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Assuming you have an Apple keyboard it could also be called alt, it'd be between ctrl and the cmd/apple key. If we're talking non apple keyboard I'm not sure how they'd be mapped.Also worth pointing out that you'd need to be using a firewire HD if you want to boot to something external. Older (pre-intel) Macs can't boot from USB.
Are we talking an Xserve here? Or a vmed OS X server install? Need moar infos pls. Without more info, here's what probably needs to happen: Doesn't sound as though you've got any SSH setup for the server so at this stage not a great deal you can do. OS X = unix so no dodgy autorun scripts like in windows. Obviously if it is Apple hardware we're talking about then you can hold down the power button to force a shutdown which would be the next step. The next step is to...
My question is: why would someone pay for this when you can get Handbrake for free?
Sounds like what you're calling safe mode is the boot selector. I would also guess that if it's a G3 it is more likely to be OS 9. My pre os x trouble shooting is a bit rusty in all honesty... but have a look for extension trouble shooting on the interwebs.
Beware their privacy policy, I've heard bad things. I quite like MoneyWell.
Dropbox is your friend. That or a USB pen drive.
'Preciate it's a bit late but a T8 will work for the hex screws.
Are you running Windows exclusively? Is there a Mac OS X install you can run a software update to check for any firmware updates? Do you get any issues when running OS X (if you have it installed)? Is there something specific that you're doing when the BSOD appears? If you think it's the RAM have you tried the chips that came with the machine originally to see if the issue still occurs? Check that the RAM you're putting in the machine is the correct speed, Macs are fussy...
Be careful what you say here, discussion of hackintoshes is strictly against the rules! Other bits of essential software: SuperDuper = shareware cloning software that has most of its functionality unlocked by default DiskWarrior = simply the best hdd volume recovery software of all time, not free but well worth the money, especially if you use your mac professionally.
Does seem a little hot to be honest, usually Apple notebooks try not to get much hotter than about 70c and succeed. Some screens of temps? Call me cynical but there are a lot of anti mac trolls here One thing to make sure you've done is installed the firmware update for those machines. It had something to do with the GPU in those machines I think so it's worth a shot. I think it would be worth DOAing it if you can, 14 days is the limit I think.
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