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omg you are transforming into me wth lol
man, now that all the in-game drops have turned non-marketable, it's getting tough to trade them out. Would have been safer trading with our fellow OCN members, but I recall that we are not supposed to mention that around this thread too frequently (Ti 5 treasures is obviously fine because there's very limited supply and demand anyway) I've got quite a few sets from the compendium coins that I hesitate to crack open lol, my hero pool is so limited and so few sets...
sounds fast compared to what steam was known for?Or its also possible that cases of hacked accounts are put at a higher priority than most.
trust me, I'd take the 70/30I'm having like 95/05, for realz, I don't have the numbers, but I'm pretty sure my win rate after 3am is below 15%
That's the mystery I face every night that I play past 3am. How the hell do all the A holes (or sometimes just 1 or 2 of them, but enough to ruin the whole game anyway) manage to get on your team while it really should have been 50/50 chance?
Something I'll probably upload regularly ......if I can find time to play the game regularly, that is.
ahI've never heard of that one. I'll try my best to remember that, thanks.
It's usually 3-8 seconds for me as well, not sure what happened last time.But then, it really should have been half a second. I mean, what exactly is the computer loading to cause it to freeze for more than 1 second? We should have loaded the map up during the loading screen period, so I simply cannot understand what's taking it so long to spawn 10 characters.
How many seconds are there supposed to be for pre-game? (time before the horn) So I've always experienced lag after everyone finished picking heros and when they start to spawn. Last game it was so bad that I got about 3 frames in what I think was 20 seconds. When my hero finish spawns and my screen changes from the hero-picking interface to the map, I got 42 seconds left on the clock before the horn. How many seconds did the "freeze" take? And does anyone else have...
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