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That is very unfortunate.It seems that our events always get stuck at 13-17 people, not exactly the best number of people to attract solo players out in the OCN wilderness lol.
How were the new comers doing? Did any of the "strangers" get to play? i was only around for like 30 mins, was in the first half of the first game (including before and after the remake). While you guys were waiting for the players to join back in the remake lobby, I see 1-2 ppl coming in asking in lobby channel if they can play. They later left the lobby silently (I think) Is the event limited to 1 stream only? If it isn't, we could potentially host a secondary game...
I don't have the slightest clue of what you're talking about. Guess I'm just not updated enough with all these items coming up.
Have you ever play ranked games? I'd assume you haven't but but I'll just ask anyway, because if you have, that MMR number is like right in your face at the in game menu at the "find match" button, its simply impossible to miss it.Only ranked games give you an MMR number. If you haven't played any, don't bother looking for the number because you dont have it.what item is that? Never seen it before. The pudge hook is the only expensive item I know.
nice find, but my working desktop (pretty old) cannot finish loading that page. Wonder if it's too many people trying to get access or page using too much resources
Razor is much stronger than sniper in almost all aspects except raw attack range. As I said just 1-2 pages ago, razor is actually one of the better heros against OD in mid except sniper, just from the fact that the damage link doesn't break when you get imprisoned. OD is a good mid laner because it steals your int so you can't cast many spells against him, but at the right time if you steal his damage first, he will be the one being miserable. It's the same theory...
Battlefury legit on PA before the blink change (it used to not buff your attack speed). Now I feel like the speed buff is so good, you can kill within those few strikes of blink if you max your damage output.
I've alraedy made the same comment in another thread but here goes....Remember EA used to be the worst corporation in the United States? Remember that?IIRC the throne got taken away and handed to some other company last year?My guess? EA is pissed. THEY WANT IT BACK.
OD is the imprisoner. By logic he could control what's happening on the other side. Same goes for SD whereas razor is the victim in everything you throw at him.
The statement I wrote were not relating to any situation. I was basically hinting at the fact that just because forcestaff might help you get away doesn't mean its viable on all the heros that you don't get forcestaff on. It's a 2K item after all, and if you think about most heros with viable forcestaff builds, razor probably won't target them in the first place unless it's a jungle or ganking encounter.I was basically using astral prison as an example to show why the...
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