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I try and beat my PBs quite a lot but I don't feel the need to post them on HWBot as I think the site is well past it.I would rather keep my efforts to myself and do it for fun.A lot of people consider some of the tweaks used on HWBot as cheating and I don't want anything to do with that.
Best option at the moment is 4 x 8gb 290Xs @4K and above they are faster than the Titans or 980s and have more VRAM too.The downside is they are a bit of a pain to get running on X99.
Unless you are using waterblocks or better this is an absolute no with that type of cooler.
I don't rate HWBot as I think it is too out of date. They use ancient software that favours LN2 on the CPUs and often the GPUs are just a side show. I don't like all the tweaks they allow either as this almost defeats the point of a benchmark. I think they should use more benches that run at very high resolutions and settings for example Heaven 4 run maxed out @4K would be good. Lets face it if they can afford LN2 gear they can afford a 4K monitor. It would also be...
1.4v on air is very high.My CPU is not a very good one so if it dies I will just replace it and give the silicon lottery another go.Intel tend to release new Extreme Edition CPUs about every 12 months so I may grab a new one when they do.
I only run that high for very short runs, for 24/7 use I have it at 1.2v. As to cooling I use water.
Here are the missing bits. I only did this run for a bit of fun so if it is no good for the scoreboard don't worry.
4 x GTX 980s doing a quick fun run.
Silly question What do you guys use these cards for, the only use I can think of that makes it worth while is using two for Quad SLI but even then I would rather go for 4 single Titans.
Linus is a complete muppet when it comes to using serious hardware.
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