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that in all honesty is irrelevant.. 1 portion of that was the potential of being without a GPU, regardless of what sort of Card a user may or may not have had to replace it with right hten and there.The other part is being without that nice shiny new card with the performance you were promised, that it did not deliver.. Again, I see no issue here with someone taking or wanting that $60, which I still think is too little (especially with how bloated costs are for these...
$60 bucks for the time spent testing, building, then dismantling, being without a nice new GPU, and waiting for a replacement - sounds Low to me
I'm not involved with this whatsoever, but can you post any links or info to back your claim on this being a scam?Obviously if this is a scam... this needs to be taken down Immediately..
stop whining, has a taco instead!was on with my Son the other day, I noticed much less open Channels lolI didnt even notice they took the old TS3 one down
Yah I definitely do not have high end equipment, but I mean it.. I couldn't get anything to look good with acceptable frame rates, generally youc an reduce settings for this, but not so much here... and it even looked terrible with AA pumped.Guess il give it another go in a few months, maybe,.,
Friend gifted me Ark a while back, played it for a few weeks. I dunno if it was just my PC not up to snuff, but I could not get that game to look even REMOTELY good.. It plays fine I guess, but so many things about the game just looked and ran poorly. If you make a shelter with a basic roof, does the animation of Rain still come straight through the top like it wasn't even there? I know its a dumb thing, but just that small detail annoyed me quite a bit =/
Count me in, i need spares like this incase, it's the only ran i don't have spare for so hard to trouble shoot
Grats!!! thats a tasty upgrade for you!
very nice change, good news for sure.
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