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StormX2 - Atari 2600, Socrates, NES, SNES, Sega, Dreamcast, Xbox (original only), PS1/2/3
cool! i have 0 skills in this department, but here's to hoping a good ol OCN'r gets the win!
Might as well add me in here. I love paying old games, generally EMU though. The only Consoles that I still have are Atari 2600 Socrates NES SNES Sega Dreamcast Xbox (original only) PS1/2/3 I doubt I will be adding any new consoles to this list any time soon.. Thanks to the world of EMU, I was able to play hundreds of Japanese titles that I would NEVER have been able to get my hands on, same with NeoGeo. I mostly only play older games anyway, been doing play...
Now that's a Freebie! always can use food for the family. Not feeling very original today, these are not half bad usually lol ( guy below, Faddist and Faddism are actual terms for that)
Count me in, Wife and son begging me but theaters are crazy.Knock Knock joke, this only works if you actually repeat the words, kids and adults will fall for this all day longKnock KnockWho's there?Smell Mop.. [[SPOILER]]
if still open, count me in
a world I know very little about ;p
Thanks TCO Glad to be in does not appear to be any rules for entry? One entry per person sort of thing?
bump for a homie
didnt know there was a "new" one? Always wanted to try to old one, never did =( heres a couple of Gif's that I cant help but laugh at everytime i see them.
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