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I get the same thing with BF4 after updating drivers!!!!???!!!
The card I have is an MSI R7970ocWhat about the volts and memory clock?P.S. I should of never updated to the new driver release on the 18th of this month.,
I might do that!!!But still what is a good mild oc for my card, and how hot is too hot?Oh and Rep 4 U
are you running the newest driver 13.12, release on 12-18-13, or the old 13.9? It tells me I need to got back to 13.9 Also my screen goes bluury and shuts off the computer, but I thing that is on OC issue with the card, one of my clock might be too high
I keep on getting a error sign sayin I need to go back to the older driver, for better proformance
mechanical keyboard
the setting were all blank for my monitor on the link, any other links?
Whats the best profile for BF4?
I had the G's from logitech, and was not impress,Mech key, lighted keys, and dedicated arrow keys, and maybe a palm rest, buy not a deal breaker, but it would be better than an aftermarket one, fits better
Re-stock those BEASTS
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