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is bf2 still online? what other games to you recommend?
I might have to give that one a try. Steam has it for like 5 bucks my bf4 game wont play anymore, I kept getting a 0x000005 error code, tried everything to fix it!!! ugh!!
I play a lot of BF4, but looking for something new I was thinking about frycry 4. Im looking for something like BF4 but have no idea what is out there. any suggestions????? please
reppin in up for you!!!!
In!!!! Tax time is coming up, and I would like to build my son a rig. So he will stop using mine!!! He plays Fallout 4 and Roblox ,TF2. That would be a great entry level card for him. Maybe pair it with a nice i3/i5.
I would complete it for my soon to be 9 yr old son
i would like to build a gaming rig for my 8 yr old son. he is forever playin roblox on my computer, and now it time for him to get his own, i figure the parts will be cheap.
I change my origin screen name from keithrh12 to banginparts
hook it up:D!!!!!
In!!! My son and I would love it!!
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