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only??bro, I wish I could go, at's not really about the actual games, I could watch the games right here. If I want the immersion with the crowd I could use twitch instead of the in-game spectate.It's more about going places, experiencing different culture (wherever it's held), running into players that you and I likeso sad that I live in a LoL region. No matter how many Ti's valve is going to hold before the game dies, it will never be in my city
but it will have to be a really small trading platform I assume? Seems to be just the same kind of careless mistakes to me.20000 coins isn't really *that much* considering it literally crippled the price all the way to that low. Must have very few orders set before that happened, and not that many people to discover and react to the madness.
a dumb ass trying to type 313 but slipped, typed 13 instead
because I never tried to OC my GPUs until mining. I was a total noob in this and all I knew about GPU tweaks was that a lot of ppl seem to use afterburner.And what can I say? It really kind of worked out all until last night when I mix cards on my two rigs.As the other member also mentioned, I will try out wattman tonight.
hi all. I think I've experienced my first "real" problem from mining last night. mining : ETH with claymore main rig : GTX 1060 miner rig : r9 380, r9 fury, RX 480 The problem came from me acquiring a GTX 970 windforce last night. I wanted the 970 to go into the main rig so main will be team green and miner can be team red, makes everything easier. Unfortunately, I didn't know the card was that long so it ended up not fitting into the main rig. I was forced to remove...
good for youI still blame kraken for not letting me catch half the ETH wave ($180 to current). My tier 2 verification is still not done after 4.5~5 weeks.I have to suck it up at localbitcoins, where we only have a very small group of ppl buying and selling locally, 1-3 ppl depending on time slots, excluding ppl that are listing with ridiculous prices.
for sec I thought woah....I didn't know 145MH in ETH equals $1800, then I realized.... anyway, I freshly acquired a second hand rx480 4GB a few days ago. I got the below :main rig with only 1 GTX 1060, an ancient Antec true power 650w, mines when I am away for work and when I'm not gaming / video / sleeping (12-ish hours)miner rig with a r9 380, r9 fury, rx 480 (3 cards), a CM 1000w (it's either plat, or a gold that is as good as plat, I forgot), mines whenever I'm not...
ummm.....I did catch that, is a coin's name?I never knew that
I meant buying, as stated in my post.Did you read the passage I quoted?
oops double postedwhat are you mining with that?I mine ethereum only, and if it's ether that you were mining......if you can do 61MH/s with a 1080Ti, I might as well go that route before ppl realize 1070 is just half the hash with more than half of the price
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