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id prefer a htpc over a ps3 had a ps3 that was the worst web browser considring the ps3 has only 256mb of ram
It's a good game but I don't feel like buying it for my pc as it feels like one of them games that go on sale for something like £5 in something like a few months
ive successfully overclocked this cpu using a asus p5b mobo managed to get 3.2ghz stable on water temps were 15-20 idle and 40-51 with p95
if i saw ups do that to me id jump into my car and follow him to his hq with said item and demand a replacment
wonder if humanity will have some sort of black box just for aliens or some other race to see what humanity has been up to from what i can say imagine aliens watching humanity for millions of years.
well put it together booted up with no problems but temps are down ran p95 for 10min to get the temp up. my idle temps are between 19-24 and with load are 26-39 before they were: idle 23- 30 and 45-58 with load here is a pic squeaky clean camrea is a crappy tecknika
wow this thread has evolved when i'm finished putting this together i'll see if my temps have improved/ if it still works
here are some pics now let the fun begin my water is quite soft here in wales and tastes nicer than that hard water crap [/UR just to say i only stuck the case plastics and heatsink in the dish washer. I coudn't risk breaking the other components
46 minutes to go and theres no detergent just water
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