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Would the Asus SLI.S bridge help? Ebay: Asus SLI.S Bridge
I'd just like to see 1440p in something lower that 27". Personalky, I'd love to see a 24" 1440p monitor. (If anyone knows of one let me know).
I am debating this exact question as well. I love the 750D (Corsair) I have now, but with 12HDD's crammed in there, the airflow suffers. How many HDD's could potentially be mounted in that Lian-Li? Looks like it has space for only 6 to start, but if I could duplicate that setup on the rear fan mounts and still have room for cable routing that would be great. This also means I'd have to purchase additional accessories. Any thoughts?
I love my 750D, but I like the front of this case a whole lot better. One thing Corsair got wrong with the 750D is that when you populate the ODD bays you are left with a recessed area of about an inch wide on the sides of your bay devices. This makes the front of the case look like it's missing something. This article also states the 760T will be available in both black or white.Other than exterior design it appears to be the same case though. Definitely not worth...
This. I too think it looks like three separate designs which CM tried to fuse together.When I saw the header about a new addition to the HAF family, I was really hoping to see a new CM Stacker.
True, was still hoping to find something with PC inputs, this way if I need to test video cards I don't have to drag a monitor over.
I've put together a tech bench, but space is limited, and I'd like to not have a full monitor next to it, if at all possible. Most of the time this bench will be testing RAM (eg Memtest), so resolution, type of panel, etc aren't that important. Looking for something in the 7-10" range that I might be able to attach to the bench. It would have to have HDMI plus either VGA or DVI ideally. Does something like this exist? Thank you in advance for your help!
I have had absolutely no problems with my Platinums on the Z77 Sabertooth. I have the 16GB / 2400Mhz / 9-11-11-31 versions. Didn't have to tweak anything, just enabled XMP. You should be fine.
Lots of X58 RAM here. PM sent!
I have 2 kits of the Corsair Hypers, v2.1. 2000 @ 8-8-8-24. Gently used, with retail packaging and unused fans.
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