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you will need to monitor your cpu temps for can probably get away with a mild oc....just oc the cpu/nb to around 2600mhz and you will get a nice boost without adding much heat....heres a quick oc guide also also why not run it at 1080 all the time?
could try clearing cmos
thought i'd join in
i think thats a wise decision
yes....especially if you are only talking cpu + 1 gpu....
thats alot of rads and cooling!..but hey this is for reference...i have a rs360 rad with push/pull fan setup cooling my sig sys...1100t and dual 6950' cpu never exceeds 43c and gpu's get to a scorching you should be able to really keep things chilly with all your proposing
i really gotta try to build one of these
i have the rasa rs360 kit with my sig system...i run everything heavily oc'ed...1100t and dual 6950's my cpu never gets past 43c and gpu's never exceed 45c...i do have push/pull setup on fans though...hope the info helps
steam mover will transfer any game or other software for that matter to another drive or great
you may have to press another key to enable f2....a fnc key...usually color coded to make keys have diff functions
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