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If SF decides to raze a creep while nyx tries to deny that creep, nyx will also take the raze hit unless he spike itLess than 20 damage, we are only talking about a few souls here. If you can't force the SF out of the lane or kill him outright, he gains permanent damage with every creep kill. The nyx will have to out-perform the SF very hard for extreme dominance. It doesn't matter how much the nyx can keep SF down, SF should be able to get enough souls to out lasthit...
agreedThen again, hey, even if he doesn't smell that bad, would you normally walk near a big fat green mofo with sea creatures (like octopus or starfish) sticking or hanging on his body?
EXACTLY.Totally nailed it, because come on, surely everyone has to have 3770k and GTX 780 or equivalent by now, and it's miles ahead of specs like SLI titans!! What's the point of even listing these requirements?
Oh many unanswered questions...... knowing CDPR for years as a dev, all the info presented here is pretty hard to believe considering they all contradict with CDPR's previous "beliefs", if I could put it that way. You guys say that there are still many other graphic options like AA, AF, etc, so the effect from identical textures with consoles can be minimal. I'm not a graphic expert, but I tend to disagree with this idea. HD textures can make...
Woah......the famous chocolate lover is joining our club!I disagree.Tox is just good with the hero. Him winning as SF with whatever build tells you absolutely nothing about said build
Bascially has to be Mirana + friend (ogre, venge or bane preferred, shadow demon also works but it takes a bit more skill to pull off). It can work from as low as level 1.But I agree. Duo roam is high risk high reward strat. If it works out great it's great, but if it doesn't, someone's gonna suffer. I kind of like the strat because it's always surprises people in my MMR, but it's hard to actually pull it off in random pubs because of the "whatever" picks.
i think we are speaking from 2 totally different (probably opposite even) perspective. I basically represent the F2P community who avoid spending any money in this game while you represent traders who might or might not play the game at all (your points were not gameplay-oriented)
while you do have a point, yes, I DID get drops that I liked. At least twice.One time being a CK mount. It was worth at most 35 cents really, but I like the hero a lot and I play him quite a bit as well so I was OK with that. Don't remember whats the other item.In terms of money, you are right, most drops were close to worthless, but Valve does have to earn money and giving every player some cheap cosmetics for free once in a while is a pretty good thing. An item every...
That I do notice. Ive seen like 3 drops since months, but at least 2 of those were rare drops. Still, too few and far betweenIIRC they took away the 1 item per level guarantee? Oh man....i dont usually rage at games, but things like this give me the sadness that is equivalent to a 10-loss streak. How you gonna remove the "bottomline", the "safe zone" that everyone can fall back to?These games sucked, by at least I'm getting an item next game!!!................ NOPE!
agreed, and thats why I'm here in this thread instead of in a thread of another MOBA.Basically I'm the guy that liked how it was, pointing out the cosmetic part of this game is getting more and more cash-grab-heavy. Not as bad as it could be, but going south is going south
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