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is this game on pc ghwt, 3 and frets on fire are getting boring
ilikefreestuff DAI_JAZZER
soo in
dirt 3 was very playable with lowed res and details when i ran on intergrated.
just find any old scrap motherboard and desolder the audio port from it then solder onto the dell mini simples
game on other platforms i just cant leave my itouch alone
the only option i can see is to get a usb stick and put bios files on it and update the bios
this may sound stupid but have you tried changing the fuse or power cord
are you on about going from stock straight to 5ghz if so then no it wouldn't post and you'd have to reset the cmos or something worse might happen
id prefer a htpc over a ps3 had a ps3 that was the worst web browser considring the ps3 has only 256mb of ram
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