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I also feel that the 3d image make it feel like some cheap website from the 90'sman i literally just said that lol
hot and cold, we overclock = Hot, but we mod = keep it Cool.. Least thats my thought.
do not like
I still prefer the PS3 controller with bluetooth.. just never like xbox layout
Thats because people dont understand the difference between educating someone, and talking trash to them.
you call my statement Laughable and you reply with this crap??I said what I said now go enjoy your windows 10 life without meMy Opinion = I want more control of my OS, not Less Control.Good enough for you?
your guys are all so right, enjoy yourselves and your windows 10. Im out regardless of what you want or think. Microsoft wants my data then they can pay me for it.
No, bug reports and crash reports should remain as they are, a Report, that you initiate and send out by the users discretion.It is Neither my Job nor my prerogative to "Beta Test" for a mega Company like Microsoft.. If I so choose to do so, I would get involved with the Beta's and provide that feedback directly, the same way that I do with the hundreds of Games that I Beta Test.Also you must be a nutter if you think other people are crazy for disbelieving that they would...
i hate the fact that windows 10 is on my office PC...
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