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so i held off on it, decided I have not done enough looking into it to decide if I would be happy with the end decision...back to the drawing board
thanks for the update, im trying to build a 4690k machine, but undecided about motherboard still.
should post what happened so as to provide useful for google searches
Any word specifically on the pro4 or is it flatly recommended that o upgrade the board
im just being frugal, but i dont want crap thats all. I wouldnt mind a mild overclock, but im not trying to break records or compete with benchies now will i ever spend electricity on Folding etc.have you any experience with Giagabyte boards?Ive not used one since Socket A, turned out to be one of the worst board I have ever had. my ECS K7S5A was way better lolBTW if that pic is David Hewlett, thats one of my wife's favorite actors lol Dog's Breakfast was excellent
seems to be a lot of info in here, much that i dont understand I was thinking of goign wiht the new i5 and the ASRock Z97 Pro4 , but was hoping someone had some feedback on it. I am not looking to top out overclocks. mild at best, more interested in longevity and reliability
that generally would mean you have too much heat for that Cooler to handle
best boss obviously devil kazuya
this, seriously still an issue?i like stability and reliability over street cred overclocking
cheaper? thats mroe expensive by like 30
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