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Can you say multiplayer?
Are you really this pompous in your everyday life or just on the internet?
?? Isn't it the other way around? I thought a theory can not be "proven" to not be flawed, it can just have a lot of evidence for being true?
Hi, can you please try testing out the battery life? I would be very interested!!!
Thanks for the quick reply, I should have included more information! Dell Latitude C640, I know its old but I just want it for checking email and surfing the web in the other room, so its worth around 80 bucks I think. I am sure its the hard drive, it boots but it says no hard disk found, and when I tried my friends hard drive it found the hard drive (but wouldn't start because it was from an HP laptop). Anyway, should I spend 80 bucks or should I wait another few...
Hey guys, back again .. got a laptop here that was given to us by a cousin because its "broken"-- but I guess its just a bad hard drive. I took the hard drive out pretty easily, and I want to get a new one! Thats where you smart guys come in.. I have the drive its a Fujitsu MHV2060AH 60GB (here is the link on newegg - Soooo, what should I get to replace it? I read from you guys that hard drives are $$...
wow that was hard to read!!!
OK, you have to first go to, find something you like. Then use the Discount Promo Code : CYBER25 and then go to this link---- livingsocial deal ($20 for $40 worth of credit) and then purchase something! you save $20 from the livingsocial deal, and then an extra 25% off from the promo code! Please let me know if I posted this correctly, I haven't done one of these before!
thanks everyone, that was so quick! i bought my drive!!!!!
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