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oh that sexy dfi board
Guess I will add it to the steam library in hopes that is less lame in the future but mostly for Library E-Peen
yah Stock voltage OC'ing on 165 was what I enjoyed. but you will start losing stability at those clocks and stock voltage on the CPU and Chipset respectively.How is your chipset cooling?Thats one hell of a mobo though, 350 fsb is no joke
I call that Dinner.
I always imagined Google having automated perimeter self defense mechanism in place.
damn I cant remember if I added you on steam last year or not. I will take a look and add if I didn't. Hope you and Family are doing okay in that crazy neck of the woods your near. @barkinos98 too, you both are my favorite bird riders, I always wish you both the best.
16gb on a 939 platform? what the heck board lets you run that many 1 gb sticks?
yah i used that M4 in my 1366 rig for years. great little guy but it wont give you fantastic Benches on a 939 board hehe POnly reason why mine benched well at all was due to the ICH10R board
just an fyi I accept pretty much any and all Steam Games ;p
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