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reppin in up for you!!!!
In!!!! Tax time is coming up, and I would like to build my son a rig. So he will stop using mine!!! He plays Fallout 4 and Roblox ,TF2. That would be a great entry level card for him. Maybe pair it with a nice i3/i5.
I would complete it for my soon to be 9 yr old son
i would like to build a gaming rig for my 8 yr old son. he is forever playin roblox on my computer, and now it time for him to get his own, i figure the parts will be cheap.
I change my origin screen name from keithrh12 to banginparts
hook it up:D!!!!!
In!!! My son and I would love it!!
Yeah! Payday 2!!!! Thanks!!!!
In please, thx
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