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Man, when I have money saved up, I hope this deal comes back around. Why do they never come back around when I have money saved up?
The mm600 seems to be only a couple extra dollars, do you think the difference would be enough to justify the slight cost difference? Shipping is also free, so the cost difference is
All laser...yeah you'll want a hard mat for those. Corsair MM400 is a good one, although I can't speak for reliability compared to the more vast knowledge some guys on here have. I'm a cloth and optical guy for tracking quality reasons[/quote]24$, still a bit much for a mouse pad, but I'll probably buy it anyways.Does having a nice mouse pad really make much of a difference? Honestly, I've always used free ones that I get from conventions/seminars.
I own many mice, the 3 I use the most are a R.A.T. 7, a Logitech g500 and a Logitech lx3
I did read that. However, 45c is not hot at all. He decided to call it quits, sure, but those temps that he 'called it quits' at are bearable. For an average build, the only temps that he has to worry about are 1) the melting point of the tubes, 2) the boiling point of water (which would be effected by pressure seeing as they are enclosed in a loop, so being over 100c) and 3) the max suggested temp of the cpu, which is the lowest of the 3.He said he worried about the...
I have had hands on with one of the i5s. Too bad I had to set it up for a customer the next day, had no time to play with it.
I am looking to get a mouse pad. I have never seen a purpose in buying a fancy mouse pad... but I'm going to do it finally. 7. Hard or cloth? Hard, I think... 8. Rough or smooth? Smooth, once again, I think. All I've ever had was the cloth/rubber ones. 9. Which size approximately? Medium? Larger than 8 in across 10. What's your maximum budget? I don't want to spend more than 20$, but once I get options, we will see.
I saw that posted already, and the temps are evening out at the 3 hour mark. I would say the temps would even out at about 45c, 5:30 mark, not going above 50c. Many form factor computers run with those kinds of temps 24/7.Also, the test shows almost none of the same conditions that a normal pc would be in, along with the fact that NONE of the system specs are listed aside from the rad... My point isn't that this is do-able, my point is... why not try it out, we could all...
I think that the risk factor is low enough that he could test it out assuming he has a nice rad ^^As long as he monitors temps of the system, and isn't hardheaded about running it fanless (running it over 60/70+ for a week straight and refusing to go low RPM) there really wont be any side effects.But the reason I quoted the first post... Has OP considered running the computer in a different room? It would be 100% noiseless... in the room he was in
I think almost everyone agrees on the low noise fans, seeing as the almost un-noticable noise is going to make a decent impact on temps...HOWEVER, some of you are claiming that the heat generated on the radiators will overheat the system after a time. (Hammong)You need to look at this from a scientific perspective. Heat moves... period.When the heat is generated, it will rise, so when a radiator at the top of the case (I would suggest at the top) is placed, it would force...
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