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did anyone witnessed that ONE SECOND at game 3 Navi vs OG? it's like a car crash right next to your own car on the free way. Takes 1 second to happen, 5 second for you to comprehend, and another 20 seconds to calm your mind about what just happened.
I'm aware of the later addition to the series thank you very much.
SMH. the highest end among sandy.
I just really hope they can deliver. The graph's trending is almost too good to be true. hopefully the "top tier -1" card (you know, 770, 970, etc) in pascal can be as good as a 980 Ti
I think you are going off a tangent of my argument. It is not the price. It is also not what the current equivalent is. I'm well aware that years have passed, and quite a few models of newer CPUs with newer features and better efficiency have been introduced.But in terms of power improvement, by how much, is the real question I wanted to ask. In another words, if you place 2500K, a still very capable CPU at the bottom of a spectrum, I'm just saying that the spectrum...
2500K isn't your average random Sandy. It's among the highest ranks of Sandy, the K model, too.If you talk about time, ya sure, Sandy is like 5 years old now. But let me ask you a question, how much have CPU improved since then?unless this game plans to push 8 cores, to me that seems like highly inflated specs requirement to get discussion going
2500K minimum? Are you freaking kidding me..... All lies
Shanghai huh? Somewhere that I could easily go, but won't anyway because it's mainland China On the Ti curse, I have to say, now that Majors are added into the mix, it simply won't take that long before the first man with 2 champion rings shows up unless you only count the real Ti's.
Yes I doWere those some of the promised items? I don't recall knowing about these... watch that game 1 of EG vs secret, I logged into the game the first time in like 10 days. System showed that I received an Axe immortal.....stuff, and a purple chest. I do not own the compendium. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Are these gifts for everyone?
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