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love ya ocn
reminds me of my old 2 x 1 GB Corsair TwinX Plats.I was able to hold some really low timings at 460mhz with the board at 300fsb but it looks like everyone posting this lol
hey gratz bro
oh what? my post its gone
Got some stuff that might let me revive a 3800x2 machine pulled a really ugly Round ASUS Cooler with 939 clamp and HeatPipes, with the Fan int he middle of the unit. not sure if any good. Also some DDR 400 1 GB Sticks. D32PB1GJ x 2 and D32PB1G25 x2 Anyone know much about these 2 sticks?
count me in! want to play this so bad
O guess I'm in for this one too, never enough supplies
count me in, but only if you feel like waiving the 5 dollar fee, I maintain that freebies stay free
I spent my whole life being grammatically correct and quite punctual lol, I though I have evolved to a point where I don't need that stuff to understand what people are saying.punctuations are useless for me, unless I'm at work loloh your added stuff, I'm still only in for the 775 stuff, only and board I have are socket a
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