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Get a headstart on the Trump vs Kim war, whether it will end up happening or not.
Please dont take my post the wrong way. I do not have any brand loyalty, and I'm ready to buy cards from either side, as long as its good.In fact, when I was looking to upgrade my card last year, I was looking at the RX480 at first. Needless to say I wasn't very happy about RX 480's launch. GTX1060 came along looking better, so that became my choice.I don't see how talking about old Nvidia cards is going to help the discussion.
isn't the 480 very hot already? higher than 80C under heavy load? If it's 80C at 580's performance that would be nice. Otherwise, sounds scary to me
you've already spent your money on a tablet. Selling it as second hand wouldn't give you all your 300 bucks back. I could understand if you no longer need a tablet, but I don't see how selling the device for less than what you paid for, then going for a weaker option would be worthwhile.....In your case, the extra cash you end up with might be less than a hundred dollars
I did not listen to what people say. I saw the graphs when they first announced it, estimated the theoretical performance (kind of), and then dropped the expectations for a bit for sources being advertising materials, just to be safe, or so I thought. I rarely feel too upset about outcome of things, as I almost never set my expectations high.That's how I got my final expectation for the card, from myself. That's why I wasn't as hyped up as a lot others, and hence I was...
I'm not too sure about this. I was once on the backseat of the RX 480 hype train (I had expectations, but not as high as ppl who hoped it could rival GTX980). My expectation was to have it 5-10% above GTX970, and its price sticking to MSRP. None of that happened, along with pretty intense power draw and heat emission. If there is one lesson I should learn from RX 480 launch, it would be never to believe in AMD hype If there should be a second lesson I should learn...
im coming in a bit late, but like the previous poster said, the market for mini tablets and flagship phones are just overlapping right now. With a majority of the crowd leaning towards flagship phones, its hard for manufacturers to justify giving mini tablets too much attention. When cellphones are absolute necessity in life and people updating their phones every 2 years or so, its hard to also buy new tablets every 1-2 years, hence the very slow updates in the tablet...
I did see itjust saying that regardless, they will have some tough time explaining why this happened, how is it logical to have it happened this way, etcdisclaimer : still semi-mad about the RX480. I fell off from the hype train hard and i wasn't even one of those over-optimistic ones
I assume you have at least a GTX 1070 (or equivalent) as graphics card?
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