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I was happy enough just getting the codec for 10! When the time comes, I'll set that as my sidearm for all classes. Pop them a few times then pewpew with that little thing.
I'll switch anytime I think another medic will be more useful. I've been playing it a lot more often lately, nearly have the 300 with the Selbstlader 1906 Factory. Yes most are with a shotgun, but I don't use the model 10 for the sole purpose everyone else does. My post was meant to show some diversity though yeah those are eye-opening numbers with the heavy tank and the M97 lol. Along with showing my quest of 100 kills with everything leaves me with some experience with...
Just trying to help my team win, no back mountain sniping here.
I've been enjoying a self-made quest of gaining at least 1 service star with everything. I've met others doing the same in fact. AT mine, Howdah, and Grenade HE (they're fun btw) will be done very soon. Origin is jagzed if anyone want's to blow stuff up. - -
Awesome dumbcow, Yeah pretty much came down to having to be that even if we thought that was very uncharacteristic. Hey it looks like you have a clean looking setup, fill out a gallery on OCN sometime, we like looking under the hood around here
TIMM cure time is not why it's jettisoning to 90c As stated before there must be poor contact between the dye and the block, if you are certain the pump is working and it sounds you have things in place to verify. It's unlikely there is a hidden sticker, lol. (It happens). Also mentioned before the thermal pads, having one in one spot while missing another in another would slant the block thus creating awful contact. Sounds like you have it all correct though. Next...
Yeah I think you are right about unrepairable stationaries. I've never seen behemoths, especially airships, survive this long before. I mentioned it in a conquest game and had my teammates tell me we had multiple broken flak cannons that could not be repaired.
Crouch and repair the base, I was confused yesterday untill I did this.Still there. I like that. it's a challenge. I hunt sentries like an assassin. I always take them out.
My F@H control has been getting stuck at download for days now. Sometimes it'll start and finish one then stuck at download we go again. Not sure if this happened prior to the latest drivers, but I am using 382.33. Any ideas?
Nice. I'm slowly inching towards the 25 landmine kills. They're pretty fun, I feel extra sneaky putting them in a pot hole in a high traffic area. It's fun because later in the round maybe I'm in a tank or running around with a different class and boom, 5 kills. haha
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