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Can you post the exact laptop model?
yah no there will be no issue with that here
you would be surprised exactly how patient I can be ;p
ive been known to trounce through a dungeon or two in my day.Diablo 2 was my jam.
well nuts, I was a day late anyway lol
send me something decent ;p
well it would be an inconvenience to me. I do not have a car with Bluetooth ability, but I use the Aux cable into my phone for roughly 2 hours of driving every day (Pandora/Calls etc.) While I do this, I will often charge my phone at the same time with my car charger. Also when I am at the office, I keep a normal pair of headphones nearby so I can listen to something on the PC or on my Phone, often while I am charging the phone. So thats just a no go for me.
this is a job for a LOL and move on.
that in all honesty is irrelevant.. 1 portion of that was the potential of being without a GPU, regardless of what sort of Card a user may or may not have had to replace it with right hten and there.The other part is being without that nice shiny new card with the performance you were promised, that it did not deliver.. Again, I see no issue here with someone taking or wanting that $60, which I still think is too little (especially with how bloated costs are for these...
$60 bucks for the time spent testing, building, then dismantling, being without a nice new GPU, and waiting for a replacement - sounds Low to me
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