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I had this in my sig for a long time just some fun with DA and rainmeter but has some links to all original backgrounds + a link to website read towards bottom of post on DA its all there ROG rmskin by ~Rdwu on deviantART
hey man I am on 13.4 know but all should be the same i have saved each exe file with the corresponding application profile. Then I just play em, no need to save as system setting each time you play I believe.
Gr8sho has done some in-depth work indeed...sorry missed this post earlierCPU/NB 2400 ....HT link speed 2700ishCpu/nb 1.35vbumped ht voltage left NB 1.8 alone
Nice work!! Sounds close to my TF3s unlocked. Shader temps jumped higher on mine after unlock
I just dug through dll and cfg files for AIsuite and they are all jumble so there is no way I have found to edit opt 1/2NB voltage:1.64-1.71 is my variation and I believe I have auto set in bios?? shhhhh!
my NB running prime95 and kombuster gpu stress test simultaneously hits 62 Cgaming hits 52 cidle tmep is 42 cambient when tested was 30-33 a bit hotNB frequency 2400 at 1.71v under loadare you sure 1.35 is not the cpu/nb voltage?i have 140mm fan blowing down over the NB to give these temps with tower cooler and aftermarket gpu coolers that drop a crap load of heat in the case
^^^agreed^^^ great image from ROG I toss up every few months
The definition of clean! real time folding stats
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