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Space isn't the thing I most worry about. As you can see from my current rig, I don't buy top of the line stuff. Mid-high is the tier I usually go for in terms of spending, and I do not do water cooling. So whatever I buy is most likely going to fit in a case like that. If anything, it might be too big to fit into our tiny homes in Asia lol.Just realized I was not being very specific in my first post. I was mostly interested in the original Phantom White, the one with...
That looks sick man!!I'm not yet a phantom owner, but I felt in love with the design ~2 years after I build my rig. If I have spare money next time I upgrade CPU+mobo, I will totally get me one of these bad boys.Local prices be crazy though
Resolution is slark, confirmed. Again.
this product is obviously for the e-peen crowd.First of all in the resolution war, real-time 3D rendering (games included) always lag behind. Stuff like movies or short "sample videos" will always come first although.....I still don't see the point of 8K moviesthose movies won't come very soon, and certainly not gonna be mainstream in the coming yearsSo with the gaming crowd, ppl will just buy this, force the 8K resolution with very powerful cards just so they can say...
As long as the battery lasts long enough for you to get up from tripping the cord and plug it back into the wall socket, Razor will think this is doable.
as long as he does not very directly affect games for both teams in both macro and micro terms.Being owner of one while a player for another sounds like a lot more trouble to me because he's actually in the games.
pretty much.I mean, I'm quite positive that PPD won't try anything. He's already too rich to try anything dumb. It's just that the feel, the possibility that it could happen just messes with you.Like you said it shouldn't be allowed. 1 person owning more than one team sounds fine though.
well yes, thats what I meant, kind ofif you are a CEO of a team, shouldn't you, you know, stick with that team?
isnt P diddy still with EG? (just not an active player?)
first win in 7.0 after like 7-8 losses. #feelsgoodman Still can't get used to a lot of things, like teleporting to shrines. I kept dying cuz "they just revived how the hell they get here so fast??" Is the backpack feature a huge buff to refresher? pie-cat joining navi, could be fun.
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