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You might be able to. It all depends on the TV you get. Get a nice brand name one and you will most likely have a 2560x1440 resolution support @60Hz along with the others along with no HDMI overscanning issues.
I believe in the superiority of AMD GPU's, myself. But I'd wait for Maxwell on the NVidia side or Pirates Islands on the AMD side, myself before upgrading.
The difference will be the extra pixels on the horizontal path. There shouldn't be any difference in clarity and PPI than to a 24 inch 1920x1080 display of similar specs aside from resolution. They intrigue me, personally as I love the concept and I could use more horizontal space on my main monitor.
There are no real disadvantages, it is a HDD, it has a spindle and mechanical components. I think the tests for Reds are more harsh than green's and blue's, so you might have a reliability increase if they are meant for server use.
For the appropriate sector for gaming rigs, the AMD build and Intel build sections are what you want if you want for general knowledge. And hello from free land!
If other GPU's are working, it's your GPU.
I wouldn't sell that for more than $70, myself. You might get $100 out of it if you're lucky, though.
Just because many services do not allow market freedom does not mean it is good.
I am disappointed in Valve. That is all I am going to say.
My friend keeps his PS3 on 24/7, has yet to fail.For some reason Microsoft cannot make reliable hardware even though they have been at it for 12 years now.This isn't just at you, it's at everyone who is limited like yourself.I do not see how people have money problems when entering an expensive hobby such as gaming, they should know it is expensive.But I understand some people are not the best with money and end up with a small amount of what they made that month.Limiting...
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