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read this sorry...forgot you can't boot...duhhh try some of the other points to restore from also
i'm more inclined to believe that the registry got screwed up since thats what you where doing when the problem trying the repairs may work....did it successfully restore do a previous point?
sure seems your cooler should do better....what are your room ambients though ?
have you tried to do a restore
wow....that game got real cheap reaal quick!
quite a challenge
yes....brand doesn't matter...just model
as long as your sure video card is installed correctly and all power connections are right i would try a known good monitor connection before tearing into it....thats just imo because you are seeing green lights on mb i would think you would see something on monitor even if it was just the check cable message not being there....make sure video card is properly powered
it would be worth a try to use a cable that doesn't require an adapter also...
this.....people are having great results with this ram!
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