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It is the same with the 290Xs, a corsair 1200i can not handle more than two plus the CPU.
This many.Link to build thread.
Kaapstad --- 4930k @4.8 --- Asus Ref 290Xs x 4 @1240/1625 --- 210.6fps --- 5305
I must get round to using 13.11 as they are supposed to be the best for benching.For the run above I was using 13.12More on Karlitos in the link below and where he is at.
I am a bit limited until I can find a faster IB-E CPUSB-E is no good as 290X quadfire can do horrible things to them, I had to swap out my 3970x for the 4930k to get all four cards to run.
No point, Valley is a horrible CPU bottleneck and there is no point using anymore than two cards.
Four 290Xs @1220/1625 4930k @4.8
Kaapstad --- 4930k @4.8 --- Asus Ref 290Xs x 4 @1220/1625 --- 208.6fps --- 5256 I have had this score knocking around for a while and had not got round to posting it.
@tranceholic 3 290X @1220/1625 on water 4930k @4.8 Three GTX 780s on water should beat the above easy, go for it.
Come on Tranceholic give the bench another goWith three 780s and a 4960X @4.9 you should be aiming for at least 4300I can score more than you using three 290Xs on air and AMD cards are not even very good on this bench.If you need help there are plenty of guys on these forums using GTX 780s.
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