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Count me in, I will let you pick though =)
dang did I miss out?
Thank you - forgot to confirm =) been playing it like a junkie, very addictive. Thanks again!
So who's going to do us all a favor and keep patching/supporting Win 7? Cus I said it before, and here it is again.. I am not going to Windows 10 on my Personal Computer.
thanks for the opportunity!
sign me up if anything interesting available, Roulette style homeboy!
Count me in, always wanted to try a modern Civ game. I cant even remember the last one I've ever tried.
if this offer still up let me know lol
then the obvious answer for you, is to test it out yourself when you have it ;pim sure you wont be disappointed.
strictly actual Gaming Performance I would say its a good buy. 8gb of Memory is fine even at DDR2 speeds.I didnt notice Major differences from my wifes old q9300 (8gb) vs my i7 920 (6gb). but I certainly noticed from 920 to 4690k (16gb)In all honesty though, I think the factors that mattered was that I went from 6 GB ram to 16gb as well as a larger/full speed SSD.benchmarks will certainly show the difference, but depending ont eh GPU your running, I think it wont be a...
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