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field trip?ROFL
I seeWhere do you guys keep track of all the roster changes? Dota news somewhere? Or just RedditI only realize that stuff when the teams actually playbtw who left Empire? Rumors had it that yoky was gonna leave but he was still in the team just 2 days ago when they play
Empire isn't going to be in the major?
while I also feel bad for AUI (I probably won't if he gets kicked right at this moment instead), I agree with Zealot that with the current HUGE difference of the price pools between small tourneys and majors, these small random tourneys are nothing more than strategy testing grounds for the big boys
the damage reduction saves a lot of lives and wins ursa a lot of fights he shouldn't have won early - mid game.
it isn't this patch, iirc it's the patch before this one? the damage reduction really is a beech. The new ultimate is similar to a blademail effect. Instead of having return damage, you deal more damage per hit while having a lot of damage reduction on yourself. Still though, while its awesome in a 1v1 arena situation, it needs to be used at good timings to be useful in big fights. A well timed forcestaff can ruin most of it. Thank god the cooldown is fairly short.
While that is very true, especially carry role, I found it to be not very practical, at least not when you are soloing, because one (or even all) of the below would happen :1) everyone is thinking the same thing, so you end up with nobody willing to support in the whole team2) got someone buying wards and taking care of courier, but no one help you lane, no one create space for you3) the other player come to your lane with a support hero, but playing like hes carry /...
naow broNAAAAOW
the tough part of doing lich solo isn't the lane, it's having your teammates letting you solo offlane in the first place....
ya, if that NS regen is night only then it makes a lot of sense, other than that thoughlich might now be a mainstream solo offlane?
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