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Am at stock. Anyway I let it finish the 20 hour madness. Had restarted PC and all. Back to 500k+ wu's now. No biggy, just hope it doesn't happen again!
60+% in. Must have started early today. Not in 2D clocks which was my first assumption.
I appear to be on a 20 hour, 20k pt work unit.. over 14m tpf. Fun. Project 11430. Card is at full clock and all so, beats me.
Now when I go to users > overtake. I am on page 1
Not quite, something like 16 hours a day maybe a little less.
#101 @ OCN. Soon to be top 100. Changed the TIMM to thermal grizzly, lowered me about 5-6c to boot.
doyll, again, I do not have noise or cooling problems. Look at my photo gallery here, do you think I needed those custom made AIO's, or my former triple radiator stand? I do this for fun. I do this for optimization, I do this because I like it. Part of fully aware is indeed if the air intake is something like 76f, then cooling beyond that point is an uphill battle.My ambient is probably in the mid to high 70's(f), sure. However, this is an air conditioned basement room and...
Thanks doyll but i'm fully aware of such things.. I'm not asking for temperature help, I'm asking to see if the Accelero's fit on my model GPU. I do not have temperature problems, I simply desire less noise and.. why not cooler temperatures while at it. I'm not sure Tundra, I've had an accelero blow away the TFIII coolers, EVGA's seems to be about the same. The MK26 looks beastly, so I will be considering that or an AIO. I've built them myself before with the whole...
Hey, I'm browsing arctic's for sale section. I remain unsure if the EVGA GTX 980 Classified can wear these beautiful air coolers, any ideas? I like the card, but beyond 45% fanspeed.. to me, it's much too loud. F@H for the summer, could use some better cooling!
Picked up a 980 Classified in February for $400, great card. GLWS
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