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how did i manage to miss an entire inhouse event lol....Team Empire says hello.
it will take roughly 2 days for a Japanese developer to develop a game / movie, while on the side have a unique controller device to work with it PS : the controller device is connected to the VR through wifi and has a flexible hole on it.
i got close with a CM win last night, still couldn't get it. Our team was more spell oriented while the other team had better carries. Despite tinker mid being not as sharp as I would like him to be (got owned like 3 times by silencer laning stage), we were doing quite well in terms of both kills and towers. But when 30min hits, they started turning, and my CM BKB got delayed for at least 10 mins through 3-4 deaths. The best part was when I finally got BKB after my...
I actually did not know about that one(the atomic part). I feel dumb That is the kind of thing that I should know
question : Did they use the Earth's rotation around the sun to figure out that error margin? With it being the most accurate clock that exists already and time is only relative, I simply can't understand what you can compare it to to get the "true value". It's like being the best performing student and getting 98/100 in your test and nobody got the last 2-point question right. If the teacher doesn't give you the model answer, you will never know what it is even though...
why can't i win a single pub game with crystal maiden...
you should consult Chuan about the women part before you make your final decision.
have anyone tried any scepter combinations yet? (i'm talking about at least 2 scepters on 2 different heros) Interested in seeing how some of them perform. One of them would be scepter NS and scepter luna. NS gets flying vision, luna cast ult on NS......wonder how it will interact
They have only been to 1 TI so far. Give them some time.They are showing a lot of promise, probably not top 3 material, but very promising for top 6 positions.
tri-lane only sucks if those players are good
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