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Yes, your case will fit another GTX680 and your motherboard supports SLI for these cards. If terms of power requirements, a single card running in a complete system is recommended to have atleast a 550W power supply. Adding a second card will probably bring you to around the 750W mark. I would invest in a quality brand 750W PSU or 850W PSU if your budget allows for it.
Perhaps its just a compatibility issue with your graphics card for now. Have you found anyone else with the same gpu that has similar problems?
Have you reinstalled graphics drivers/application profiles? Tried running the game in directx9? Reinstalled directx? Cleaned registry? Used a program like driversweeper/revo uninstaller to get rid of left behind/bad files? Try running the game in compatibility mode? Removed any overclock on your graphics card? Tried a different graphics card?
Hi there, would you consider sending to New Zealand?
I think the issue with this is because of the backlighting, which is usually in the bezel. You're screen would be horribly dark.
Ok guys, the giveaway is closed! Ill have the winner posted later tonight! Good luck to everyone who entered.
Forgot to mention its the limited edition version up for grabs.
Hi there! I'm not sure if this will work, but it's worth a try any way. Good luck!
Hey everyone!I bought this game yesterday, thinking it would redeem on Steam.Turns out it doesn't so I bought a Steam copy instead.I now have this sitting here so may aswell give it away.It is an unused retail version key for Ghost Recon Future Soldier.If you want to win, you have to post something interesting or funny in this thread (I don't care how interesting or funny, as long as its just not "In").You must have been an Overclock member since before June 2012 and the...
I think you mean laundry, bro.
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