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the addition of goblak to navi aside, I do strongly believe that Goblak is a player who deserves more than his old teamWith goblak, Navi now has a chance to stay above Empire in average team strengthgays is the new guys brahPersonally, I think going YOLO is totally fine, just look at Empire. Not 100% stable performance but the games were always fun to watch.Problem in Navi comes from Puppey. They used to yolo quite a bit too, especially 4, but they have a person who can...
i miss you gays.
I know tell us what happened to the tips of your teeth?
a little photo for ya. I spent a lot of time on making this
I felt like it was a reasonable change though.....maybe not 650, make it around 600 to 620. I mean, whats the point of having max, aka 522 movespeed with the ult but almost nothing else when other heros like DP could easily achieve a constant 480 or above?but iirc, a 1.5second delay of the shapeshift was put into place as a nerf? Kind of stops lycan from using it as an escape mechanism. If you can't lock him down within 2 seconds, I don't think you'll be catching him...
judging from what game devs can achieve with last generation of consoles compared to available tech on the PC side, I can't help thinking that this is another nonsense whine from lazy devs. Been sequeezing juice out of a desert for years, and complain when an entire lake of water was given just months ago. Get the programming together, seriously.
I was worried when EG had a disadvantage in game 3 (1-1) just before I went to bed, I guess my 71% rares are secured LOLmaybe its just me getting older, i am not very eager to play. If i find my friends mid game, my choice would be to alt-tab. i have too much fun outside of the game
(wrongly posted in the discussion thread, imma shamelessly repost the entire thing back here) so I've come in here once before. It was to post my new character made in the summer shortly after I got the game from this summer sale and getting a bit of mods up. Had been very slowly going through the game (managed 7x hours during these months) I'm very happy to announce that I've finally gathered all the required ingredients for my desired mage robe. I've been waiting for...
ROFL I meant to post it on the awesome pic thread, how did it end up here lol..... This is embarrassing...let me re-post over there
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