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i stay at a steady 100 fps with my set up on bf4, i love my 144hz Asus
Overkill is a good thing, I dont know how many times I found a great deal and went cf/sli and didnt have to worry about power.
Right, but they recommend a 750 for that card,1000 for cf.
I would rather have a bigger psu and not need it, than not have enough and have to swap it out. Spend the extra money not and be set for whatever comes in the future(crossfire/sli/oc/beast single gpu card).
i didnt think i would OC either, then my Opty 165 aged and I was tight on cash, so I OC'D it and made it last a lil longer. There will come a time, and you will want to see what you can do(chip/card) and you will be glad you got a K and a mobo the will OC. Plus it helps in resale!
Z-is for overclocking and gaming (k chips) H-is a non overclocking board and a few less features
Try it, all it can do is help, how many intake and exhaust fans do you have. Our rigs are alot like, and I love my 970, i get 100 fps on bf4 multi-player, on ultra with 2x settings with my 144hz Asus I would at least get an 850, or 1000 if your gonna xfire in the future
Yes, it will make some diffrence. I would put one in there and see what the temp will be, and if you think it is worth is worth it keep it is your cpu air or water?
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