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I've played 504 hours, I've seen about 10 definite hackers the whole time. Not bad. When I say definite, trust me it is (like Hero's example). Not the standard scrubs accusing me of it and also saying definite, lol. Sometimes even floating weapons, insane.
They tried with the Behemoth's but they are a joke. I always get put on the poor poor teams thanks to my skill level. 1 infantry person out of 32 isn't going to do a whole lot, pretty much have to tank to sway the game.
472 hours here. Bought the game long after release too.
Great advice, I had never thought about that. Also to the other nope I've had Origin overlay/ingame off for years.
I still crash randomly, have since day 1. Also, the drivers also crash when I exit the game. Also since about day 1. Any ideas?
This surprised me, that's completely silly. A support resupply should absolutely be required to acquire more grenades.
Always thought X-Repair was weird. I spend a lot of time in tanks too. Now it does 10 health instead of 30 so that's more reasonable.Tanks should be reliant on support classes. Especially on 32v32, surely someone will bust out his wrench and play a team game.
Yeah I've had that disabled for years. Beats me.
Any word on drivers crashing upon exit? This has been happening to me for months and many patches both game and nvidia. Little annoying.
I'm ok with 1 gas grenade though. I know it's WW1 but wearing a mask at nearly all times became annoying. Mind you I mostly play 32 on 32... so.. that's ALOT of gas. Agreed about incendiary aswell. Also true about throw time, a quarter of my kills with it are presents I leave behind as I die. I've left presents upon deaths in every shooter I've ever played. Going back to Battlefield 1942.. The original Halo's with multiplayer, etc.
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