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Well the RPM will matter, because fan controllers control the voltage to the van. So if the fans max RPM is not very high the fan controller will only be able to go from 0 RPMs to the max RPMs of that fan.
I'm not sure which RPM you are looking at getting, but typically the low RPMs I use for the case and the higher RPMs I use for heatsinks. The reason I use this setup is because the heat sinks need a lot more air to displace in order to get the maximum cooling, while the case fans are just pushing the hot air out of the case and they don't need to be as strong.
Oh yeah, night and day, I would buy it again. It makes everything much crisper and I think it has a closer look to an IPS panel. Gloss is terrible in well lit areas too. At the end of the day it's what you want man
WIll there be mods for other generations? or is it a performance factor?
I bought my sager np9150 from xotic and I went matte. It was the best decision ever as I prefer it over my macbook pros gloss screen. I would go matte with the higher gamut if I were you. The hardware to hold it on is a bit shotty, but you could always use that tape they were talking about for a more permanent solution that would work great
I just bought this extra screen that attaches to my laptop for about 100$ of newegg
Does anyone know of a cheaper or faster alternative to buying a red rocket for fast 4k or 5k realtime video editing and encoding? I have been searching everywhere and don't know too much on hardware for video editing Thanks
I have had this 560ti 448 for a while and recently, but very rarely, (like once every 4 months) it will start artifacting. I close the game and re open it and it goes away for like another 4 months. Should I be worried that it will start dying soon? Thanks!
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