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or you can think of it this way.The numbers don't matter that much as it's relative. Let's say "AMD : better down the road" is true for RX 480 as well. Then assume 1060 is 10% faster TODAY, just for easy calculation.IF RX 480, needs 1 year to catch up to 1060, AND another 1 to 1.5 years to be 10% faster than the 1060, this doesn't just mean that RX 480 would be a better buy a year later, this also means that if you already have the 1060, it will take RX 480 a total of 2...
I would like to see Chuan back into the scene. If he joins a western team, that would be pretty fun. Silent I don't really care much about. I liked him for a while because of the Empire team, but I soon figured out it was Resolution and Yoky making him look good.whatever happened to hyhy and his supposedly hella good grades?
so.... [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] man this is literally everybody shuffling #partyrock
Any last minute lame roster changes? In a western vs eastern situation, I can understand that. Other than that though....probably gonna stick with the players.
then the question arises : does DC really count as a NA team? What makes a team "USA"?
I hate seeing players that dance between teams, and even worse, seeing players who dance between TWO teams.It's like, make up your dam mind son!! (this refers to whoever that's responsible, not necessarily RTZ himself, probably the managers too) I'm not cool with this behavior because you can't possible find a logical explanation for this unless this same player has highly fluctuating performance, and in this case I wouldn't have"bet" on hiring him if I were the manager...
woaaw RTZ in EG? New roster? How does that work? I don't really.....
Is that how it sounds to you?To me, it sounds more like "if you don't buy from us, you don't get counted in OUR reviews"You can say it sucks, but "unfair" is not what I would call it.EDIT : I just read the first 4.5 pages of the thread and man, this is one legitimately mad brother lol
just make sure you always wear pants that don't have pockets reaching to the middle area
claiming ONLY for £11,000? wow....I mean....dude phone is dead, important message histories and photos, etc, are all gone, dude himself went through an explosion with pretty severe burn. His body will never look the same. all that for £11,000? I would have tried at least £80,000. It's not too crazy to say that the phone almost killed him
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