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You know, speaking of that, I really wish they would do a fresh main client update, kind of like the engine update they did a while back.They should make it so that the new game folder gets optimized for size, instead of stacking updates on top of updates.Think I checked sometime ago and the game is coming to more than 40G of size. That is not very acceptable for a game like this.
No.The dev went on a TV show to show supposedly gameplay footage of the game, while describing what you can do in the game.To my knowledge, some of them didn't end up being featured in the game.
i think players were mostly upset that the promised features were not in the game The article doesn't seem to cover that part. Instead, it seems to focus on the comparison of gameplay to the trailer? What about the verbal information given by the devs?
I dont think that was his point.I suppose he was talking about the graphics quality of the game isn't worth that much of graphics processing power
to be fair, gameplay recording has always been a pain even for mid-high tier setups, not to mention it is not a necessity for most.2500K still holds up pretty well, but the golden years are gone for sure. For the mid range gamer I would say it still has 1-3 years in it. 1 year for FPS players, 3 years for non-FPS players running it at 4.5GHz
depends on which way you approach the issue at hand.How many years have gone by? It is only now that the extra 4 threads getting more commonly utilized. The performance per GHz of Sandy, while not bad still, is no longer that impressive as new gen products keep coming out. I would say your decision was absolutely correct gaming-wise (if your daily use included media editing, you would have paid for the 2600K in the first place)let's look on the bright side, 6-8 core...
new comer to this thread here I've been keeping an eye on 21:9 / 1440p ever since LG had their first model out (the um97 or whatever), but I still haven't convinced myself to throw that much cash into a monitor, especially since this will eventually lead to something else (such as a complete system overhaul as sig rig obviously can't handle bigger game titles at 1440p with reasonable settings) But I ran into this thread and's getting harder and harder to...
even 1070 can't maintain 60fps? That is very demanding.oh come on..... you've gotten enough years out of 2500K if you bought it in its first year. It's about time to upgrade anyway.
Who can blame them though? They are selling a ridiculous amount of hats.I would have quited my job if I had the talent and knowledge to design some
is it possible that your problems come from your region?I've noticed that you've been posting here pretty frequently, usually about connection or smoothness. Cuz I myself have almost never experienced the kinds of problems you have, except the times when the whole dota server is downJust a thought.
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