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for young kids wearing trendy clothes, maybe.For people that are mature enough, let's say 25 or up, they get totally outclassed by traditional dress watches, especially in styles that are smart causal or above.worse than that, a lot of smartwatch buyers already own smartphones. That's the whole reason why they were drawn to the idea in the first place.I don't understand why so few people take that as the biggest reason NOT to get one.
it's kind of like the anti-piracy argument.maybe what you said is true. Maybe there is no other laptop that can match this new RB pro when you consider all aspects. Does it mean the guys who want these aspects are just going to suck it up and buy this product right away? Just because there is no competition doesn't mean there's no option. There is always the option of "not buying".When such an overpriced product gets released, the interested crowd will be split into 2...
nope. That's called zai doing my build.Called it.
that is an awful build, you always need maelstorm on zeus
Zeus is a hero that is very good with nuke damage bursts, but he can be very easily ganked. Just try to either maximize his strengths (literally, not the stat attribute) or improve his weaknesses, and you should be good to go!
EE got fed
I disagree. Graphics overhaul should literally be the one and only reason for a remake (or if the devs are generous, I won't complain about additional content )Answer this one question : why should a very old game have a remake?My answer : because it was really really good!! But it wasn't for running in modern times and most of the time has a very dated look to it, in a lot of examples, a graphics upgrade would have perfected all these classics in the minds of fansIf you...
alright, this is the first timing ive got to actually see that video red posted, and in the original youtube list, EE's original blog was in the comments. And I went through the whole thing. It's almost unbelievable that how EE sound in this blog, and how Puppey seems to behave, it's is as if their personalities are the complete swap-around against what my impression suggests. we have yet to hear the other side of the story, but I kind of doubt that we...
woaw.....that is quite surprising to hear...... I don't know, I guess Puppey's face is a pretty good disguise..... I never thought he would be such a terrible person. (can't get to the links / videos from work computer at the moment)
What highlights? pretty much the entire 20min - game end of game 1 is highlight-worthy lol.Bold : what's going on brah? I don't follow that stuff but I don't mind hearing gossips
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