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so when they started pre order for $50, which included the basegame, players complained and were reimbursed what they paid on the game if they bought I think it was within 6 months prior. for those who paid before then, were given some stuff in game, i forgot what. But now they go and step even further by making the game 100% free in the first place, which in my opinion is one hell of a move given the outrage that poured from the previous issue. I am hoping they plan on...
christ I cant believe i missed this! grats to the wiiner
3 bag slots is a harsh one to live with for long
i actually like GW2, and hated GW1
interesting, im pretty sure I have the Black Ops 2 , cant really recall though
Why bother quoting me, if I have nothing to do you with your rant?Dont label me along with anyone here please and thank you.. I dont recall Discrediting anyone or even speaking about any of what you are talking about.In fact, all I said, was that the Fossil Fuel companies win, as long as there is a need for Fossil Fuels.because you know how a product based company works right? You win, if you continue to Sell your Product... you Lose, if you can no longer Sell your...
ummm, Huddler just duplicated my Edited Post ?
ive never heard of this, Anti-Blue Light dealio , whats up with thatlollittle sister, let them do as they please
so I doub tI will do so any time soon, but in case my headphones die on me, Everglide S-500 Pro, can anyone recommend over the ear headphones that are comfortable for LOOOOOOONG term usage? id say this pair doesnt clamp to my head too hard, it will fall off if I tilt back, but sometiems it gives me issues with TMJ muscle issues Jaw/Temples etc. I have not used a soundcard , or a dac or an amp or anything like that, so I guess I would say, that I dont want something...
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