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¨How you feel about it is irrelevant, besides, about time? what the heck does that even mean? There's nothing that says it needs to be female characters in every single game in the first place. You wanna play female? Ok, play Tomb Raider, Metroid on the toddler box, A Spy in H.A.R.M.S way etc.As for Battlefield 5 it would be nice if EA DICE could come up with something new.
Conventional games do not fall under virtual reality. Different interaction.
VR will die out soon enough. I can't speak for other players but when I play games I play games to escape reality for a while, not replace it with some artificial nonsense.
If you need a new GPU for 1440p and can't wait for the new ones to arrive your best choice would be a 390X. As for the 970 I rate it 3.5/4. Ninja edit ...CF/ SLI. Unless you have money to burn and or are building a system around games that fully support it I wouldn't bother.
Who the heck cares about trends in the first place? Only followers do that.Pick what ever suit your needs and future upgrades, a full tower will give you plenty of options as well as room to work with, a mid tower will give you less options etc...
I'm not making choices for her I'm denying her to serve as front line troops, I've given reasons as to why.There's many ways women can serve their country in wartime other than to copy male behaviour, other than to copy men....other than to serve as front line troops. You're clearly not taking the whole picture into account.It's like the principle of women and children getting off a sinking chip before the males, there's plenty of reasons for why, not just for chivalry...
Great informative post, rep.
If the comp is boot looping it could very well be that the PSU is going bad. Ninja edit. Have you tried reseating the RAM? Removed one RAM stick? etc
I have not built a system in that case but judging by pictures online airflow should be better.
Perhaps the best option would be to keep your current case and buy a third party cooler for your GPU, Raijintek (air cooler) or one of the hybrid coolers from Arctic Cooling.
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