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You reference Ancient Chinese medicine, but post a "worlwide" averaging, and poorly done at that, of life expectancy.. this would have made sense if this chart was for Asia only..Do you realize that the average life expectancy for pre classical time period inhabitants of, lets say Egypt, could be considerably different than that of same time period in Rome, simply due to Sand..
lol why did you necro bump this from 2009?
long term, our orbit could be distorted as well
well, depending on the speed of the asteroid I guess greatly changes the Possible choices we would have...There was talk about Mining Drones being sent out to latch onto asteroids and such, it would be possible those have similar drones be setup in various quadrants of our solar system. the purpose of these would be that once an impending threat is located, the drones can be sent to the asteroid to begin a slow and gradual process of changing its path using some form of...
perfect movie logic i guess. I just don't think it exactly works that way, but hey, Ive never tried escaping a super volcano before, but Im fairly certain there is no way to explain away the ash cloud, which would have most likely brought the earth into a small ice age
assuming large scale blackout in Turkey, since his location, and the other city mentioned are in Turkey
I know we are way off topic but when that super volcano exploded, they were within blast radius yet somehow Drove out of it ^^ not too mention the ash from that would have encased the world for years, yet somehow it was magically gone lolwelltotally ^^while i dont know about all that, it sure is more likely than any of those Limo or Bi Plane scenes from 2012 ;pGranted, still pretty cool to watch continental calving ^^
2012 had potential but it just floundered in my opinion and just far too unbelievable, where as nearly everythign in Armageddon and Day after Tomorrow was set with a hgiher level of reality ^^In 2012, didnt a Super Volcano explode and somehow NOT whipe out a 100 mile + radius instantly?
the only one i liked was the Day after Tomorrow, that was a great movie
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