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Face it. There are issues with Micron memory.
Yeah that's a fair point but neither you or I made that recommendation.
Yeah cost is a good reason but sticking to the aftermarket cooler doesn't increase the cost and you know as well as I do that after a while that damn stock cooler will drive him crazy to the point of him ordering one anyway at which point he has to pay shipping for an item he could (should imo) have included in the first place. But I see your point though of keeping the cost down.
An aftermarket cooler is a must it helps bring the noise down and the one he has chosen isn't expensive either. There's no reason what so ever to use a ****ty noisy stock cooler, let alone for a new build. Your choice of components are nicely balanced overall.
AMD used to be the leader and the innovator it would be nice to see them back in the drivers seat again, it's been long enough. Besides, as consumers we could do with some competition again. Intel, more so Nvidia, cost too much money for what they offer performance wise and Pascal has not impressed me much.
Nexus Real Silent, been a reference for years over at SPCR. I've used them myself in various builds very quiet fans. They also make for decent radiator fans.
EVGA has the same problem XFX had a few years back with the vrm cooling on their 200 series, if I recall they addressed the issue on their 300 series.
You've done your research you know which card to pick. The 780 would do fine at 1080p whereas the 290 would last a little bit longer moving forward but run hotter.
If I was on a tight budget and had to chose between the two I would go for the 290 if for no other reason then ATI / AMD provides driver support for their older cards whereas Nvidia drop theirs with each new generation, also, better DX-11 and DX-12 performance and more VRAM is a nice addition moving forward.. OK, if you stick to 1080p the VRAM may not be as important but it could still come in handy at 1080p if you play modded games with lots of textures. The only issue...
Pascal downclocks when it runs hot and if I'm gonna pay premium I want to be sure that the card runs at its advertised speed at all times and with this in mind I would pick one with a good cooler. Just my two cents.
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