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question, does this case come with the bracket to mount the pump? or is that a fan mount retrofitted?
you could have had those rivets out in half the time with a drill.
that's an NZXT S340I left my Carbide for this case, smaller footprint, still fits my hardware.
thanks, no, that's primochill uv blue dye.
My kid knocked my computer over and broke a barb off of my corsair h100i, so I picked up an L240 kit to get out of AIO water cooling. happy so far and will expand in the future. Short term plans are white tubing, adding a drain. longer term plans will be to add a gpu block once I get around to upgrading out of my 560ti and acrylic runs
out of the 100's of cases i have built in over the last 25 years, this has been my favorite. although, i did have to remove the panel to fit the radiator.
looks cool, miui is nice
similar as in what? streaming? no playing music? what's wrong with the zune player (or whatever it's called now?)
you pay more each month to finance a phone you're already financing.
motox htc one nexus 5 otherwise, you will not enjoy android as much.
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