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I would save the $40.
Look at the core, click and memory speeds, and the size of the card.
Speed, size,coolers
I would like a video card, current using a 6150se in my sons rig.Its an older hp running vista, but he is getting into gaming now, and hogging my rig a tuner card or a wifi would be nice too, more interested in a wifi card. where are you located to est shipping. Thanks!!
You wont see any bottle necks with a single card with that cpu, I had a 960 before this cpu, and cf 7970 with a lil bit of oc on the cpu and never had a bottle neck issue.
I agree with everyone else, its a side grade, your better off OC'n your 3770k
Thank you, Legacy is some much cleaner!!
How do you change the skin to Legacy??
Hello Chris, Welcome to OCN!!!!! Age is only a number!!!!!! I would ask your auestion unther the "Hardware General" section and the"Graphic card general" section. I have been a member here for sometime, its a very fun and helpful community! Feel free to ask me for any help you might need. I if im not sure I know a few others that might be able to also. Keith
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