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One of these then A single above it? Check out outletPC's selection. I've built multiple monitor mounts for people via those stands, all have turned out nicely.
Had one before I knew any better. I suppose it looked "cool" to me at that time but it was indeed a bad case w no management.
I haven't had any problems with mine, I purchased it maybe 2 years ago. It's currently not in the loop but it was for a long long time.
You need a lot of graphical firepower to drive 120hz correctly
What's this PC for? Do you need peripherals?
Got a "new" Logitech G502. That pad looks like someone tried to remove it with a finger nail, It grinds my mouse pad. Can't use it. I was gifted this by someone I did a project for. He said he had 2, and the first guy came and opened them both up and got first dibs. I'm sure he tried to remove the pad thinking it was a bottom sticker or cover.
Old bench from a few years ago when I first got my M4. I have been thinking about a Samsung Pro, would I actually feel the difference? Gut says no, but I'm not sure. Then there is always raiding up a couple Evo's but again idk if that's worth it either.
Hope it was GPU related like I thought
This intrigued me, had to find out. I sit ~26" away from my Crossover 27" 1440p IPS panel. Gaming and browsing. While we're on the subject of displays, the QNIX QX2710 is a popular choice. You may want to check the OCN qnix/x-star thread for more info on the models. Many will clock to 100hz and above too. I'd definitely recommend a 27" 1440p IPS panel, I've bought numerous things over the years but I think my monitor was my best purchase.
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