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Seriously no waterblocks for the Classified ?I use quite a few EVGA cards and also quite a few of your waterblocks and backplates (16 of each at the moment) so this is a bit disappointing.Is there any chance of you doing a re think please.
Keep the Titan Xs Small Pascal will be fast but it will still be second best @2160p due to VRAM limitations.
Fury Xs are very temp sensitive Custom waterblocks can get them to 1150 on stock volts and they will run @35C If people are going to use extra volts they need to be vary careful of the running temps.
I have eleven 900 series cards and none of them have coil whine.Having said that the Gigabyte 980 Ti G1 is notorious for coil whine.I run a 980 Ti owners thread on another forum and see a lot of complaints about the Gigabyte G1.
Sounds a bit like my Kingpin 980 TiIt will do up to 1575/2027 on stock volts but any extra does nothing.
Just removed 15.8 from my system as they are not as good as 15.7.1 for quadfire.Just got into a benching match on another forum with my mate about whose Fury Xs are faster on Tomb Raider and just managed to edge him out.Here is my updated score using 15.7.1
I will post some more later when I get time providing people don't get upset in this thread.Here is one Maingear got very wrong. I am using max settings @2160p which is higher than they used yet I still get a higher score than they did with the TitanXs.4 x Fury X @1140/500 stock volts5960X @4.52160p15.7.1 drivers4 x TitanX @1441/19775960X @4.52160p352.86 driversWhat is a bit unfair is the Fury X does not have voltage control but even if it did it would not be enough to...
I offered to post some proof above to show where the Maingear video was garbage but then people avoided the issue.
The Maingear Video was posted up as proof where as in fact they got just about everything wrong and I just offered to prove it.This is why I don't like posting benchmarks in owners threads.I have also done a lot of testing along with other people on other forums in a wide variety of games.I won't be posting any benchmark scores here as it would be pointless.The other thing I find laughable is all this started over a simple question someone asked about which brand scaled...
That maingear Video contained mostly synthetic benches from Unigine and Futuremark along with the Tomb Raider bench using overclocked cards.It also contained the MLL bench which should never be used for more than 2 cards from either camp as there is no support.If I post the benches from Futuremark and Unigine along with the Tomb Raider one run on my overclocked cards using identical PCs will you admit that the Maingear video was garbage ?
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