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dayum that old man team photo.....almost legit enough to be a chinese triad movie poster!I played chaos knight for at least 8 games and went 8-2 during calibration.Was the outcome any better than yours? Nope.
Think I gained 1.5-2 levels the last 30 days or so
agreed CG great item, its even good when not rushed for heros that go vanguard anywayOh man, seeing how the pros are picking now (10% changes in direction so far), there can only be 2 possible explanations on this, 1 is them sticking to old picks to stay in their comfort zone, 2 is that the deathball push strat was still underestimated after Ti4. It might have been the reason why [A] won the Ti3 even, it's just that they didn't realize in-yo-face pushing (wisp-CK when CK...
the math about the hero kills had my head overheating, anyone care to do a brief explanation on how the bounty gold+XP changed in the big picture?
Enigma calls bull on this one [/dota 2 references] No but seriously, I'm very eager to know Stephen's comment on this.
For the sake of my winrate, I didn't even start the challenge
players with good manners (at least before a 4-loss streak ) are easy to find here, but if you are aiming specifically for lv5-15, it will be pretty hard to find anybody as most of these guys have passed that stage long ago. Could work if they are willing to make a smurf
To be honest I don't understand how bad mouthed players can possibly be a problem unless they started to abuse abilities like chen's send back, feeding couriers, etc, which happens at most once every 50-100 games. Could be annoying if you're playing your favorite hero with a good winning ratio or if you're on a winning streak, etc, but it's still just one game. I don't know, maybe it's because I don't go into game expect all other players to be nice. I don't expect...
its funny how we used to say cellphone resolutions are nice and monitors are so far behind right now, the monitor resolution war starts all of a sudden and it's the plugs that can't handle it lol..... Please, new ports NAW!!
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