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my Lego days are done with man.the only interest i had in Minecraft was those lunatics who would do full recreations of Tolkien maps and such.
ah, just cant get into that game. My son and Daughter love it, I cant get passed the looks.
now this is a minecraft thing? lol
I do have a need for a simple PSU and this will do.
why wont my garden grow trees ~_~
filthy casuals.. I maaaaybe join. probably not.
there is no less than 2 references to Super Troopers or Half Baked, every single day in my Office lol
Great video ;p TSA just likes to RolePlay as Abusive Overlords.I know exactly what you mean, used to fly on Standby often and did the same thing keeping note of security flaws, simulating quick PayDay style heists in my head lol.You hang around long enough, you will see ridiculous stuff in just about any Airport.Also, if the creening Agents, were actually Terrorists, wouldnt they have an easier time sneaking a bomb in than a passenger ? or is this strictly against...
my god that so much sugar. thats like 2 Coke's!
whats so special about em? I don't think that was the brand I like.
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