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Posts by That Guy A night of Bristlebro games and I'm up 2 again. Woot.
Generally the main client gets the test client update the next day barring any major issues.
That is something I disagree with; He's an amazing hero. Most people that end up playing him either get countered by a lot of AoE spells or just don't know how to play him because of the micro skills needed for all the Meepos. That's just how I feel, though.He's a hero I end up picking after seeing most of the opposing teams picks. Too much AoE? Avoid him.The only buff he got recently was from the 6.78 parity that increased his magic resistance to 35%.
Given Meepo's high armor out the gate and n0tail's in game build guide, I haven't had much issue surviving with him early game. It's mid game that I tend to have issues surviving if at all. Late game is cake with a heart.I was laning solo against Warlock and Bloodseeker, so that didn't help me much. The Abaddon I laned with left a few minutes into the game. Couldn't do much. I felt it was a situation of "damned if I do, damned if I don't." I'll eventually get into him...
Timbersaw has a huge playing curve. I find Meepo easier to play.
Whoa. Guys. I'm disappointed. E3 would've been interesting (to say the least) with Balmer speaking.
I enjoy it. 5 hours of game time and I've only gone through 3 saves. It's a wormhole.
Have any problems activating it? Steam discussions are full of that topic.
Based on your sig rigs, they aren't applicable to your systems. Those were for the Bulldozer FX processors.
Dark Souls at $7.50 is a giveaway.
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