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wow rs is going into a more mmo like world? that has some postential I could see combat evolving to something similar in neverwinter online, GW2 or even Vindictus style
well I sure hope that's the case, what needs to happen is the Three Idiot Amigos of the game world, will hopefully feel the sting of a large number of Returns due to obvious reasons, and might actually cause them to try a bit harder again, and actually complete games before rushing everything out
GRATS ASLAN!!!!!!!Im happy to see a fellow financially choked individual win let a brother know if you only gonna need 1 GPU though hahhaThanks OP for the amazing chance
It looks fun, and I love Rainbow six games, have not been able to get my hands on one since rogue spear though =(
oh ive never done dungeoneering
interesting, how do u get the gravite? and how espensive to replace after degraded
oh lord Yah I attempted to log into the oldschool but realized you have to start new. just something Im not interested in doing -.- so whats the current Best of the Best Gear for F2P and then for P2P?
wow that Darkscape is nifty I tell you I would certainly be interested if I had a LARGE group of friends to roll with, otherwise Il just rage quit im sure =) I still wouldn't mind finally maxing out my character, but I dunno, still so much to do, and such limited options on Free
count me in if you will count my Wifes Machine, which is a 9800 GT soon to inherit the old GTX 275
blowing headphones since I was a kid ;pBut we talking about Cassette players
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