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why you trying to piss in my cereal man? Fractals are funim in a PvX Guild, right now the best way for me to make money and get ascended gear is to farm fractals. I wonder if you realize that you are basically trash talking and attacking me with your statement. Its like you are implying that I have a lack of skill simply because I have Agony Resistance. And because you once, supposedly observed someone beat a fractal without any gear, you somehow conclude that...
im a D/D and I Do what i need to Do , that is all im about 2 months in, just over 40 Agony Resist, i have 1 ascended dagger and one boot overall im having fun with the active combat
IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cont me in pls =)
I do have tyo say, I kind of like the bolstering ratehr than nerfing that other games do. Id much rather have threat of being insta killed by every class than the boredom of 20 minute fights because no one can gain a clear advantage =./ I tend to push High Defenses in any character I play to start out with, helps me get a better handle of the game and combat before I take the commitment to go full glass cannon style or not. But I can only imagine how crazy my Ele will...
pretty soon anyone with a a half assed condi build will be able to kick ass in WvWits already bad enough what my friends Necro can do...... just 3 people took out 20 people on a bridge....and now bleed can stack 1500 and condi through the roof
eitherway, im PISSED OFF that they did a super cheap Sell out of the Orignal game, I got a delixe edition f, it was only 15 bucks, but thatw as only lie a month and a half go.and now this expansion for 50? lol
Its goign to make me unhappy, because I will end up playing Neverfwinter again, even though I cant stand that crudhole of a pay2win game
if i could gift the extra copy of GW2 to a friend, it would be worth it, but its not... its a flat expansion that I don't think really adds nearly enough for me to justify $50 for it...
im extremely bummed out about this expansion pack costing 50 dollars =(
anyoen knwo if they are going to sell JUST the expanion? $50 for an expansion is entirely too expensive =/
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