Alatar was the one I had heard about Phase Change from
coutn me in,. I enjoyed the first Bioshock, but dont own any of them
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