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Yeah! Payday 2!!!! Thanks!!!!
In please, thx
I say try it and find out! Im sure you'd see some diffrence.
I would save the $40.
Look at the core, click and memory speeds, and the size of the card.
Speed, size,coolers
I would like a video card, current using a 6150se in my sons rig.Its an older hp running vista, but he is getting into gaming now, and hogging my rig a tuner card or a wifi would be nice too, more interested in a wifi card. where are you located to est shipping. Thanks!!
You wont see any bottle necks with a single card with that cpu, I had a 960 before this cpu, and cf 7970 with a lil bit of oc on the cpu and never had a bottle neck issue.
I agree with everyone else, its a side grade, your better off OC'n your 3770k
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