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Let's see, If you want a card that is really future proof and can also over clock like a best, I think instead of the Asus one, you should get the MSI GTX580 Lightning Extreme! That card has 3gb of VRAM IF you ever decide to go with surround, which you would then buy a second one. Also it has the ability to over clock to 980mhz! that's insane! About your power supply, remember this: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO BIG OF A POWER SUPPLY Power supplies aren't that far in difference...
From what I have recalled seeing on other reviews about the H60, you can plug the fans into a fan speed controller, but only certain ones and the pump always runs at full power, since theres not much for the pump to push or pull, just the loop to and from the CPU block. Please do not quote me on this as I do not own one, but I have read numerous reviews and applications of the H60
Alright, let's go on rdrdrdrd's terms here
I want everyone who can to come up with the best build for me within a certain amount of money and within certain limitations. Amount: $3,000 Limitations: has to use I7 2600k. Has to be 3D Surround capable with decent frames. Has to have an SSD. Has to do Blu-Ray Note: I already have the Maximus IV Extreme so price DOES NOT include a motherboard. Parts needed: RAM Blu-Ray optical drive Storage Power supply Graphics cards CPU cooler 4-120mm fans 3-120hz 3D ready...
Your correct, FSX is crappily coded and doesn't agree too well with most systems
Alright, for the games it would be: Flight Simulator X (if possible) Black Ops Battlefield 3 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Modern Warfare 2 Dirt 3 Crysis 2 Assassins Creed series
The problem is that I don't have the GTX 580's yet because I want to know if it can handle it BEFORE I buy them, because that's a $1,200 investment.
Alright, so I have a question to ask if anyone can answer this, please do. For reference, here are my computer specs: Asus Maximus IV Extreme Intel 2600k OC to 4.6ghz Corsair Dominator GT 8 gigs @2000mhz Corsair AX1200 3x Asus VG236HE 120hz 3D monitors Alright, so, I am looking into getting the MSI GTX 580 3gb Lightning Extreme and putting 2 of them in sli for Nvidia Surround, but I also want to do 3D Surround. I would have the cards overclocked from stock 832mhz to...
Might I suggest looking into the Crucial M4's or the C300's. They are fast,reliable, and cheaper. Though I would suggest you order an SSD from Newegg, as they are amazing with service. Even though the M4's are new, I already see alot of 5 star reviews on them, I'd get one.
So would everyone suggest me either using a RAID 1 or just using an external for a back up? In all honesty, I wouldn't mind spending the money on a back up SSD instead of a mechanical hard drive. The whole reason why I was going to use 2 SSD's in the first place is so I wouldn't have a loss in performance if one fails, that way I can keep going, doing what I do.
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