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i mean.. i just built an 1150, ther is NO FORCE REQUIRED to put the "latch on" that simply falls into place ontop of the cpu and around it.. the only "force" required is to pull the lever down to lock it in. You will absolutely 100% know if you have done this wrong before you can even attempt to pull the Lever down into locked position.
did this get resolved? OP I must say, I just built an 1150 rig with the 4690k, I too didnt feel like the CPU was sitting correctly, just make sure the two Notches Line up (2 parallel Notches line up with 2 notches on the upper half of the Processor) I too thought it felt odd though. I hope you didnt get this processor in the wrong orientation somehow
TD was only held afloat by the B2B side of things. Tiger, CompUSA and Global Computer were the ones that did B2B sales. Problem there though, is they are simply regurgitating product from the main Distros such as ingram, techdata etc. more often than not, when TD.Global tries to sell something through B2B, its often not even as good as the Consumer pricing.
in games games games!
i just sent you a PM - Thank you but I will have to cancel - something have come up and I wont be able to cover the shipping or additional parts for my son's pc =(Finally built my replacement Sig Rig and they will just have to share my sig rig for a while =/
Cant recall a time where people outside of the US were not allowed a Steam Game?But OP makes da rules, GL - great game
this is how i feel too, I dont have the money to go to places on earth that ive not been to before. More interested in the stars and my PC ;pthe pre-centipede, Arthropleura, was 8 feet long and much wider than a snake ;p
Count me in well I have newer components I have yet to assemble, wasn't able to afford a new GPU though. So how I plan to use this: im not sure if this will be a proper replacement for my GTX 570, however I have my Wifes'/Son's PC which will be using a GTX 275. Id still test it, since newer product even with a low 128-bit interface, should out perform my 570 in nearly every way. Though, I do play many games that are 3d06 era, and i think the 570 would excel in those...
i was just sayin this too, porn was the driving factor to almost every format change.
Great giveaway! Count me in as it would be a good start for my sons PC - I would just need to pick up a simple Processor/cooler and he can use my GTX 275 for the time being. I love OCN because I Hate OCN, ive been here so long couldn't dream of leaving it, kind of like being married Grats on the baby, they grow fast so catch the moments!
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