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Stone point after bit coin was released, it didn't make much sense at the time and I thought it had something to do with folding LOL Never had a chance to do it unfortunately
Green ! my fav color is green, like the money I try desperately to earn, like the herbs that relax and keep me In line. I am very much in need of new gpu. My sig rig it's fairly old now but the gpu cannot handle mmo's that I like to play very well. I'm leader of a low income family so doubtful I would be able to afford an upgrade for another few years You said link or picture, does telling you it's my Sig rig count? I don't want to be disqualified lol
Please count me in, I would like to use it for my sig rig which is air cooling. I've never tried water and would love to see what I could do with that setup
I'd like this for PoE get some useful stuffs
I need av, count be in
I was just in time Best lan party I ever had was with local friends playing Team Fortess Classic (the old HL1 mod) having fun with various maps especially what is known as skill or conc jump maps/rocket jump maps. With mountain dew and various spirits we had nearly a full day odd fun and I wish I could have done it again! Unfortunately, that was the last one I have been involved with. Best part abOut it was the lack of latency issues and close proXimity with your...
Did you use any of these? I just notice you are running a 6950 instead of one of these cards, can you comment on usage, Clocks and temps?? I might be interested, btw im just 1 town over from you.
sorry your picture doesnt confirm and you make no mention to it in the thread....... I will keep my eyes on this thread, i might have a buyer, friend trying to get back into things, or possibly myself if a few things go well for me this month, BUMP EITHER WAY
gratz! we never ended up buying anything to make a taco with lol Shame on me cus I just buy em from Taco Bell
@startekee these do not come with HS?
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