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First off, this whole affair is not very Prussian at all Germans don't cheat. Secondly, this is old tech now we've pretty much reached the end of the road as to what can be done to it. If anything this "scandal" proves it.
4K will not become mainstream before display prices drop and there's singe GPUs out there able to push the resolution.
@Wolfen2 I'm putting together a new build myself right now but I'm aiming for a single 980 Ti, will use it with my sig monitor. SLI is cool and all that but you´ll get smoother frame rates with a single GPU and less driver issues.
All done.
The solution they present to any manufactured threat is always to transfer more power to government isn't it? But see we don't employ government to enact all these losses of rights now do we? People have to realize the seriousness of the situation and wake up to the reality of this.It all comes down to our relationship with government. They have tricked us into thinking we work for them and that we are subservient to them, but it's the other way around; they work for us...
The nation is the people of our respective countries. Government is not the nation. Government is the administrative arm employed by us to look after our best interests and to handle infrastructure. In case it has escaped some of you, government is waging a war on us! This means that threat to national security (nation = the people remember) comes from our respective governments. If you have a government that enacts legislation that is designed to make it impossible for...
I don't recall having employed government to take our rights away let lone to spy on us. As for smartphones? really, phones has an intelligence now? You kidding me, phones are nothing more than tools stop trying to give it either intelligence or personality, as in I-phone. But I digress.
No mods just install "sky reclamation project" it's a community patch that addresses most of the final bugs. If you want to add something else check out "fov switcher". That's it.
There need not be a conspiracy where interests converge.Climate science has been infiltrated by politicians and interest groups who all wish nothing more than to control every aspect of human life.
How about that, someone did his research.To think that the sun could have an impact on the climate is a scientific theory so out there that...
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