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Let's play Modern Warfare 2 Steam Download Despite being a 5 year old game, I still find this to be the best of not only the COD Series, but one of the most fun FPS in general. Let's be honest, many of you already own this game.. Let's start the reinstallations and giggles. It's silly it's $20, but considering the fun to be had, it's worth it all day long. I routinely play with the same crew, people I've met recently along the way and we have a blast. There's...
This is what started me on gaming really. Prior to this I might've played gizmo and gadgets (haha) but Tie Fighter may have been first. If only I had a port for my old Sidewinder 3D Pro.
It's the memory. I've encountered this very problem numerous times. Generally, with some DIMM musical chairs I can get it to post, and from there go into bios and make sure the memory settings are what they should be. More often than not the problem ceases. Which RAM? Have you tried 1 stick, etc? Oh and sup, Maryland ^^
One of these then A single above it? Check out outletPC's selection. I've built multiple monitor mounts for people via those stands, all have turned out nicely.
Had one before I knew any better. I suppose it looked "cool" to me at that time but it was indeed a bad case w no management.
I haven't had any problems with mine, I purchased it maybe 2 years ago. It's currently not in the loop but it was for a long long time.
You need a lot of graphical firepower to drive 120hz correctly
What's this PC for? Do you need peripherals?
Got a "new" Logitech G502. That pad looks like someone tried to remove it with a finger nail, It grinds my mouse pad. Can't use it. I was gifted this by someone I did a project for. He said he had 2, and the first guy came and opened them both up and got first dibs. I'm sure he tried to remove the pad thinking it was a bottom sticker or cover.
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