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no i know Neverwinter in particular wont be terrible, but there are many things that are new compared to when that was done. in particular there is a new 25 man raid which testing with my sig rig proved to be a bit much for my GPU to handle. CPU didnt appear to be limiting me, but I could be wrong. Neverwinter so happens to have many ways to reduce issues, but I reallllllly like the way the game looks with the higher settings, as i believe it looks better than actual...
FYI: This is a Finished Freebie Mods should just go ahead and close this regardless.
I think you missed the point, u apparently do not have the capability or the means to use this item, which was a requirement to enter the giveaway.
^ lol thats the reason why i didnt enter Of course i wanted it, anythign rare sounds like something I would want lol! I would found a cool way to Display it, but without using it
this card seems to be a downgrade is certain respectsthat 750 is apparently quite a bit lower in memory bandwidth, slightly lower pixel rate and half the texture mapping units. but the texture rate is higher and obviously more raw horse power there.I dont know much, but these items sound important for my usage
im probobly going to scrap this idea, i will most likely need to stay 150 or under.
lol my bad though Neverwinter Online is my most often played, they limit number of players on screen to about 50 in the pvp area I also Play Warhammer Online, which even back then with my sig rig and I will be playing Camelot Unchained, which is in Pre Alpha right now, but will be designed to have massive 500+ battles. I am a known beta tester so I will randomly play MMO's as they are released as well, honestly the NAME of the mmo matters little, as they all share...
well screenresolution is one thing, but the problem i face with some cards is with the MMO's, because there are so many things happening, so many players on screen, i find that smaller memory bus such as a 192 bit seems to not work as well, even though the memory may be faster.yah im certainly with you on preferring way more Vram but at this point im just goign for a clear and proper upgrade from the GTX 275, for specific use with current and older MMO's.I will not play...
all i know, is they made a damn good Socket A motherboard =)
1680x1050 is my monitors resolution. I will almost always go new, but if someone is selling a GTX 580 in good condition for $100 i think that would be an epic purchase
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