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In Merry Christmas
Oh damn Bitemarks retired! it might be safe for me to venture out of Off-Topic again lol
i sent him a message based on the First Post couldn't find anything totaling $50 that i wanted,
thats hott bro
@ENTERPRISE how do you want to do this? found at least one thing I want =)
Morning! Please do count me in, I feel ya on the 2 Kids, one Income deal, My wife isn't exactly well and doesn't work but takes care of the little ones
ah so you did lose the CPU after all? thats a major bummer =( Not sure what you were using it for, but I think I would personally reserve such hardcore cooling for Older tech that you are just looking to rape the FSB out of for OC competitions etc. im so broke that I couldnt even fathom a loss like this
:pwell guess im out of luck then? dudes got a nice PC already =( i posted my commitment first =(
I think i might be able to jump on this =) I am willing ot do this, it gives me a great reason to come in to visit family in Levittown. Though Im not a student, I am raising 2 kids on one income (mediocre at best) and pretty much rely on the kindness of OCN for my PC addiction I will use the 930 build to replace my wifes q9300 and GTX 275 other items i will need for my sons PC, i would use the gigabyte board cus my SSD is on Sata 1 speeds lol
oh i remember this from a year or 2 ago I do not think that this is a great option at all =/
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