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3 min of prime on water with fans @ 80%. Fans at full speed only drop temps 3 to 4 c at most. Release chip batch L204B425
My biggest question in all this is they use these super high end systems and then use a 60hz monitor. I wonder how different these results would look with a 120hz refresh rate when they do v sync tests.
You could try a higher Db gain antenna. Increase signal strength maybe stop some of the dropouts. Going wired would be your best option imo. I used to have a router that would drop out when the microwave was in use.
I usually run them so the tube into the rad is up and the tube out is on the bottom, so to not get any air trapped in the cooler. Just how I do it.
You can try loading up maybe only one or two of the cores while stress testing as opposed to all of the cores and see what the voltage reads. As you load more cores the voltage may drop slightly, this is VDroop. When something starts to draw more amperage from its power source under a heavy load or goes from idle to load very quickly the voltage can start to drop slightly.
Drill the rivets out and cut the brace in half and re-rivet it back in the case. Or just leave it out.
Double posted
In the bios have you made sure all cool and quiet options are turned off and the cooler motor/cpu fan header are running at full RPM? You could even use speed fan to make sure it's turned up all the way.
Could be a bad mount. Have you ever redone the thermal paste between the cooler and the CPU? Also if you can redo that bundle of wires and move it under the front of the Video card it may help. Also this connector looks like it is for I'm guessing the front fan. Try plugging it in to one of those fan plugs.
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