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Yeah I've had that disabled for years. Beats me.
Any word on drivers crashing upon exit? This has been happening to me for months and many patches both game and nvidia. Little annoying.
I'm ok with 1 gas grenade though. I know it's WW1 but wearing a mask at nearly all times became annoying. Mind you I mostly play 32 on 32... so.. that's ALOT of gas. Agreed about incendiary aswell. Also true about throw time, a quarter of my kills with it are presents I leave behind as I die. I've left presents upon deaths in every shooter I've ever played. Going back to Battlefield 1942.. The original Halo's with multiplayer, etc.
Doubling the explosive time of the incendiary grenade might put my 26th world wide rank across all platforms in jeopardy lol, 1866 Incendiary kills. About time they made it 1 gas grenade instead of 2, Don't know why they stuck with 2 so long. No changes to the model 10, I was getting sniped beyond belief by one yesterday. 30m+ single shot kills. I hate the m10 so much I refuse to use it and use the M97 Backbored. Which I am #1 world wide with. lol.
PPD on a 980 Ti vs 980? Also against a 1080? I'm looking for an excuse to upgrade again. I already have one, I don't like playing battlefield on (mostly) medium settings (1440p).. Sure it can run on high/ultra but frames dipping at crucial times can cost me, no time for that!
378.66 work for folding just as 378.49 has been?
When I notice the latest drivers work again for folding...
Thanks. I only look in threads under my recent activity when I come browse, so didn't see.So. That's promising seemingly.
Any word on the foldability of 378.49?
This has probably been covered but why does my driver crash everytime upon exiting the game?
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