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This has probably been covered but why does my driver crash everytime upon exiting the game?
I've begun shopping around for a 1080.. 1440p is really rough on my 980. I have some settings lowered too. Not impressed with the latest drivers I feel like it's running more sluggish than it was previously.
Yeah, got excited back there. Still failing on those.
376.33 Appears to work for folding If it continues to do so, looks like my 980 is back online.
Any word on 376.09 - WHQL? Ah hell I'll give it a shot. Negative.
375.95 remains unfoldable. I feel like my F@H days are numbered as I do not want to use dated drivers while playing new games. After this many driver updates we're still forsaken. I'm beginning to think it stays that way.
375.86 Remains unfoldable. Instant crashes. I miss folding. (Have latest drivers as I'm playing a lot of BF1)
Forgot to mention i bumped everything to medium and AA off.
Do you all think it's worth it to turn off aero as it recommends me often? I doubt there will be a difference, and it doesn't like to revert itself afterwards so it annoys me. I have a 980, I lowered my settings because I cannot afford to have fps dip in hairy situations, some maps are quite intensive. I always seem to lag (even still) on the urban operation, the kaisers war.
My Origin is jagzed if anyone ever wants to blow stuff up. This game is so fun, KDR be damned, I like charging and dying with the rest of my team. THE REAL WW1 EXPERIENCE.
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