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SO anyone got a decent topic to discuss? lol long way to 1k posts
soo, there is no rules to posting here other than standard Forum rules? Such as No posting back to back etc?
ah well nuts, thanks for the opportunity \Alternatively anyone know a good simple way to capture an image of a newly installed system, for free?
Dont B NegativeI just wanted a big Case, and got a good deal on it, I dont ever see my case lol
come on amd! take all that money and make me a new Opty 165!!
in need of one, replacing cpu/mobo/ram tomorrow and lost my copy from last year..
if comparing apples to apple, Both Players of exact level of SKill, 1 Player with experience playing with Controllers Only, Player 2 with experience playing with Keyboard and Mouse Only, exact same number of years Playing the exact same games (but on diff platforms) I would think that the competition would be heavy, and the match would be close, but I cannot see a Controller using Thumb Sticks out performing a Mouse. KB/Mouse Player has far too much going for them...
well i assure you, its not my loss ;pFor those occasions, I hang out on my comfy lounge couch and play Diablo 3 with my son, or one of the racing games. But not a FPS (Granted, Ive had hand issues for years, and I have not competitively played a FPS in like 4 or 5 years) Ive got too much time invested honing my skills with keyboard and mouse, I just cant move quickly enough or do what I can do with a keyboard/mouse vs a Controller.. Just not possible for me.
Pretty sure ti was Halo that I was able to use a Keyboard and Mouse with at my friends house, they were running a tournament, during a weekend party and they wanted me in, but I just dont do the controller deal unless its a racing game or simple RPG etc.But turned out to be stupidly unfair... even though I never even played the game before, it didnt matter, the sheer years of time ive put in on Keyboard and Mouse gameplay just destroy anyones measly "few years" playing on...
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