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looks cool, miui is nice
similar as in what? streaming? no playing music? what's wrong with the zune player (or whatever it's called now?)
you pay more each month to finance a phone you're already financing.
motox htc one nexus 5 otherwise, you will not enjoy android as much.
have you tried Settings > Apps > All, then disabling the apps
do you have a lot of widgets or anything on the homescreens?
no, you're better off with a pebble or kryos meteor.
1. do you have a list of all the apps you have installed? 2. when you say you did a factory reset, and it didn't change, did you reset, log into google account, wait for it to sync, then you noticed nothing changed? because if so, it's most likely an app causing it. and once you logged in and sync'd your apps, you're right back to where you were before the wipe. 3. you don't have an anti-virus or anything like that installed, do you?
Running 4.4 with sense 5.5 on a vzw best buy blue one, smooth like butter. Sent from my HTC6500LVW using Tapatalk
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