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i tried everything disablingg sli changing graphics settings and all the other stuff and still getting terrible performance....this game is so unplayable when my move around my screen sutters for 1-2 sec and then goes back to normal...
I tried to disable vsync and still the same and also i found that turning off vsync is bad for people who have 120hz monitors like me so i left the settings on double monitor is 24"inch 1920x1080 120hz and no i didn't overclock my cards
Hey guys I have 2x 680 sli asus dcii and my performance in game is terrible i am getting huge stutterings sometimes my screen is freezing for 2-3 seconds and then goes back to normal its really annoying and unplayable...i am using the latest nvidia drivers...anyone knows how to fix this issue?
To be honest it happened to me 2 times in this week one time when i was playing titanfall beta and second time today when i went afk my pc monitor became black and i needed to restart my pc.
Seems like i have this chipset driver already installed but i notice you also have 3930k so you might help me to solve my is my small template of my cpu overclocked to 4.6ghz:cpu vcore:1.370VTT CPU:1.22nd VTTCPU:1.16997CPU VCCSA:1.2DRAM Voltage:1.650(as specs says)CPU PLL Voltage:1.8PCH 1.1v some users said i need to up the PCH a bit more to make my sli more that true?
Yes i am using the latest version also if you don't mind can you give me the latest intel chipset drivers?
Can my cpu overclock cause this?
That's what i always do when i install new drivers.
Hello for the last couple of days i keep getting bsod 0x116 randomly i was looking on google and i find that it has to do with my gpus are 2x 680 dcii(sli)i didn't overclock them and i am using the latest nvidia driver..can anyone help please?
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