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During the Ti, Moo was literally timbersaw.EG banned timber pretty much every game after seeing his performance, and he still did alright with beast master. Wings managed to break his timber domination, but I'm not sure if it's due to mental fatigue or just bad coordination in the finals.Mommy's gonna be mad.
Seems to be already in stock, at least that's what it says when I go to the store by browser.Figure is 45 bucks, shipping locally within US around 5.5, I gotta use third party international shipping and that's gonna be like another 4.5.breaking the bank just buying one PVC figure, and i don't even play Mirana that well
the PVC mirana nendoroid looks really sweet, where can I get it now that it's sold out?
Number of majors decreased by one, and yet the roster locking timing is still so tight.4 months in between each event, 1 month for free adjustments.I can't understand why valve couldn't allow teams more time for trial and error. But I guess this helps avoiding players jumping around even crazier than they currently are.
lol that is like the exact opposite of what Red saysYou news feed professionals can update us again when things go official I guess
Resolution with his second place money in Ukraine is just like Faith with his Championship money in China lol.So, among the 5 possibilities, G, the best player in the team, is now a free agent. Man the things that happen behind the scenes
Faith in wings, meh, he can do whatever he wants in China with that kind of money. Huge sea-view house(or maybe 2) in a tier 2 city, nice car, a few girlfriends, some side investments that guarantee his retirement.Did I ...... did I just announce myself as a DC fan only to find the team broken immediately after 1 major tournament? (major in the literal sense) Just seriously, what the duck is this sheep.........I feel really bad for the guys that own a DC shirt (how do...
Same here.How could there be "truth" in a best Ti? (unless when there are worldly differences I guess) It's all opinions really. A Chinese guy could probably say Ti4 was the best Ti cuz it's 2 Chinese teams in the finals, and DP is his favorite hero.Personally I think Ti 3 > 6 > (2 and 5) > 4.The 10v10 introduction was cute in 5 though.
dude spoilers come on50% agreed. [A] didn't just fall down, Valve kicked them down the cliff. (even after the first major nerfs post-Ti3, Admiral Bulldog still managed to continue wrecking with NP with a different build, the team only really stayed dead after the second nerf)That was one of the strongest playstyle nerf I've seen (imo worse than the nerf on death ball push), or else A could be considered the third team behind the two you listed
because RAXES were on the line, YES.but the way you actually meant it? NO.I liked the game because the manipulation was huge. I think that is very exciting to watch, [[SPOILER]] the same reason why I thought Ti3 grand finals, especially game 5, was the best Ti game I've ever watchedI personally do not believe in the things people say about these players' performance relating to how big the prize pool is. This is how well they can play right now and this is how well they...
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