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this one?
How is this monitor? im thinking of upgrading from my asus 1080@144hz to this. pros? cons? Best buy has it on sale for 399, the 24in version
What do you guys think of this monitor?,loc:2 im in the market 1440p and a high refresh rate is a must! any other options? or good deals?
i have a 1080 Asus @144hz I love it Im currently looking into 1440p @ 144hz Make gaming so much better, 144hz is well worth it
Well maybe i should just invest in a new monitor. Was looking to go 1440. Maybe 144hz or something.
so dump my current 970?
Which way do i go? I current game at 1080 @ 144hz Nect upgrade will be 1440p at 120/144hz What do i do? Sli? 1070gtx?
Manual is mia Ready my post
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