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count me in! want to play this so bad
O guess I'm in for this one too, never enough supplies
count me in, but only if you feel like waiving the 5 dollar fee, I maintain that freebies stay free
I spent my whole life being grammatically correct and quite punctual lol, I though I have evolved to a point where I don't need that stuff to understand what people are saying.punctuations are useless for me, unless I'm at work loloh your added stuff, I'm still only in for the 775 stuff, only and board I have are socket a
count me in
in, will give to my son
I'm in and I passe atleast 2 requirements and I have a board to test with!
in for fez you should give out the eso beta hater though... it end tomorow night.
as a huge jack black fan ive been dieing to play that Brutal Legend game lol Please do count me in for that =)
because pc gaming is tops blooby! I like building the pc and tweaking it, not something really doable with consoles. I'm no fanboy, I go where the performance, long lasting return of investment. this pc of mine its old now, and I can't upgrade it, but it still does what I want my first intel machine lol
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