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Wasn't it just like in the old bitcoin days? I still remember how people were talking about it when it was like 2 dollars a popSo the right strategy would be to mine it and keep it? (unless the system wouldn't allow? I've never mined this stuff before)
just sell yours quick then
most actual players said they liked VP more after the movie because it made them feel like a real passionate team.But given what you said, if the people aren't familiar with these 2 teams before going into the video, they might have a biased first impression. Calm or not, in game or in daily life, editing of the video plays a big part in the equation.
(I didn't even watch the video)it goes like volvo wanted to film the 2 finalists of the major, OG and VP. VP, according to their manager, roll like typical Russians, cursing around friends / teammates and what not. The manager was worried that they would be portraited as a bunch of thugs in comparison to "some nice Europeans", so he send a letter / email to volvo explaining his concerns.No feedback from volvo.Movie came out, exactly like how VP manager predicted to be. ...
I briefly read about the scandal on reddit. Had mixed feelings about the whole thing
Ya the ctrl drag worked for the quick buy section, thanks.And yes, I still have the problem about the suggested item tab. What exactly do you do after clicking the pencil icon? I remember being able to remove items just by dragging the items outside the tab. It no longer works. I could add items to the tab just fine by dragging the icons from right (shop) tab to left (suggested) tab, but addition is all I can do. Yet to find a way to remove unwanted ones lol
well I wouldnt say it is "history lost." To be honest, in the old days, once a game was sold out, it would be gone forever unless the publishers make more copies, as is pretty much every product in this world. This is only natural, and only now seems unnatural to some people because we in recent years have digital releases of things.
I've had 2 control problems of the new dota interface for quite some time. Hopefully some of you can end my frustration. 1) upon opening the item tab, we got the main tab on the right that shows what the shop has to offer, and on the left side we have a smaller add-on tab with like suggested build, early game, core items, late game, etc. That tab was supposed to be fully editable by clicking the "gear / pencil" icon. Ever since a few patches ago, I found that I can no...
EE hasn't had much success with his new team. Hope they get better this second half of the year!
ya it was pretty fun, although I really wanted the other team to win. I believe they deserved it
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