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I'm no expert when it comes to audio equipment, but I was having similar issues with a popping on my Xonar DG, mostly when there was a drastic change in the sound source (stopping netflix, starting music) or when I rebooted. I was having some other issues t hat were more pressing so I lived with it. Well I replaced my PSU which was the cause of my other headaches, and now that horrid pop is gone. Who knows.
Do you have teamviewer installed? If so, close it out before launching the game. It gives me problems just like you describe and others that are very similar.
Well, first the reason: I sometimes work from home, and it's about to all the time, and I'm a call taker. The main issue is I work grave shifts, so I'm up for 13hrs at night either working or waiting for work to come in. I have a pregnant wife, and a almost 10mo son, so you can see why I'm concerned about waking someone up. The room is on the other side of the house from the bedrooms, but I feel still lets too much sound escape to their side. Now, I'm not looking to...
Go to walmart (or similar) and go bonkers on some plastic drawers like woonasty posted. I've yet to find a better cost/usability ratio item for storing things like spare parts. Plus if you bust one it's all of what, $5 to replace.
I'm getting ready to setup my home office, and I looked at one of those ball chairs, but the thing is, I work thirteen hours a night for my shift. No breaks or lunch (though I do get up and stretch and eat of course) so I spend a majority of the time in the chair. I don't see that ball chair being very comfortable for long hours, especially since I'm normally watching a show or reading something, not actively engaged with the computer. I prefer to just sit back and relax...
So I'd seen a lot of praise for these speakers on here, so when I stopped by best buy and saw them for $130, I said screw it and picked up a set. Holy **** what have I been missing.
I just had the same idea. I was looking at desk prices, when it dawned on me that I could build *exactly* what I need, for less money. When we get sent to work from home (soon I hope) I want to be able to have everything perfect. Plus then I wont feel bad when I build a mini-itx system into the desk for a websurfing/IM box
Since I might go up to a 30" ultrasharp with next years bonus, I'm gonna go with the 480 for now. Too good of a price not to really, it's cheaper than any 570 I can find too.
Game just changed, here in two months or so I will be getting a nice chunk of change, some of which I can toss towards a future upgrade. Now it boils down to getting the GTX 480 or GTX 570. I can then up to a SLI setup in a couple months. Personal preference, but I don't run ATI in my main rig, that's reserved for Nvidia only Edit: Another option is to pickup a single 460 for cheap now, a nice upgrade to my 260, then in ~4-5 months I should have enough to, for example,...
That's really good to hear either way, because even if I go with a single card, it may not be worthless for me to sli in the future. My main concern is the memory related tidbits, since like I said I run at 1080 and only intend to go higher as time goes on. All that GPU power would be wasted if the memory can't keep up at the res I'm working under.
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