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Ya went to search for it afterwards. Thanks for posting though.So like....Assuming all heros were at 360 movespeed, at both full levels, invoker will receive a 100-ish movespeed bonus while the enemies around suffers -180. That is too good to be true. True sight or not, as long as theres no stun lock he's gone for good.
not only the EMP, but also ghost walk (is that what its called) I dont personally play invoker so I'm not familar with him, but I believe in the later levels of his invis skill, it actually buffs his movespeed by a significant amount? I understand that he takes a lot of APM and finger-coordination to play, but he definitely does not deserve a clinkz-quality-windwalk with such raw output/control from his spells
I want a nerf on invoker. That's all I want
Yoyoyo spoiler dude spoiler
Legendaries are just the new rares.While some legendaries are awesome and have special effects that you would want to keep even when you've looted a piece with better damage and toughness, 85% of the other legendaries are just rares with higher possible number rolls (and not even the correct properties you want).To be honest, I would rather have bliz halving the legendary drop rate, but make those orange properties mandatory on all legendaries. Because frankly, they dont...
are you talking about Legion commander's ultimate? If you are, it goes through BKB. (of course, BKB will help you against other bullcrap they try to throw at you while you were taunted)Who exactly do they have in the team? I mean with 2.5 lanes of rax down and all of yours up (I assume, at least before you started losing), its very very, I mean VERY hard to throw unless you throw bodies at ONLY the remaining lane. There are just so many ways to do it, even ways that...
I believe it was not an answer. It was an immediate reaction to your question.Personally? I think his reaction was 100% legit.
I can only wish ranked games account for those aspects AFTER calibration as well.I think it also depends on your hidden MMR before the 10 buffer games. That could partially explain why your real account still has a higher MMR after those 10 matches.I myself also went 8-2 with my real account, and among those 8 wins, at least 5 of them was me having absolute domination. My MMR after the 10 matches was 3500.I can only imagine how awful my hidden MMR was before that
if i pulled that off myself i'd need to like pause afterwards and change mah pants
I confirm EF's idea. At least it used to work anyway.bash cannot be "initiated" by illusions. But if a bash is triggered by the true hero, and the illusion triggered a bash 0.5 second later, the duration of the true bash will be "extended"I never test it myself cuz i dont get bashers on illusion heros, so like EF I can really say if this is still trueah, i hate stuff like thisEvery patch note was literally as long as a kid's story book, you would think that they would...
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