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Stay away from 1080p. It's a bad resolution for your eyes, way too blocky and blurry. I would go for 1440p with a strong single GPU.
I'm happy with my current card and (unless I change my monitor) I aim to keep it for another year or so.
1440@144 would give you a better experience, imo.
Most of it yes, which make sense since the English founded the country.
I don't think you have to worry about bottlenecking it is still a capable CPU and as Mhill2029 pointed out you're GPU bound above 1080p. You could always wait for user tests and user reviews and then take it from there.But hey, if you really want new components you should of course buy them. I'm gonna be honest with you I'm kind tempted myself to upgrade but I think that for now my sig system will have do for a while, it's not the latest but its by no means a slouch.
It's like a disease isn't it? But you know what, you gotta control the urge, you gotta overcome the addiction. But hey, If you can't overcome it and decide to go for a relapse, then I say make it big.
I wouldn't bother upgrading at this point in time unless I did the CPU and the GPU(s) at the same time, building a completely new and fresh system. In any case, your 3770k with those 980s should last you a while.
I would love to see a WWII shooter with a German protagonist, from the German perspective. It would be like a breath of fresh air. I'm sick and tired of always having to play as either English, Russian or American. I would also like to see a new Vietnam shooter, say from the First Indochina war. Last stand at Viet Bien phu. The French fighting the Vietminh. Would be epic.The German population in 1933 – at time of the powergrab – ~ 65 million. The National socialist party...
The clubbing part features a German soldier - stormtrooper - storming an English trench.
I am disappointed. I was hoping for more buttons and more led lights. It's an outrage.
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