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Based on your sig rigs, they aren't applicable to your systems. Those were for the Bulldozer FX processors.
Dark Souls at $7.50 is a giveaway.
Well that was bitter...
The only way to check for condensation is to visually inspect for it. I would never do this to a computer.
If the mobo says "G3" as pictured, then it's the G3 revision. It seems I may have misunderstood the CPU compatibility tabs for each revision. G3 BIOS update DL's You'll need to go through the BIOS update process with the G3 as well. Same P.1 version from 2012-04-16. I would still assume a Sandy CPU is needed.
If the 3130 worked, then why is there a 3220 in it now? Can you get the 2500K back to test a known good that worked? Which stepping revision is the GD65? The B3 revision doesn't support Ivy Bridge. The G3 revision does out of the box. There is a BIOS update here (click me) that allows for Ivy Bridge support. Version should be P.1 from 2012-04-16. You'll need the 2500K or another Sandy to do the update, though.
RaiderZ Hopefully Monster Hunter Online if it releases worldwide.
A Tuesday or Thursday NA launch would be more likely. Even a Friday launch would be plausible. A Wednesday launch is strange.
In my case, I generally find my self more aggressive without video games. I use it as an outlet. That's not to say that without video games I would be a prone to do inhumane things, but it also doesn't say I wouldn't.
I've been waiting for something like this. Good day.
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