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what exactly is the problem? Losing 6 in a row? I do that all the time.
I think teamwork was the best in the tower-defense patch for obvious reasons.After that.... I don't see how lack of teamwork has ever changed in pubs unless you are like 4.5k or above.
I'm horrible at veno
so, whatever happened to the expected performance leap of Pascal? Are we actually going to see it?
I think it's about teams trying to adapt to the new patch. Every time a new patch comes, some teams adapt to it better (or faster) than other teams. I have a feeling this time A is catching up faster because LD is one of the more heavily buffed. They didn't rat that much either. Despite what other people think, I still like their split push playstyle more because it shows their ability as a team to "manipulate" enemies in terms of global positioning. Due to the...
This is how the drive spins when I plug in the USB : I've watched quite a few videos on youtube. Seems like there's 2 kinds of problems : the arm stuck at the disk, or the arm swinging and hitting the core making a click or something but as you can see, this is neither of the two. At powering up, the disk spins well, the arm seems to try to scan for data, but meets resistance (friction?) at the middle area of the disk and has to bounce back. This process repeats...
I don't have the issue, but try to search "dota 2 performing first time setup every time" in google.A bunch of info there, on steam forums, reddit, etc. I hope you find a fix that works for you in the sea of postsAs for your build saving problems, it's quite likely to me that your game client really treats your game activation as the first time, so...."nothing was saved from the last time because there was no last time"if they decide to give tourney winners an edge in...
playing less?notime to hit the gym mah man
bloodbowl is some board game brought to life in PCSorry I didn't catch the 5s CD part, my bad. That would make it pretty good indeed.Waga's build is pretty much your idea of catch and my idea of tank + drawn out fights (spectre)volvo keeps nerfing those boots it's so sad. I'd probably still go treads though.
guy's been either obsessed with bloodbowl 2 or AFKing in it.Haven't seen him play in the morning - afternoon periods but he might still be playing at night when most people are on I'm not sure.
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