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I suggest you dont use AMD for multi GPU setups. Get Ivy or SB-E.
I am more into AMD stuff on the GPU side.
Why does that surprise you? Im all about performance and facts. Not bias. Im getting a 3770k because its better, im not getting a gk104 because its worse. The GK110 is just too pricey for me.
GK110 are amazing cards. Unlike Gk104.
But GK104.... Is something ill never have in my life.
Contemplated it for a long time, finally decided to get one. I want to see what the intel deal is all about
Well yea, but thats because they're I5s! I wouldnt go intel unless i got an i7.Ofcourse im gonna make fun of people who cant beat me with a supposedly superior CPU hahahaha. I know the i7s are superior, not sure if i can say the same thing about i5s.
What do you mean?
Hopefully the minimum FPS will be a lot higher in most games, it troubles me when the FPS drops to 40-50 in BF3. Even though my 8350 has balls to the walls tweaks.
I did the same thing a few minutes ago AHAHAHHAHA
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