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I'll give the new one a shot. Almost furmark.. haha, Folding@Home.Which I'm going to be shutting down for the hot days of the summer anyway, so mostly a moot point, thanks though! - wooo 4000th post
Bah. Card still throttles the clock down, I suppose at 70c. Man, I am so done with this card already.
I had my bios changed in the custom bios thread for my 980 Classified. Which I was told was also edited to have the card no longer drop clocks when hitting 70c. It still is. I see my PPD has been halved lately. I'm so done with this GPU, lol.
Yup, not worth it. You can build someone a solid computer, all software and hardware great, optimized, updated... aaaand they've somehow seriously messed things up a few weeks in.
Nope, and going gpu-less for many days to a week to see if it freezes isn't very pliable for me. I remember looking up and down for solutions last time around, and the RMA solved it all. I'm once again looking and there's truly no realistic fix. It's just the randomness of the encounters makes it nearly impossible to trial and error. It's been 3 days since the last lock up at the moment. Matter of time.
So far just clocks to stock, certainly seems gpu related as it's either gaming or F@H, never happens during idle.Unsure of what I should attempt next. The hard locks are random, can be twice in a day, or none for 5.
When I fold it's only that. This happens randomly during gaming as well. Again the only time I have been in this predicament, and different GPU was the solution. Hoping that isn't the case as i'd like to try other means first. - Has happened the last 3 driver versions to boot.
I have my own mystery. Hard lock with looping sound. 2 nights in a row my F@H was frozen before I even went to bed I see I think it's GPU related, haven't had this problem since I had a MSI 6950 TFII back in the day. I have set my clocks back to stock, it persists.
Krem, just chuck your other PSU in there and see if it fires up. If not > try without the GPU in. Pretty sure it's not memory, because with that your system typically starts for at least a few moments.
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