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Here is one I did a while ago, I did not think it was very good but maybe it is not so bad after all.
Mine before I put waterblocks on the cards. NVidia used the pic on their UK Facebook page.
Kaapstad --- 6950X @4.444 --- 4 x Pascal Titan X SLI @2050/2781 --- 178.7 FPS --- 4502 --- 4K
In a lot of things there is no difference between a HB and Flexi bridge.Witcher 3 and a few others seem to be the exception rather than the rule.If you do want to use a HB bridge with waterblocks EVGA also sell them and they don't need cutting down.
Scaling in Witcher 3 @2160p using HB SLI bridge and Pascal Titans.There is upto about 30% gain using HB bridge in the game and the fps are very constant.
I think even if I posted proof you would not believe it.
What I said about Witcher 3 has been repeated by a number of people including me.There is only so much proof you can have.
There are some very clever people on these forums (I'm not one of them), perhaps one of them could do a proper owners thread.
Believe what you want to, it is your loss.
In some games like Witcher 3 there is a big difference @2160p.I have tested this myself.
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