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i woudl vote for Battlefield Viaetnam
Just wondering if anyone here is playing with the new Module 5 release. I have a guild and am collecting top tier players to properly farm Tiamat instance. Let me know, I always like ot ocnnect with OCN members in any games im playing, yall tend to be of a higher quality gamer than the open world
Anyone have any game recommendations? anything particularly interesting lately? I was looking at StarForge, but seems buggy
Warlock: Master of the Arcane this looks fun =)
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy i completely forgot about this @ENTERPRISE obviously whatever I asked for originally was like a year ago so do I just send a new request? lol
Dmaster! Congratulations! But disqualified cus you did not say IN! Just playin, im jelly, enjoy I think I was 80th last tone and 70th this time lol
nah looks liek the #2 on the final list is the next in lineUnfortunately im no where near that lol
Wheres the Peanut butter and Bread cus im MAD JELLY!! Now do some freebies for those parts that you obviously do not need Dizz lol
Okay well that cleared it up for me, I however do not know why the issue would be found on one headset and not the other, especially when they are both pretty much the same =(
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