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I have, but I don't know what models are worth trying. I'm being sent a machine with an ati 3100 in it, we happen to have the same laptop to replace seen with, so hopefully this will work
anyone suggest older model APU Laptops that could run this mmo for him? something old and refurbished and used might work and be cheap =? Just dont know which APU's are worth anything
yah not looking for raw performance, but my dude has no laptop now lol as mentione dim looking for free if i can lol so refurbished doesnt matter but a refurb better be stupid cheap
Hello, My old friend (Closest thing to a Brother I have) has been living with my family since last December-ish. He was an Art Major, a master martial Artist and a top notch Blacksmith as well as currently Ordained Minister, before he caught Lyme's Disease while being forced to Live in the woods for a few years. Long Story Short he cant really work a traditional job and helps us around the house with gardening, planting vegetables and various useful things that he is...
oh SNAP! an 8 GB 939 posting over 3 ghz I think someone finally won the internet..
dont build a proper 939 unless u already have a good machine and you want to be a badass with 939 cred
my license just ran out and i dont want to use avast lol please do count me in
lol that would be funny
my Like still counts even though ive already liked the page a while back?
as much as I like OCN and Winning, and wanting to play WatchDogs badly - I swore I would never join twitter
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