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I see, but how are we expected to know which one is the primary (original, real, whatever) team?
can anyone enlightening me about the latest changes of the team names? What's up with the third initial in so many chinese teams? Teams like newbee, VG, etc, now are split into more than 1 team or something?
I'm OK with Jugg and PL. PL can't get out of fights as easy as before due to lack of invis, and jugg, well not everyone can time fury and omni very well.Sniper on the other hand is hard to get close to him without the correct heros and he can now chain-slow a hero for incredibly long, and troll's ult cooldown is way too short.
its bout time. The current meta is really not my thing so I'm kind of excited as well. I hope troll's ult takes a big dip in cooldown and sniper max range goes back to 760-780 Please buff undying some more
we have a standin.slickz over at invasion, wouldn't happen to our slickz would it
The really really rich ones, and some of the rare ones are like how you described, but all the others? Holy mother......It's pretty much the foundation of (part of) the currently Chinese culture. You know how the middle class is, got a bit more money than they need to support daily life and all of a sudden they need fancy items.All about having a shiny, sparkling outer shell, no one knows anything about the rotten core anyway.Being treated special is another big part. ...
5GHz might not be a very healthy OC in the long run. Just saying.
well thats why i said what i said 2-3 pages back about it being a luxury status symbol, and how there is only 1 true competition against the apple watch.We know it's overpriced, but it's trying to be a status symbol, and the only thing holding it back would be the reaction from others when they see the apple watch, comparing to seeing very expensive traditional watches. If the apple watch on you can get recognition from the general middle class who's wearing a rolex...
after seeing your rig, there's absolutely no question that GPU is the way to go. You are like 5% from the top CPU-wise, but at least 30% GPU wise
agreed pretty much, not to mention.....what's the point of "looking rich"? If you are a business man it would make a lot of sense as these status symbols pretty much equal to the respect you would get. Otherwise, I don't see a point in that if one does not like the products themselves. It also opens up opportunities for scams and troubles to approach you....This is so that a very crowded store?what an annoying ritual.....I can't imagine that happening in a...
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